Security Of Issue Of The Licence, Cancellation And Suspension Of Procedure

Original Language Title: Drošības apliecības izsniegšanas, anulēšanas un darbības apturēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 616, Riga, 23 august 2005 (pr. No 47 § 3) security of issue of the licence, cancellation and suspension of procedure Issued under the Railway Act 21.8 the second paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determined the security certificate (hereinafter certificate) (annex 1) for the issue, suspension and cancellation procedures. 2. the provisions do not apply to carriers who have received security certificate. 3. the certificate shall be issued by the national railway technical Inspectorate (hereinafter Inspectorate) for five years. 4. If the card is lost or damaged, not renewable inspection after the company issued a written request for a duplicate. II. Requirements for licence 5. Company gets a certificate, if the company's internal safety monitoring system able to ensure its activities in the field of commercial activities in the rail sector, in accordance with the security requirements. This system includes: 5.1 the organisational structure of the rail sector, which is part of the organisational structure of the company or one of the officials responsible for the operation of the railway planning, organization, implementation, management and monitoring of traffic safety;
5.2 responsibilities through the relevant processes in the rail sector, which determine what railway article 3 of the law referred to in paragraph 5 of the operation of the company the necessary technological processes take the company and transferred it to another company;
5.3. the company's internal document (for example, a company jointly with other organizations adopted documents, the company issued internal dock menu IE, railway equipment and device manufacturer, supplier and installer of this document use and maintenance of equipment, other countries or organizations released doc file) the applicable rules that match the company's activity and the characteristics and is designed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the railway technical exploitation, railway staff working safety and protection and rail freight transport operation;
5.4. commercial rail specialist compliance with article 37 of the Railway Act and the law "on the regulated professions and the recognition of professional qualifications" requirements. 6. the company provides traffic safety monitoring system of internal procedures and measures related to documentation. 7. the company may enter into a written agreement for a separate technological process with another company that has a certificate in the process. III. Certificate issuance for certificate 8, company (hereinafter applicant) shall submit an application in the inspection certificate (hereinafter application) (annex 2). 9. the application shall be accompanied by: 9.1. copy of the registration certificate;
9.2. a copy of the license in the relevant business area in the rail sector, if the need is for the laws governing the respective business lines;
9.3. traffic safety monitoring system for internal documents or copies, which represents and includes information about the applicant's organisational risks the risk structure of the rail industry, news on the breakdown of the relevant processes in the rail sector and news about certified and certified by the rail professionals, as well as the rules referred to in paragraph 5.3 below the list of documents. 10. Submit a copy of the document certifying the correctness of the tenderer. 11. An applicant who has received a certificate and wish to continue the rail sector, not later than two months before the expiry of the certificate receive the present inspection application. 12. If an applicant who has received a certificate of change of registered office or other properties specified in the certificate, that five working days notify the inspection and notification shall be accompanied by the original of the certificate and a copy of the document (the original show), showing the changes. 13. If an applicant who has received a certificate intends to change any circumstance that could affect the safety of railway traffic (for example, to provide new kinds of services, introduce a new type of rolling stock or technology), or to amend the documents, on the basis of which a certificate of inspection, the applicant shall submit relevant information. 14. The inspection shall examine the application and within a month of receiving it shall take a decision on the issue of the licence or a refusal to issue a licence. 15. If the inspection finds that licence in the dock menu them information is incomplete or is not accompanied by all required documents, inspection of registered letter sent to the applicants to request additional information, as well as indicate the time limits of not less than five working days (extended this provision set out in point 14 of the decision). 16. the inspection of the administrative procedure law may invite consideration of the application of the applicant or his representative to provide the explanation. 17. The decision not to issue a certificate of inspection shall be adopted if these rules are not submitted within the time limit set by all required documents and information requested. 18. on the basis of this provision in paragraph 12 and 13 that the information submitted by the applicant, inspection of the month following receipt of the decision on the grant of a new licence. IV. Certificate suspension and cancellation 19. Decision on the suspension of the licence for a period of up to six months, if the inspection takes an applicant who received a certificate, violated the law or other legislation that determines the safety requirements applicable in the field of commercial activities in the rail sector. 20. the decision on the cancellation of the certificate of inspection shall be adopted in the following cases: 20.1. where the applicant possesses a certificate issued by a new paragraph 18 of these regulations set out in the order;
20.2. If the applicant has supplied false statements;
20.3. If within six months after the suspension of the licence of the applicant does not remedy any irregularities;
20.4. If the licence has been suspended again during the year on the same type of infringement;
20.5. where the recipient of the licence is transferred to another person. 21. Before the adoption of the decision on revocation of the licence of that rule 20.2, 20.3 and 20.4. in the cases referred to the inspection shall send the alert that Dan preten indicates any irregularities, as well as the administrative procedure law the applicant or its representatives clears the view. 22. The decision on the suspension of the licence or the cancellation of the inspections shall immediately notify the applicant in writing and explain for appeal. 23. The inspection decision may be challenged in the Ministry of transport in one month. V. closing question 24. Railway infrastructure managers licence receives a five-year period, but the person doing the railway article 3 of the law referred to in paragraph 5 of working on bass, within three years after the entry into force of these regulations. Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 1 Cabinet of 23 august 2005, the provisions of no. 616 traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 2 Cabinet of 23 august 2005, the provisions of no. 616 traffic Minister a. shlesers