National Agency "business Center" Sport "," Kleist Charter

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Lietišķo sporta veidu centrs "Kleisti"" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 736 in Riga in 2005 on September 27 (Mon. No 54 10) National Agency "Business Center" sport "," Charter Issued Kleist in accordance with public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. public agency "Business Center" sport of Kleist "" (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) is the Minister of education and science under the supervision of the national regulatory authority. The Minister overseeing the Agency is implemented by the Ministry of education and science. 2. the Agency is designed to prepare the participation of Latvian National random nothings Launches Olympic Games, world and European Championships, as well as made the Latvian National favorites. II. Agency functions, tasks and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: 3.1 to support sport policy high achievement in sports, as well as children and young people in the field of sport;
3.2. coordination of the implementation of the strategy of sports in the sports business. 4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the Agency's functions: 4.1 create sports the education environment, organized and implemented by children and youth sports development to ensure professional guidance sports the education objectives — healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally developed personality and the way that an active lifestyle and aware of the value of sport;
4.2. preparing the Latvian National team members for the Olympic Games, world and European Championships and other international competitions;
4.3. preparing a high class athletes of the Latvian National team team in the business of sports;
4.4. provide opportunities for students to develop sportsmanship, physical characteristics and abilities;
4.5. creating the conditions that encourage the develop athletes to competitions achieve high results;
4.6. the involvement of different age children and young people in sports and activities;
4.7. promote general physical development, generating interest in sport, as well as making it possible to engage in a particular sport;
4.8 encourage the interest in sports, create awareness about healthy lifestyle, human anatomy, Physiology and personal hygiene;
4.9 encourage athletes and contribute to the harmonious development of the most inhuman and awareness of national values;
4.10. prepare jauniesaucamo service in national armed forces, improving their overall physical fitness;
4.11 promote sports education further education teachers involved;
4.12. rational use of vocational guidance education financial resources allocated. 5. the Agency shall have the following rights: 5.1. to request and receive from State and local government institutions, as well as the laws and regulations in the order of natural and legal persons for the functions of the Agency the necessary information;
5.2. the charge for public services provided by the Agency in the tions;
5.3. to accept donations and donations. III. Agency governance 6. The Agency shall be managed by the Director of the Agency. The Agency's Director shall make public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions. The Director of the Agency shall determine the duties of the public agency law, the Agency's management contract and the contract of employment. 7. the Director of the Agency can be alternates. Deputy Director of the Agency shall be appointed and removed from Office, as well as their powers and responsibilities determined by the Director of the Agency. IV. the Agency's financial resources and assets 8. the Agency's financial resources in the national budget allocations from general revenues, the local own revenue, including revenue from paid services rendered by the Agency, foreign financial assistance, donations and gifts. 9. the legal relations with natural and legal persons is the responsibility of the Agency with its State owned property. The agency they owned property may be forfeited to the laws only. 10. the Agency Act on the budget and financial management in the order with the permission of the Minister of Finance has the right to take loans and to conclude the leasing (leasing) agreements. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance transactions that the documentation prepared by the Agency in line with the Minister of education and science. V. activities of the Agency in ensuring the rule of law and reporting 11. Agency staff decisions and actual action may be challenged, the stuffy nose or the relevant application to the Agency Director. The Director of the Agency's decision may appeal to the Court. 12. The Director of the Agency to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of education and science. The Ministry of education and science of the decision may be appealed in court. 13. the report of the Agency's functions and the use of funds the Agency shall provide the Administration in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Treaty, and timeless. VI. final question 14. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Druviet of I.