Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 20 January 2004, The Regulation No 44 "rules On Work Permits For Foreigners"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 20.janvāra noteikumos Nr.44 "Noteikumi par darba atļaujām ārzemniekiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 700 in Riga in 2005 (13 September. No 51 17. §) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 January 2004, the Regulation No 44 "rules for foreigners ' work permits Issued under the immigration law, article 9, third and fourth to make the Cabinet of 20 January 2004, the Regulation No 44" rules on work permits for foreigners "(Latvian journal, 2004, 12, 68 no) the following amendments: 1. Add to (4) and (5) after the words" excluding this provision "with the number" 28.1 ".
2. To supplement the provisions under point 5.1 by the following: "5.1 work permit foreigners who are accredited in the Republic of Latvia in the Izu glītīb institutions students or full-time student, shall be issued only if they work the contractual working time does not exceed 20stund of the week."
3. Make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. Work permits (annex 2), the foreigner may be issued on the basis of visa, residence permit or asylum-seeker identity document."
4. Make the following paragraph 16: "16. If this provision in paragraph 29 and 30 of these foreigners (except this rule 30.2.13. as referred to in point people) intended to employ under the contract of the company according to the provisions of paragraph 15 in the agency submit documents to enterprise agreement for reconciliation. "
5. To make 18.3. subparagraph by the following: "18.3. If foreigners profession is regulated, — education a copy of the document and a copy of the certificate of recognition of a qualification that certifies foreign countries educational and professional qualifications in the Republic of Latvia in compliance with requirements. If the foreigners are not regulated profession shall submit the documents of education and launder evidence a copy of the document (legalization is not required if international treaties that Latvia is a Member State, the order of the other) ".
6. Add to paragraph 19 of the second sentence as follows: "this rule 18.3. referred to submit copies of documents, adding to the certified translation of the national language."
7. Make the following paragraph 20.1.: "20.1. when assessing the situation on the labour market, shall approve a work call, as well as the issue of their employer;".
8. Add to paragraph 24 behind the words "this provision" with the number "28.1".
9. Supplement with 28.1 points as follows: "If the asylum seeker is 28.1 received administration of refugees depart Parliament decision on refugee or alternative status one year after the application for refugee status or subsidiary and it has not happened to the fault of the asylum seekers, the administration until a final decision on the status of refugee or alternative to granting the asylum seeker issue work permits (work without the employer's approval of the Agency's call Branch) on the basis of the asylum-seeker identity document. "
10. Replace 29.1.2. the word "and" point with the word "or".
11. Amend section 29.2.1., the word "accredited."
12. Replace the name in 30.1.2 "and" by "or".
13. Complement 30.1.4. subparagraph after the word "athlete" with the words "at the invitation of the Sports Club".
14. Delete word in 30.2.1 "accredited".
15. Express 30.2.10. subparagraph as follows: " these provisions foreigners referred to a child who has received permission to termiņuzturēšan and want to work."
16. Express 30.2.15. subparagraph as follows: "30.2.15. Republic of Latvia accredited educational institutions students or full-time student, for which contractual working time does not exceed 20stund of the week."
17. in paragraph 32 be deleted and the words "and 30.2.15.".
18. the express 37 the second sentence as follows: "the register indicates foreigners's name, date of birth, employer's name, registration number and registered office, specialty, profession or trade in which a foreigner work performance term start and end dates, the performance space and the nationality of the foreigners."
19. Delete paragraph 39.
20. Make the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 27 January 2003 of Directive 2003/9/EC laying down minimum standards for the reception of asylum seekers." Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d.-Staķ