Procedures Are Administered And Monitored The Market Intervention Measures Plant And Livestock Products In The Market, The Implementation Of The Programme Of The European Commission The Benefit Of The Most Deprived Persons

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā tiek administrēti un uzraudzīti tirgus intervences pasākumi augkopības un lopkopības produktu tirgū, īstenojot Eiropas Komisijas programmu vistrūcīgākajām personām

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 909 of 2005 in Riga on November 29 (Mon. No 70 33) procedures are administered and monitored the market intervention measures plant and livestock products in the market, the implementation of the programme of the European Commission the benefit of the most deprived persons Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 6, second part 1. determines the order in which are administered and monitored plant and livestock products market intervention measures for the implementation of the programme of the European Commission the benefit of the most deprived persons (hereinafter referred to as the programme), as well as distribution to food types in accordance with the Council's 10 December 1987 Regulation No. 3730/1987 laying down the General rules for the supply of food from intervention stocks to designated organizations for distribution to the most deprived persons in the Community (hereinafter referred to as the Council Regulation (EEC) no 3730/87), and the Commission on 29 October 1992, Regulation (EC) No 3149/92 laying down detailed rules for the supply of food from intervention stocks for the benefit of the most deprived persons in the Community (hereinafter referred to as Commission Regulation No 3149/1992).
2. in order to ensure the food product releases, special task Minister for society integration Affairs Secretariat in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and regional development and local government Ministry of Council Regulation No. 3730/1987 referred to in article 1 of the charitable organisation (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) that meet the following criteria: 2.1, which is an organization that is registered in the companies register of associations and foundations register, or a religious organization that is established in the laws on religious organizations in the order;
2.2. type of activity of the organization is a charity, as well as the needy and socially disadvantaged group of people lifting of social welfare;
2.3. the Organization's previous experience in the provision of humanitarian assistance;
2.4. an organization or its partner has the necessary human and administrative resources to ensure food distribution;
2.5. the Organization's food distribution site is registered by the food and veterinary service of the company subject to the registry.
3. at the request of the organisation of the social services administration provides information on relevant existing local government social assistance number of beneficiaries whose income level corresponds to the rule mentioned in paragraph 6 of the criteria.
4. the organization each year up to December 1, notify the field support food distribution site address, desired product quantity and delivery frequency.
5. the rural support service will conclude with the Organization a contract for expenses in accordance with the Commission Regulation 3149/1992 article 6.
6. The right to food under the program are families whose income in the previous six months per family member is lower than the statutory guaranteed minimum level of income. Programme to get food, people must produce local social service certificate for a family (person) income level. The certificate is valid until the year's end of the programme.
7. persons without fixed residence are included in the program without the income assessment.
8. the rural support service administers and controls the activities of the programme, as well as organise open competitions: 8.1. merchant processing, iepako and supply organization products from intervention stores;
8.2. to identify the merchant that will transport the intervention products from another Member State of the European Union intervention in the territory of the warehouse on this rule 8.1. Merchant referred to a specified address.
9. The operator who processed and iepako foods (hereinafter operator), is a food and veterinary service approval number. If the company has only a food and veterinary service registration number, in addition to the necessary food and veterinary service that the company has a substantial infringement of the rules of hygiene.
10. food and veterinary service in accordance with the laws and regulations on the movement of food products to the requirements of the test food production companies, as well as food safety.
11. The food and veterinary service carries out quarterly food quality control and laboratory investigation. Expenses associated with the control and investigation, according to the food and veterinary service service price list shall be borne by the operator.
12. to calculate the food transport operators, Field compensation Services uses electronic card JS Latvia 2.13. If he violates the conditions of the contract, the rural support service the following limitations apply: 13.1 if the due amount of the intervention products are not withdrawn from intervention stocks, are subject to a security, in proportion to the amount of the product is not removed;
13.2. where intervention products are not removed from intervention stocks in the prescribed time, the Merchant shall bear the actual future storage costs;
13.3. If food manufactured product quality, packaging or marking specific determined by Commission Regulation No 3149/92 does not comply with the conditions of the contract concluded with the company, but those rules for the products concerned may be used for human consumption, the operator is reduced by 10 percent;
13.4. If the operator does not comply with the food, the delivery date is withheld support disproportionate to the amount of the product delivered.
14. Information in accordance with the Council Regulation No. 3730/1987 and Commission Regulation No 3149/1992 provides the European Commission with the Ministry of agriculture and rural support service.
15. in the implementation of the 2006 programme for needy persons, intended for use in wheat grain, which is processed in baltmaiz. One person for 0.4 kg distribution time. The number of poor people in the platform in 2006:170000-180000.16. White bread, to be produced under the 2006 program, comply with the provisions laid down in the annex to these quality criteria.
17. in the implementation of the 2006 programme for needy persons, the Organization shall notify the field support this provision, the information specified in paragraph 4, within 20 days following the entry into force of these regulations.
18. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers 3 May 2005, the provisions of no. 309 "procedures are administered and monitored the market intervention measures plant and livestock products in the market, the implementation of the programme of the European Commission the benefit of the most deprived persons" (Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 84).
Prime Minister, Minister of health l. Smith Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 8 December 2005.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 November 2005, regulations no 909 white bread production and quality criteria 1. White bread starting materials used in the manufacture of criteria: 1.1. white bread production must use at least the following ingredients: wheat flour, yeast, salt. Adding additional components to be specified by the manufacturer;
1.2. the white bread flour used for the manufacture shall comply with the Commission's 8 March 2001 of Regulation (EC) No 466/2001 setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, annex 1, part 2, set out in point 2.1 maximum permissible norms of mycotoxins;
1.3. other ingredients used in the manufacture must comply with the regulations laid down in the food safety and quality requirements.
2. White bread production criteria — white bread production is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, also declared in accordance with the manufacturer's approved used and the technological instructions.
3. quality criteria for bread: white bread crust 3.1 color evenly, from pale yellow to light brown;
3.2. white bread surface without major cracks and ruptures, clean. Not allowed pulp separation from crust;
3.3. white bread to make good in the flesh, flexible, by touch dry, without the presence of flour particles, the flesh not exceeding 42% of moisture, porosity is not less than 55%, acidity 3-5 °;
3.4. baltmaiz has a wheat bread for the characteristic taste and smell;
3.5. white bread does not contain potato pathogen Bacillus of mesenteric;
3.6. white bread has no less than three days.
Minister of agriculture m. rose