Amendments To The Cabinet Of 16 August 2011 Rules No 649 "rabbit And Fur-Bearing Monitoring Procedure"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2011.gada 16.augusta noteikumos Nr.649 "Trušu un kažokzvēru pārraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 320 in Riga, June 16, 2015 (pr. No 29 42) amendments to the Cabinet of 16 august 2011 rules no 649 "rabbit and fur-bearing monitoring procedure" Issued in accordance with the breeding and animal breeding law article 12 first paragraph make Cabinet 16 august 2011 regulations No. 649 "rabbit and fur-bearing monitoring procedure" (Latvian journal, 2011, no. 131) as follows: 1. Make the introductory paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the monitor lists the following data :". 2. Supplement with 6.1 points by the following: "6.1 if, within three months after the initiation of the monitoring database is established in these rules referred to in paragraph 6, monitoring data, monitoring of rabbit herd owner for a resumption of rabbit keeping organisation, reiterated the provisions of paragraph 4 of that application." 3. Make paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8. Monitor seven days 6 and 7 of these regulations referred to in paragraph monitoring data recorded in the database. " 4. Replace paragraph 9.1 and 9.2. number and the word "6" with numbers and the words "in paragraphs 6 and 7". 5. Make paragraph 10 by the following: "10 rabbit keeping organisation each year up to February 1, submit the agricultural data centre (hereinafter referred to as the data center), 6 and 7 of these regulations, paragraph a summary of monitoring data for the previous year of monitoring." 6. Express 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 the following: "14. Supervised by mink, Fox and Arctic fox in a herd, which is registered in accordance with the laws and regulations on livestock, the livestock and housing registration and identification procedures, and breed livestock farm, recognized in accordance with the regulations for a variety of livestock farms the eligibility criteria and breed livestock farm status and cancellation procedures and which breed the appropriate number of animals is at least 50 percent the number of breeding animals. 15. The monitoring year for the Arctic fox, mink, Fox and other starts on March 1 and ends on February 28 (29). 16. Monitor the monitoring according to the breeding program in zvērkopīb (hereinafter referred to as the breeding program), indicates the following monitoring data for mink, Fox and Arctic Fox: 16.1. breeding female-live born and stillborn pups born in the litter, and the number of the data on 1 July that year the record of female Passport; 16.2. the breeding males inseminated females the number and calving rates – and these data on 1 July that year recorded the passport and animal males log; 16.3. the puppies-provenance and date of birth, and the data recorded in the Passport jaundzīvniek. 17. A natural person who valued mink, Fox and Arctic Fox (hereinafter valuator), lists the evaluation data, broken down in accordance with the data in the breeding program. 18. Monitor and evaluator every year until March 1 to submit a fur animal in the organisation of the collection and analysis of these rules 16 and 17 of this monitoring data and valuation data summary of the previous year of monitoring. " The Prime Minister is the Minister of Agriculture of Rashness Newsletters site – Minister of health of Guntis Belēvič