The Order In Which Grant In 2005, Administer And Monitor State Aid For Long-Term Stabilization Of The Forest Functions In Private Forests

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā 2005.gadā piešķir, administrē un uzrauga valsts atbalstu meža ilglaicīgo funkciju stabilizācijai privātos mežos

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 855 of 2005 in Riga on 8 November (pr. No 65 33) procedures in 2005, grant, administered and monitored by State aid in the long-term stabilisation of the forest function in private forests Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and seventh subparagraph 1. determines the order in which grant in 2005, administer and monitor State aid for long-term stabilization of the forest functions in private forests (hereinafter referred to as aid).
2. the total amount of aid is determined by the laws and regulations of the forest development fund established based on the forest development fund allocation for 2005.
3. the overall amount is 100000. The amount of aid per hectare is proportional to the number of submissions received, but not more than: 3.1.30 dollars per hectare (sil, mētrāj, lān);
3.2.40 dollars per hectare (the other type of forest growing conditions).
4. Support to manage and monitor the field support service.
5.Uz eligible natural persons, which is the forest owners (hereinafter the applicant), provided that: 5.1 the applicant in 2005 is set the forest stands that are refurbished or planting media and declared the renovated from 2000 to 2004 (inclusive);
UR5.2.kop ð recognition for restore times have not changed the ruling species of trees;
5.3. stand meets groomed legislation on forest restoration;
5.4. the national forest service is not known to the applicant, the administrative responsibility for forest management and environmental regulatory law violations during the year before the rules referred to in paragraph 10 of the application.
6. For support, the applicant until 1 December 2005 submit Field support regional agricultural administration: 6.1 application for aid for care of the coppice (annex 1);
6.2. the national forest service prepare a renewed stand (COPSE) care checking accounts (hereinafter report) (annex 2), which was recognized as a high stand and indicated that the national forest service applicants not called to administrative responsibility for forest management and environmental regulatory law violations during the year prior to the application.
7. the rural support service regional agricultural administration records the log sequence for the submission of applications, which all applicants meeting the requirements of this regulation.
8. the applicant may receive support for a maximum of three hectares according to the provisions of paragraph 5 of the terms of the area it stands volume production Coptic-owned forests in the forestry area.
9. the rural support service evaluates the total aid to be paid to the applicant, subject to this provision, paragraph 3 and 8, as well as reports received, and the cost to the applicant the aid calculated amount.
10. to receive the report, the applicant up to 17 November 2005, submitted to the national forest service, which monitored the wood area located in Forest Grove, his application for recognition as the times according to the conditions for receipt of the aid (annex 3) and property rights supporting documents — the land registry certificate or copy of Act (the original show).
11. by paragraph 10 of these regulations in due receipt of the application referred to in the national forest service officials to the stand the high 30 November check and prepare a report indicating whether the stand meets or does not meet the conditions for receipt of the aid.
12. the rural support service to accept and evaluate applications for aid for care and the coppice reviews and decides on the granting of aid, or refusal to grant the aid.
13. the documents submitted by the applicant If the information is inaccurate or incomplete, the rural support service request for further information in writing. The applicant 10 days (from the date of dispatch of the letter of request) submitted to the rural support service of the additional information required.
14. If a decision on refusal to grant the aid, the rural support service within 15 days after the receipt of the written document of the applicant, inform the applicant of the aid and specifies the reason for the refusal.
15. The applicant in the Field support the decision on refusal to grant aid can be a challenge and appeal against administrative procedure law.
16. After the expiry of the deadline for submitting an application for aid for the coppice, field support service compiles submissions received. If the total requested aid amount is higher than the provision laid down in paragraph 3, to each applicant the amount of the aid to be granted shall be reduced proportionately.
17. During the month following the adoption of the decision on the granting of aid for the rural support service cost the applicant support through non-cash payments (not exceeding the total funding granted).
Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Minister of Agriculture Spurdziņš o. m. rose Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to the November 12, 2005.