Illegal Prohibited Fishing Gear Used, And The Funds And Illegally Used Unmarked Fishing Net Destruction Procedures

Original Language Title: Nelikumīgi izmantoto aizliegto zvejas rīku un līdzekļu un nelikumīgi izmantoto nemarķēto zvejas tīklu iznīcināšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 675, Riga 2005 6 September (pr. Nr. 50) 26 illegal prohibited fishing gear used, and the funds and illegally used unmarked destruction of fishing nets order issued under the Fisheries Act, article 19 sixth 1. determines the illegal use of prohibited fishing gear and devices fo and unmarked used fishing nets (gear) ruined the definition. 2. the rules relating to fishing gear (also on other tools for direct fish resources), which is found on the bodies and their immediate vicinity, where it is not possible to find a person who has committed an administrative offence. 3. National Environment services or specially protected natural areas by environmental trācij public Admins inspector or local authorised person in the place of the infringement decision on the destruction of fishing gear in the following cases: 3.1 where in fishing gear expenditure expected to exceed estimated revenue;
3.2. If the gear the transport and storage costs more than its real value. 4. the decision shall include a description of the fishing gear, an indication of its location, and its destruction. 5. Illegal fishing gear used destroyed by burning or making it unusable and handing municipal waste disposal service. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis