The Order In Which The National Police Will Form A National Collection Of Weapons, Bullet And Shell Kontrolkolekcij And A Sample Of The Weapons And Ammunition Collection

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Valsts policija veido valsts nozīmes ieroču kolekciju, ložu un čaulu kontrolkolekciju un ieroču un munīcijas paraugu kolekciju

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 348 Riga, 30 June 2015 (pr. No 30 13) order in which State police form a national collection of weapons, bullet and shell kontrolkolekcij and samples of weapons and ammunition collection Issued in accordance with the Weapons and special means of article 29 of the law, the first paragraph and article 48 of the first part of rule 1 defines the order in which the national police service for use: 1.1. collection of weapons in comparative research needs by aggregating it purchased, donated, and seized weapons seized including improvised, illegally modified or banned weapons (hereinafter weapons collection); 1.2. create the vītņstobr firearms registered in Latvia (except national armed forces guns) bullet and shell kontrolkolekcij that caliber is not greater than 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) (hereinafter referred to as the bullet and shell kontrolkolekcij), as well as bullet and shell kontrolkolekcij storage arrangements; 1.3. can form in Latvia classified firearms and ammunition (except for national armed forces and ammunition Firearms) sample collection (hereinafter referred to as the weapons and ammunition to the sample collection). 2. Weapons, ammunition, bullets and shells that provision referred to in paragraph 1 shall be included in the collection with the national police. 3. After kontrolšāvien from each of the vītņstobr acquired the firearm projectiles and shell inserts and stored in a single package, on the firearm, the make, model number and date of kontrolšāvien. 4. Bullets and Shell Group on firearms types, model and caliber. 5. Bullet and shell in kontrolkolekcij bullet and shell obtained by kontrolšāvien, the State police keep up re kontrolšāvien with the vītņstobr of the firearm. After the kontrolšāvien was destroyed by bullets and shells, obtained after the previous kontrolšāvien. 6. Bullet and shell of the kontrolkolekcij kept in separate, isolated, fire regulations, corresponding with the guard and fire alarm equipment equipped rooms. Facilities (including walls, ceilings, floors, doors and Windows) secured against unauthorised entry not allowed. 7. the national and local authorities (possession) existing firearms projectiles and shell kept separate from personal firearms projectiles and shells. 8. Be declared unenforceable in a Cabinet of 24 January 2012 rules no. 76 "order in which State police form a national collection of weapons and ammunition and bullet and shell kontrolkolekcij" (Latvian journal 20, 2012, no). The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the Newsletters Interior Minister Richard Kozlovsk a