Higher Education Program Licensing

Original Language Title: Augstākās izglītības programmu licencēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 650 in Riga in 2005 (30 august. No 49 § 1) higher education program licensing Issued in accordance with article 14 of the Education Act 11. dot 1. determines the order in which the authorized academic and professional higher education programmes (hereinafter referred to as the higher education programs).
2. to receive the license of the higher education programme (hereinafter licence), University or College shall submit to the Ministry of education and science.
3. the application shall specify: 3.1 high school or college;
3.2. high school or college business address, telephone number and electronic mail address;
3.3. the high school or college registration certificate number;
3.4. licensed higher education programs;
3.5. the higher education licensed program code according to the classification of the Republic of Latvia in the education curriculum;
3.6. the licensed program in higher education, the duration of the implementation, the nature and form of study;
3.7. the requirements in respect of the above for the learner, to launch a licensed higher education programs;
3.8. the licensed program in higher education degrees or qualifications to be acquired, or degrees and qualifications;
3.9. the address, which will be implemented in higher education authorized the program, indicating whether the programme will be implemented in the school, University or college branch;
3.10. licensed higher education program director's name and the name of the person, the name and the position that the University or college by sort with licensing issues.
4. the application shall be accompanied by the following documents: 4.1 the authorized programs of higher education evaluation (comparison with at least two other countries implement the same level of higher education programs, compliance with national education standards for academic or professional standard and national standard of professional higher education);
4.2. the University Senate (College Board) decision on the authorization of higher education programs;
4.3. the authorization of higher education programs of study content and a description of the implementation of the study in accordance with article 55 of the Law School;
4.4. the student practice schedule (including possible internship sites), as evidenced by a contract or a certificate issued by the persons that provide practice places;
4.5. academic staff of creative and scientific background (curriculum vitae), but academic higher education programs – proof that at least 30 percent (University type higher education institutes – 50 percent) academic staff have doctoral degree;
4.6. the high school or college and planned academic staff contracts of intent, indicating, or work in the University or College will or will not be academic staff employment, as well as proof that at least 50 percent of academic staff in the University or College will be the main site;
4.7. with the authorized programme of higher education scientific research and creative achievement list, first giving their scientific research, by the University or College concerned workers, which it is the primary job. Research criteria are as follows: 4.7.1. research related publications of Latvian or foreign editions;
4.7.2. or Ph.d. thesis;
4.7.3. practical research-development of patenting or implementation in practice and the use of economic activity;
4.7.4. artistic creative achievements (exhibitions, films, theatre and koncertdarbīb);
4.8. documents certifying that the graduate school or College the student will provide opportunities for continuing education in another higher education program or in another University or College (agreement with another accredited university or College), if authorized in the implementation of a programme of higher education will be interrupted, or documents proving that high school or college student is guaranteed for damages, if the higher education program in high school or college action (action or inaction) are not accredited or licence is cancelled and the student does not want to continue studies in another higher education program.
5. A decision on the issue of the licence, the refusal to grant a licence, the extension of its validity or cancellation of the licence, shall adopt a program of higher education Licensing Commission (hereinafter the Commission).
6. the Minister of education and Science approved by the Commission and appointed by the Chairman of the manpower and also confirms the Commission's Statute. The members of the Commission are the Ministry of education and science. The work of the Commission without voting rights, may invite experts or higher education program according to the sectors the Ministry of higher education programs.
7. the Commission's application and the documents annexed thereto dealt a month from the date of receipt of the application. The Commission shall be valid if the issue is at least half the members of the Commission. The decision shall be taken, by secret ballot. If the votes are divided into equal, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
8. Decision on the higher education programs or the refusal to license licensing higher education programs, the Commission draws up the administrative act, and signed by all the members of the Commission.
9. If the Commission decides to license the programs of higher education, Ministry of education and science at the University by a decision of the Commission or of the College shall be issued by the Ministry of education and science of the Secretary of State signed a license for three years.
10. Two years after the granting of the University or College of higher education submission programs.
11. the Commission shall adopt a decision on the refusal to issue a licence if: 11.1. documents submitted did not meet the education laws and the regulatory requirements;
11.2. academic staff qualifications do not meet the University Act and the requirements contained in these provisions;
11.3. the studio facilities and content database does not match the higher education provisions for the implementation of the programme;
11.4. authorization developed in higher education programs and its implementation mechanisms;
11.5. the actual conditions do not provide adequate information;
11.6. in the operation of the University or College during the previous year in the field of education found regulatory violations of the laws or the applicant does not perform the obligations laid down in these provisions.
12. The Commission shall take a decision on the refusal to issue a license, high school or college application may be re-submitted no earlier than after six months.
13. the Commission shall assess the high school or college documents and information submitted and, if necessary, to verify the information provided and report compliance with the actual conditions in the University or college. If the documents submitted are insufficient message question objective, the Commission decision is entitled to request additional information, extending the time limit for the receipt of the decision.
14. License sample form approved by the Minister of education and science. License: 14.1. license number;
14.2. the license issue date and place;
14.3. the name of the University or college;
14.4. education programs;
14.5. educational program code according to the classification of education of the Republic of Latvia;
14.6. the degree or professional qualifications or degrees and qualifications;
14.7. the term of validity of the licence.
15. the rights provided for in the licence shall enter into force on the date of issue of the licence.
16. The licence shall be issued free of charge.
17. The Ministry of education and science each year up to March 1 the newspaper "Latvian journal publishes licensed higher education program.
18. High school or college student admission information indicates that higher education programs are licensed, as well as the number of licences issued.
19. If you have changed this rule 3 or 4, the information referred to in point, University or College is obliged immediately to changes in the associated document presentation and not later than 30 working days after the document design for their writing to the Ministry of education and science.
20. If the higher education program is accredited, the period of validity of the licence to be considered extended to the accreditation period. If the higher education program accreditation is rejected or cancelled, the licence shall be cancelled.
21. The country in universities or colleges established accredited programs, which do not have a license, licensing of piesakām not later than three months before the application for accreditation again.
22. the Commission has the right to cancel the license in the following cases: 22.1. the actual conditions provided inadequate information;
22.2. the University or College during the year after receiving a licence has not launched a licensed higher education programme;
22.3. high school or College in action found in violation of the laws related to the licensed programmes in higher education;
22.4. two years of higher education, the initiation of the implementation of the programme have been submitted in the application the day higher education programs for accreditation;

22.5. If you have changed this rule 3 or 4, the information referred to in paragraph 1 and the University or College is not provided immediately with changes to the associated document presentation and/or 30 working days after the document design is not about writing notified the Ministry of education and science;
22.6. the University or college does not 30darbdien provide the Commission or to the Ministry of education and science, at their request, full information on matters related to the study process, as well as high school or college student, the content (including the library), institutional, logistical or financial base;
14.1. academic staff not University law and these rules, appropriate qualifications or university or college does not ensure appropriate studies, communication (including library), logistic or financial base;
22.8. the University or College of higher education in the licensed program provides you with actions that do not comply with the law or other University regulations;
14.2. the University or College of higher education suspended the implementation of the programme.
23. The decision on the refusal to issue a licence or the cancellation of a licence, the Commission shall communicate to the University or College in writing, stating the reasons. The decision on the refusal to issue a licence or the cancellation of a licence can be a challenge and appeal against administrative procedure law. If licence cancelled, school or college within 10 working days after the Commission's decision takes effect shall be submitted to the Ministry of education and science of the original licence, but the State Inspectorate of education-diploma issue log copy, certified in.
24. the Minister of education and science, this provision in point 22 of these cases has the right to limit or completely suspend the rights granted by the licence for a period of up to 30darbdien.
25. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2004, the provisions of no. 133 "institution of higher education study programmes to be implemented licensing" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 39).
Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and Science (I). Druviet is the Editorial Note: rules come into effect with the 2005 September 2.