Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 17 August 2004, The Regulation No 725 "conversion Vehicles"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 17.augusta noteikumos Nr.725 "Transportlīdzekļu pārbūves noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 286 in Riga on 9 June 2015 (pr. 8. § 28) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 17 august 2004, the Regulation No 725 "conversion vehicles" issued under the Highway Traffic Act article 15 of the sixth to make the Cabinet of 17 august 2004, the Regulation No 725 "conversion vehicles" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 136.) the following amendments: 1. Express 4.2 subparagraph by the following: ' 4.2. after 1 January 2001 – motor vehicle made changes to the same brand and type of the vehicle of the same type engine; ". 2. Make the following point 4.12.: "temporary seating 4.12. disassembly, maintaining their attachment;". 3. Express 5.3. subparagraph by the following: "3.3. category of vehicle conversion – batch file conversion service performs as a merchant (hereinafter referred to as the conversion company)." 4. Delete paragraph 11.14. 5. Delete paragraph 11.16. 6. Delete paragraph 12.12. 7. Delete 14.8. section. 8. Delete 14.10. section. 9. Supplement with 14.1. Chapter III point as follows: "14.1. If the vehicle is one of the provisions referred to in chapter III of the reconstructions and restricted as to its compatibility with the safety requirements of the technical regulations received by the vehicle manufacturer or the opinion of the technical service, the vehicle allowed to make alterations to the second category, aligning it to the road traffic safety Directorate (CSDD) in. " 10. Make a point 15 as follows: "15. Conversion permitted: 15.1. for a vehicle registered in Latvia; 15.2. a foreign registered vehicle, if it already numbered units comparison; 15.3. a vehicle not registered in advance. " 11. Amend paragraph 18, the words "and for this purpose". 12. Make a point 19 by the following: "19. prior to the commencement of the second category of vehicle conversion pārbūvētāj these rules in accordance with the procedure laid down in chapter VI to develop technical projects and rebuilding under the CSDD." 13. Express 25 the following: "registration of modification, 25 vehicles and their drivers in the national register (hereinafter register) and certificate of registration of the vehicle in the" build "section indicates the appropriate conversion code (annex 4)." 14. Express section 29.2. by the following: "the constructive part 29.2. which includes rebuilding the main constructive solutions drawings or sketches;". 15. Make the following paragraph in 29.4: "29.4. a technical description of the vehicle, which includes the rule referred to in annex 1. vehicle tracking technical data and the main constructive characteristics before and after conversion. Rebuilding the technical project the constructive and calculations can be excluded if rebuilding is used by the vehicle manufacturer for specific changes to the technology, workmanship and Assembly, under nodes, and they are installed by the vehicle manufacturer for places, as also in other justified cases, prior agreement of CSDD. " 16. Delete paragraph 30, the words "(three copies)". 17. paragraph 34 be expressed as follows: "34. After checking the technical conversion project is stored in CSDD. A copy of the technical project sent to the project the applicant CSDD. " 18. in paragraph 38 of the following expressions: "38. If it is impossible to identify the vehicle or if it is found signs of counterfeit vehicle identification numbers, the registration documents or the registration number of the mark of the country, the Inspector will proceed in accordance with the agreement between the national police and the CSDD, and rebuilding the technical expertise does not continue, and the counterfeit or homemade State registration plate is forfeited. " 19. Make 40 as follows: "40. vehicle technical inspection the Inspector draws up the legislation register online." 20. Delete paragraph 41. 21. Delete paragraph number 48 and words "(annex 7). 22. Delete paragraph 49. 23. Make 50 as follows: ' 50. A declaration of conformity is rebuilding the company draws up register online. " 24. paragraph 52 be deleted. 25. the introductory part of paragraph 53 be expressed in the following wording: "53. Rebuilding the company rebuilding technical regulations include the following sections:". 26. the express 54. paragraph by the following: "54. Conversion reconciliation CSDD submit company rebuilding technical rules in duplicate." 27. Express 55. the first sentence of the following paragraph: "CSDD assess rebuilding submitted by technical regulations and, surveying the rebuilding business, make sure that the conversion business is ready to take the necessary measures and procedures for the effective control over the conversion process in the conformity of vehicles with the rebuilding requirements of the technical regulations." 28. To complement the 60 by the second sentence as follows: "the control of production conformity CSDD made rebuilding the company." 29. Make the following introductory paragraph 61:61 ". If the CSDD finds rebuilt vehicle technical regulations harmonised requirements or the requirements of this regulation or discrepancy in the production process, CSDD, depending on the type of non-compliance shall take one of the following: ". 30. Express the title of chapter XII, the following wording: "XII. Conduct a dispute the decision of cases and for appeal". 31.63 and 64 to express the point as follows: "63. Pārbūvētāj if the vehicle does not agree with the opinion on the CSDD vehicle and its equipment or technical assessment of perceived inconsistencies in the production process it within five days of receipt of the opinion of CSDD submission Manager. 64. After receipt of the application in writing to the CSDD principal applicant for vehicle technical re-evaluation of the situation and the time or times when the intended production control again rebuilding the company. " 32. Delete paragraph 65. 33. To replace the words "in paragraph 66 repair Assembly" with the words "package or" repairs. 34. in paragraph 67 of the following expression: ' 67. If the vehicle's technical condition assessment is found in conducted repairs or Assembly changes, or if the applicant refuses to produce the vehicle for repeated assessment or appear to remain above opinion on the vehicle and its equipment, the technical assessment of the situation. If the applicant's action or omission within that time it is not possible to control rebuilding of production company, remain in force for the above opinion about perceived discrepancies in the production process. " 35. Delete paragraph 69 68 and. 36. To make the text of annex 1 in the following wording: "the main constructive characteristics No. PO box Name 1. Category of vehicle 2. The type of the vehicle 3. Sharp and/or number of wheels 4. Wheelbase, mm 5. Length, mm 6. Width, mm 7. Height, mm 8. Full weight, kg 9. Laden mass among the axles, kg 10. Engine capacity, cm3 11. Maximum net engine power, kW 12. The maximum useful engine torque, Nm 13. Type of fuel 14. Waste gas emission class 15. The number of fuel tanks and/or volume 16. Number of seats and/or the number of rows of seats to 17. The coach class 18. Parking number 19. Number of passenger seats 20. Embarkation and disembarkation used for door number 21. Wheelchair places 22. Auxiliary equipment (such as boom, a freight elevator) 23. Repeating controls "37. Express 2. table 1 of the annex, paragraph 5 by the following:" 5. the change of the engine against the same vehicle brands and models of other engine or against the same type of vehicle the other engine X X X ' 38. Express 2. table 2 of the annex, paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. The change of the engine against the same vehicle brands and models of other engine or against the same vehicle type-other engine X X X X X "39. Express 2. table 3 of the annex, point 4 of the following:" 4. change Engine against the same vehicle brands and models of other engine or against the same type of vehicle the other engine X X "40. Deletion of annex 6 and 7. The Prime Minister is a Rashness Newsletters traffic Minister of matīss Anrij