Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 1 April 1997 Of Regulation No 112 "general Provisions"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1997.gada 1.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.112 "Vispārīgie būvnoteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 685 of 2005 in Riga on September 6 (pr. No 50 9) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 1 April 1997 of Regulation No 112 "General provisions" Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth draw Cabinet-1 April 1997 Regulations No. 112 "General provisions" (Latvian journal, 1997, no. 88;/; 2001, 161.2000, no. 182; 2003, 53, no. 137; 2004, nr. 68; 2005, 92 no) the following amendments: 1. Replace the text, the words "regional environmental governance" (fold) with the words "national environment service regional environmental governance" (fold). 2. paragraph 1 shall be expressed by the following: "1. Site-building, renovējam, compensated or the restaurējam building, construction or structure or the whole construction with nojaucam out the works needed for the area, palīgbūv and būviekārt." 3. Make paragraph 10 by the following: "10. the author of a construction-certified natural person or building regulations governing registered legal person according to the design task developed by the construction of the customer accepted the basic idea." 4. Make 20, 21 and 22 as follows: "20. Designer-certified natural person or building regulations governing registered legal person on the basis of the client accept the construction concept, in accordance with the development of the construction contracts, or parts of it. 21. the reconstruction-building or part of the work to change all or part of the amount of construction and changing or saving function, or function change without changing the volume. 22. the renovation-construction or its parts repair (overhaul), to restore the building or part of it, replacing the nolietojušo not making elements or structures as well as the targeted functional or technical improvements builds, not changing its size and function. " 5. Express 25.1 points as follows: "zero cycle-15.6 structures (buildings) underground and above-ground parts of the works to the stage structures (buildings) a notional zero (first floor floor) level mark when planning and architectural task otherwise." 6. Supplement with 25.2 points as follows: "an important Public building 25.2-building, which has more than five storeys above ground, in a public building that is intended to stay at more than a hundred people, production, building, Tower, as well as bridge, overpasses, tunnel, if it is longer than 100 m, or more than one floor underground construction. The municipality of local building regulations may define additional major public buildings in the area. " 7. To supplement the first sentence of paragraph 26, after the words "construction of the development and execution of" with the words "as well as building demolition". 8. Delete paragraph 29. 9. Express 35 the following: "Būvvald-35. within 30 days after the submission of construction-the day of timecard registrations concerned the appearance of construction intentions with local municipal planning and detailed (also the relevant building regulations) and issue planning and architectural task (annex 2) or building demolition task (2.1) or give a reasoned refusal in writing. If, in accordance with article 12 of the law on construction of the construction of the necessary public consultation, būvvald 14 days give written opinion. " 10. To supplement the rules by 21.8 points as follows: "planning and architectural task 35.1 expires two years after it is issued." 11. the express 37 as follows: "37. If this does not affect third-party property rights, application of construction-records is not required in the following cases: 37.1. Interior project is implemented, without prejudice to the load-bearing constructions; 37.2. performing a simplified renovation-construction of all or part of the renovation, without prejudice to the load-bearing constructions, building facade, sharing space and sharing utilities; 37.3. performing a simplified reconstruction-building or part of a function (use) change without rebuilding. " 12. Delete paragraph 39. 13. Make 40 as follows: "40. Planning and architectural task is the Foundation of civil design, but do not give the right to initiate the works." 14. To supplement the provisions of this sub-section 3.2.1 version: 3.2.1 "simplified renovation and reconstruction of a simplified renovation or 24.9 simplified reconstruction Moderates agree with the designer responsible for the conception, the design and documentation of receipt of complete card (annex 10). Documentation and proof of the intention of the map drawn up in triplicate. One copy for submission to būvvald, one copy for the client and the designer responsible. 40.2 simplified renovation or reconstruction of agent būvvald simplified the proof submitted: 40.21. card; 40.22. explanatory memorandum; 40.2 3. According to the documentation for the seed designed floor plans with technical indicator explication; 40.24. buildings and groups unfolding technical inventory file copy; 40.25. the property right certificate copy; 40.26. inženiertīkl transmission scheme change, if change in inženiertīkl leads; 40.27. national cultural monument protection Inspectorate's permission, if simplified renovation or reconstruction for simplified national protected cultural monuments in the territory or in the zone of protection built in. Būvvald simplified renovation 25.0 or simplified reconstruction this vision looks within 10 working days after its registration, the būvvald and make a receipt card check on plans provide a written reasoned acceptance or denial. If that deadline is not a refusal of būvvald: 40.31. simplified renovation agent is entitled to initiate the works and after their completion, on the basis of a simplified renovation intentions documentation and receipt card, submitted to the State land service of the application for amendment (change) in the construction or group of technical inventory file; 40.32. simplified reconstruction agent is entitled to initiate the expected economic activity. In this case, the būvvald is five working days after conception and the acceptance marks the acknowledgement card sent to State land service amendment (change) its structure or group of technical inventory file; 40.33. with buildings and groups related to the issue of technical inventory of the damage shall be borne by the Subscriber. 40.4 If, making a building or group of technical inventory, the State land service finds that the premises or building parts changes do not match the simplified renovation or reconstruction plans simplified documentation, simplified renovation or reconstruction of the agent to the simplified order of expert-certified specialist-opinion. Positive that the opinion of an expert is the basis of the amendments (changes) for the purpose of constructing or group of technical inventory file. A copy of the expert opinion of a simplified renovation or reconstruction of simplified sends the agent to the relevant būvvald. 25.2 simplified renovation or reconstruction plans simplified documentation development under construction regulatory laws and the relevant authorities are binding rules. the designer responsible for the responsible 40.6 structures or parts of structures of persistence, sharing utilities functioning unhindered, compliance with the intended function (use) and regulations, as well as third-party property rights. A responsible designer can call upon additional other construction professionals who sign a declaration card. 40.7 simplified reconstruction or renovation of simplified agent is responsible for the implementation of relevant plans to develop simplified renovation or reconstruction plans simplified documentation. " 15. Add to paragraph 43 of the fourth sentence as follows: "the publishers of technical regulations shall lay down the requirements which are directly associated with the project." 16. To supplement the 55 with the third sentence by the following: "If the building collapses, the design task specifies requirements for project work the demolition." 17. Put 58 as follows: "the development of the new building project 58. (newly built buildings under construction) and the existing structure or part of the renovation, reconstruction, restoration and demolition, as well as utilities, roads and bridges, area utilities (road and area, track, sidewalks, small architectural forms, and sculpture, lighting equipment, Visual information and home improvement installation according to the construction plan of the elements), greening, conditioning, drainage, as well as any works projects and areas What is the national protected cultural monuments and their protection in the area of construction or landscape elements. " 18. To supplement the 58.1 point after the words "those building" with the words "and utilities". 19. Make 62 and 63 by the following: "Construction and building 62. is not required: 62.1. temporary construction, building sites, where its amount and term of a coherent būvvald demolition; 62.2. mazēk in the rural area, where its amount and building sites in the būvvald; 38.7. seasonal structures-not capital, mainly used in agriculture, structures which Toyama lifetime is one season; 38.8. This provision 37. in the cases referred to in point. 63. the permanent civil design practice rights are natural persons, if they have received industry professional Union certificate of būvpraks issued in any of the types of design work, as well as the construction regulations governing registered legal persons employing certified specialists in the field of design. " 20. Supplement with 70.1 point as follows: "a construction of 70.1 can attest the construction law article 8, first paragraph, paragraph 2 of the certified specialist, if you built this provision paragraph 128.1. the bottom structure, which is not subject to article 12 of the law on construction conditions, and planning and architectural task, the technical regulations and the design task is set forth in the special requirements of building architecture. Certified specialist is responsible for the overall construction plan and compliance with construction laws governing. " 21. Delete 73.1 points, the words "and Licensing Commission". 22. Make a point following 93: "93. technical project the amount of parts in the design task and the Treaty on civil design jobs shall be determined jointly by the principal designer in accordance with planning and architectural task." 23. the supplement 94. the second sentence of the paragraph with the following wording: "building demolition projects, according to the construction of laws framework." 24. Make 99. paragraph by the following: "99. in order to assess the conformity of the construction regulations and technical regulations, as well as in the event of a dispute, the principal, būvvald or other competent body shall have the right to organize the construction expertise. Construction inspection carried out by a person who has a permanent right of practice in the area concerned in accordance with article 8 of the law on construction. " 25. To complement the provisions of the following paragraph to 99.1 and 99.2: "99.1 Construction expertise regardless of the source of funds is compulsory: 99.11. significant public buildings; 99.12. bridges, tunnels, road transport, which is more than 50 m, and bridges and roads that spans the transmission between load-bearing pylons exceeds 20 m, provided they are not national road. 99.2 99.1 these provisions referred to in paragraph 1, the inspection of construction works shall be borne by the client. " 26. Delete paragraph 114. 27. Add to subparagraph 116.2.1 of the rules with the following wording: "the 116.2.1 plot of land ownership or use rights and building rights supporting documents;". 28. To supplement the provisions of this subparagraph with 116.7.: "the issue of the insurer's contractor 116.7. or builder's insurance against civil liability in respect of a copy of the insurance policy." 29. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the bottom of the 120.4.: "works are performed on 120.4. No contractor or Builder civil liability compulsory insurance or do not comply with the requirements of the contractor or Builder civil liability compulsory insurance minimum limits of liability." 30. the express 128. paragraph by the following: "128. Builder requires no permanent practice of the rights under article 8 of the law on construction in the following cases: 128.1." he builds, their own needs, or blurring reconstructs it owned the Recon existing structure no higher than two floors and building area not greater than 400 m2 and būvtilpum-about 2000 m3; 128.2. If execution of the demolition or construction does not require building permits in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 62. " 31. To supplement the rules with the following wording 140.1 points: "public works journal 140.1 do not fill in these regulations 128.1. in the case referred to in subparagraph as well as if constructed or demolished mazēk. " 32. To replace the words "in paragraph 141 of the Declaration and the test report is available to" with the words "Declaration" is available. 33. Make 170.1, 170.2 and 170.3 point as follows: "in accordance with the construction law 170.1 of the fourth paragraph of article 30, as well as the provisions laid down in paragraph 170 of the appropriate authorities is entitled by owner warning to tear down an arbitrary construction object. the municipal decision on arbitrary 170.2 at the construction site of demolition: 170.21. object demolition causes (reasons); 170.22. demolition of object conditions; the State of the object after 170.23. cessation of construction works; 170.24. object demolition work (construction) financing sources. 170.3 before construction demolition contractor in accordance with the procedure laid down in these rules shall be submitted on application for the demolition of the construction būvvald-tracking map and demolition work. If the construction is organised by municipal demolition, building demolition application-submit records bailiffs work for which the municipality has to tear down the building. " 34.175. point be expressed as follows: "175. If a building site in the industrial and municipal sewage pollution degree is greater than the specified regulatory signs before entering the sewer network, it cleans up the appropriate national environmental service regional environmental management category (A) or (B) issued the licence for the operation of polluting or contaminating evidence in category C activities in accordance with laws and treatment plants and other water polluting activities has been issued a permit or certificate concerned. " 35. Make annex 1 as follows: "annex 1 Cabinet 1 April 1997 Regulations No 112 36. Express 2.1.6. subparagraph by the following:" 1.6. Special circumstances (a piece of land located in a natural, mikroliegum, barring the green zone, the area of the park, a cultural monument protection zone) "37. To supplement the annex to 2.7.7. subparagraph by the following:" 2.7.7. contract with waste management company issued certain regulations permit "38. Express 2. Annex 4.1. subparagraph by the following : ' 4.1. Environment and nature protection requirements (national environment service regional environmental administration) "39. Replace annex 2, the text" Būvvald Manager "(signature and transcript) with the following content:" the head of the Būvvald (signature and transcript) this administrative act within one month of its entry into force may be challenged in the administrative process law. " 40. To supplement the provisions of this annex, with 2.1: "2.1 Annex Cabinet 1 April 1997 Regulations No 112 41. Replacing text in annex 5" with General provisions of the town planning and got got 199. ___ _____. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "(title, caption and transcript) with the following content:" with General provisions of the town planning and got got 200 ___ of _____. _____________.

(title, caption and transcript) this administrative act within one month of its entry into force may be challenged in the administrative process law. " 42. To replace the 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the annex "___ 199." with the text "_____.". 43. Replace annex 1, paragraph 9, the words "regional environmental administration" with the words "national environment service regional environmental governance". 44. To supplement the provisions of annex 10 as follows: "annex 10 Cabinet 1 April 1997 Regulations No 112 the Prime Minister A. Economic Minister A.r. Halloween Kariņš