Local And Regional Significance Of Investment Planning Project Application Preparation, Submission And Evaluation Procedure

Original Language Title: Vietējas nozīmes un plānošanas reģionu nozīmes investīciju projektu pieteikumu sagatavošanas, iesniegšanas un izvērtēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 728 in Riga in 2005 on September 27 (Mon. Nr. 54 § 1) local and regional significance of investment planning project application preparation, submission and evaluation procedure Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management article 2, fifth 1. determined the 2006 local and regional planning of investment projects of interest to the application (hereinafter referred to as the application) for the preparation of the submission and evaluation procedures.
2. tenders according to the requirements of the laws of the State of preparation of the investment programme as well as adhering to the laws laid down by the regional development and the Ministry of local government (hereinafter the Ministry) the investment policy of the priority lines of action (annex 1) prepares the Municipal Council (the Council) or District Council (hereinafter the applicant) and submitted to the Ministry.
3. Within three weeks after the Cabinet approved a national investment program funding in the medium-term, the Ministry shall evaluate tenders in accordance with the administrative eligibility criteria (annex 2) and the quality and specific criteria (annex 3).
4. After the screening of project applications to the Ministry of regional development and local Government Affairs (hereinafter: the Minister) the resulting interinstitutional investment project applications of valuation the Commission (hereinafter the Commission). The Commission is composed of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of education and science, Ministry of culture, Ministry of welfare, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of the environment and the Minister of special duties Electronic Government Affairs representatives of the Secretariat, and it operates in accordance with the regulations approved by the Minister.
5. the project application to the Ministry does not move for further evaluation, if it: 5.1. not been met the administrative eligibility criteria;
5.2. the quality assessment won less than seven points. The score is calculated by adding the individual criteria points earned.
6. Where the application does not meet any of the criteria for administrative compliance, the Ministry requires that the applicant for the project to provide additional information to clarify the application of the project. If the applicant for a project within five working days from the date of dispatch of the request does not provide the information requested, the Ministry shall not move for further evaluation.
7. the members of the Commission before the Commission hearing, the appearance of the ministries prepared the project application to the evaluation of quality tables and refer to the relevant sector specific project applications. At the hearing, the Commission shall assess the compliance of each specific project sector policy planning documents.
8. On the basis of the Commission's decision, the Ministry prepared local significance and importance of planning regional investment programme (hereinafter the programme) and the procedure laid down in the laws and submit them to the Ministry of the economy and Finance Ministry.
9. The Ministry on the basis of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the national investment programme by sector, in cooperation with the Finance Ministry to clarify the program priority shifting the financial resources available in the County Commission approved the project for the implementation of the application.
10. in the draft included a list of applications shall be published in the Ministry's website (www.raplm.gov.lv) under "regional development/public support instruments".
11. the documents relating to the project applications are assessed, and decisions of the Commission on the application of the inclusion of projects in or rejection, as well as the projects included in the programme application documentation stored in the Ministry according to the law "on the archives".
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 8 October 2005.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers 27 September 2005 Regulation No. 728 of regional development and local government Ministry's investment policy the priority lines of action i. administrative territory development and modernisation of the municipal work 1. Aim to enhance the environmental quality of life increase municipalities, modernizing and developing the administrative and/or the development of infrastructure, ensuring information and communication (communication) technology (ICT) availability of local government employees and citizens, including people with special needs as well as merchants and business for the cartel.
2. actions to be taken: 2.1 public objects (administrative buildings, including authorities and service centers) organize, modernization, including energy efficiency, and new build;
2.2. a European Centre for the development of administrative and territory (squares, parks, recreation and rehabilitation areas (sports and children's playgrounds)) refurbishment and the new object;
UR2.3.lok staff network (municipalities, libraries, information and business centres) and internet access point upgrades, including the required software;
2.4. training and information measures to increase knowledge of the local area network service staff and users of ICT.
3. developing an investment project the application (hereinafter referred to as the application), the priorities does not include measures that provide for the implementation of such programmes and the single programming document UR1.3.pas Appendix contributes "information and communication technologies for development" activities: 3.1 national program "electronic government infrastructure development and development of the base", the project "municipal e-governance base" (previously "municipal joint information system");
3.2. open tender "public internet access points in evolution".
II. Housing development 4. Aim to enhance the quality of living environment for local residents, including underprivileged and large families, reduce the heat loss of the House and external networks, as well as reduce the cost to consumers for heating and hot water.
5. Measures: 5.1. municipal property in the rental and/or social housing (including housing) reconstruction/renovation, including improving energy efficiency;
UR5.2.pa švaldīb in heat supply company (except operators), including transmission networks, reconstruction/renovation and new build.
III. local educational institutions owned by the development and strengthening of 6. Aims to develop the preschool, interests and professional guidance education infrastructure and ensure compliance with the sanitary authorities, hygiene, fire safety and other requirements.
7. actions to be taken: 7.1/renovation of reconstruction of the institutions (including energy efficiency), sports medicine and area to be built;
7.2. new institutions, sports medicine and the construction of the square.
IV. Cultural objects 8. modernisation aims to maintain and develop the municipal owned cultural objects (museums, libraries, cultural houses and centers), they created the modern requirements and functional creative centers.
9. actions to be taken: 9.1. object reconstruction/renovation, including through the STI youth plant energy efficiency;
9.2. the objects adjacent areas good placements.
V. social care infrastructure development 10. The aim is to ensure the high quality and the customer's needs with the appropriate social services available.
11. actions to be taken: municipal property 11.1. existing social care and rehabilitation institutions (group homes, day care and crisis centres, service apartments, shelters, specialized workshops) creation, improvement, modernization, including improving energy efficiency;
11.2. the social care and social rehabilitation institutions for renovation and/or construction.
Vi. Support business development 12. Aims to promote new business and existing business development, promoting economic activities in the local authorities and/or regions and accelerating the territory social and economic disparities.
13. Measures aimed at improving the business environment by creating and/or restoring (re) objects or parts to local and/or State-owned land: 13.1. former military and industrial/business area/object restructuring (industrial and technological parks, new business support centers (business incubator), regional unemployment retraining and employment skills centers), creating or restoring access to roads, utilities, parking lot, information signs. Before that area/object of the restructuring carried out research and pollution of the Environment Ministry of conditioning in a certain order;
13.2. the business support center (business incubators, technological parks), information centre, as well as seminar and Conference Room renovation/modernisation and new centres.
VII. Transport systems development 14. With the aim of promoting economic growth and job creation in local government and the regions, increasing the mobility of people and goods.

15. Measures focused on municipal property in the asphalted road renovation, gravel roads paving, gravel road, culverts and bridge reconstruction, streets, sidewalks, bridges, culverts and parking lot renovation and development of the ju/new construction, including arranging or installation of lighting.
16. The municipal administrative and/or the development of Center Street and transit regional bridge reconstruction support is not provided.
Regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis annex 2 Cabinet-September 27, 2005 regulations no 728 administrative eligibility criteria no PO box
Criteria Yes No 1.
Or the application is filed within the time limit set 2.
Or the application filed under the regional development and local government Ministry of public investment policy the priority lines of Action 2006-2010, their aims and activities 3.
Or the application of the project according to the requirements of the law (the form is fully completed and the information is not controversial, it has discouraged the correction) 4.
Or filed the application and a copy of the original, as well as being added to the electronic version of the project 5.
Or the application form, the applicant is signed by the regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis annex 3 Cabinet of 27 September 2005, regulations no 728 quality and specific evaluation criteria no PO box
Description of the criteria for project eligibility points a. quality criteria of the project 1.
Project compliance with local and regional planning matter investment program aims and activities 1.1. the aim of the project and the activities provided for in part with the purpose and activities of the programme 1.2 1. the aim of the project and planned activities are fully in line with the objectives of the programme and the activities 3 2.
The project's compliance with the planning region development programme 2.1. the aim of the project and planned activities does not meet the planning region development programme 0 2.2. the aim of the project and the activities provided for in part with the planning region development programme 1 2.3. the aim of the project and planned activities are fully in line with the planning region development program 3 3.
Project schedule information provided clarity and compatibility 3.1 project description does not expand, the chapters are fact and data inconsistencies in the project description 3.2 0 facts and data are set forth in, but are not tested and are mutually incompatible 1 3.3. project description information is complementary, facts and data are compatible with a 3 4.
Immediacy of the project 4.1 project is focused on a solution to the problem, does not contribute to a significant improvement of the project in part 4.2 0 found a solution to the problem and contribute to the further improvement of the situation in the future 1 4.3. project addresses an urgent problem 3 (B). Specific criteria 1.
The project shall be submitted to the local territorial development index (corresponding to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 March 2004, regulations No 124 "rules on the criteria the national budget to grant local authorities the European Union structural funds co-financed projects") are: 1.1 the first rank in the group. 0 1.2. second rank in the Group 5 1.3. third rank in the group 10 1.4. fourth ranking group 15 1.5. ranking of the fifth group of 20 2.
After the implementation of the project will create new jobs and/or save existing jobs 2.1. project provides no new job creation project for 0 2.2. create up to three new jobs or seasonal jobs 3 2.3. project designed to create more than three new jobs or seasonal jobs 5 3.
The project is multiplikatīv (synergy) effect 3.1. project is a local character 0 3.2 project contributes to at least two adjacent areas 3 3.3 project contributes more than two areas of 5 4.
Attraction of private investment 4.1. not for 0 4.2 is designed for the maximum number of points 3 (A + B) Note 45.
If the score is tied, the higher place ranking table is assigned to the project, which has a higher number of points, determined by the area development index level and the urgency of the project.
Regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis