Rules For Protected Alleys

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par aizsargājamām alejām

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Clarifies 15.09.2006., Journal No. 148 (3516) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 888 in Riga 2005 22 November (pr. No 68 33. §) rules on a protected alley issued in accordance with the law "on especially protected natural territories" in article 13, second part 1. determines the following natural monuments – a protected alley: no PO box
The name of the district administrative territorial unit, the scheme limit Description 1.1.
Skrīveri – madliena road Birch alley Aizkraukle district skrīveri parish annex 1 1.2.
Trapene alley Alūksne district trapene parish annex 2 1.3.
Ziemer Oak Alley Alūksne district ziemeri parish 3.1.4.
Baltinava alley award district baltinava parish 4. Annex 1.5.
Bērzpils alley award Bērzpils parish district 5. Annex 1.6.
Our šosejmal of birch alley Bauska district of ceraukste parish annex 6 1.7.
Ieriku str. 67A Manor Mall Cēsis district Amata municipality 7. Annex 1.1.
Priekuļi alley Cēsis district priekuļi parish Annex 8 1.9.
Grancov alley Daugavpils district Kalupe parish 9. Annex 1.10.
Medumi alley Daugavpils district medumi parish 10. Annex 1.11.
Subate alley Daugavpils district subate town 11. Annex 1.12.
Bēne alley Dobele district bēne parish 12. Annex 1.13.
Bukaiš alley Dobele district of tērvete municipality 13. Annex 1.
Lielauce Oak Alley Dobele district lielauce parish annex 14 to 1.15.
Jaungulbene Oak Alley Gulbene district jaungulbene parish annex 15, 1.16.
Gārsene alley Jēkabpils district gārsene parish Annex 16 1.17.
The Manor of Blankenfeld alley Jelgava district traction parish 17. Annex 1.18.
Eleja Oak Alley Jelgava district eleja 18. Annex 1.19.
Lielplatone Manor lime alley Jelgava district lielplatone 19. Annex 1.20.
Krastiņ nursing home alley Krāslava district kastuļina parish annex 1.21 20.
Padure alley Massachusetts Padure parish 21. Annex 1.22.
Vecvilgāl's Alley Massachusetts kurmāle parish 22. Annex 1.23.
Cīrava lime alley Liepāja district cīrava parish 23. Annex 1.24.
Kalēti lime alley Liepāja district kalēti parish annex 24 1.25.
Augstroz larch alley of Limbaži district umurga parish 25. Annex 1.26.
Land surveyors, a birch alley Limbaži district twynham rural area 26. Annex 1.27.
Ruskulov-larch alley Ludza district of salnava parish Annex 27 1.28.
Dzelzava Manor alley Madona district of dzelzava 28. Annex 1.29.
Ozolmuiža (Sidrabiņ) Oak Alley of Madona Sausnēj parish annex 29 1.30.
The Manor of Vēren alley OGRE district of madliena parish annex 30 1.31.
Jersika alley Preiļi district jersika Annex 31 to 1.32.
Mencendarb's lime alley baldone, Riga District city rural area Annex 32 1.33.
Pēterup Līgotņ of the mācītājmāj alley Riga region saulkrasti town with its countryside territory 33. Annex 1.34.
Sigulda Beiš alley Sigulda Riga District 34. Annex 1.35.
Rub alley Saldus district of Ruba parish annex 35, 1.36.
Vecsatiķ Manor Avenue in the Saldus district gaiķi parish 36. Annex 1.37.
Dižstend-drum grave Birch alley Talsi district lībagi parish annex 37 1.38.
Dundaga dižliep alley Talsi district dundaga parish annex 38 1.39.
Jaunmok alley Tukums District Tum parish annex 39 1.40.
Kartavkaln aleja Tukums District Jaunpils parish 40. Annex 1.41.
Rūmen alley Tukums District of kandava municipality 41. Annex 1.42.
Vecmok alley of Tukums District Tum parish Annex 42 1.43.
Bilski alley Wearing district bilska parish 43. Annex 1.
Jaunsmilten's Alley Valka District of Blome parish Annex 44 1.45.
Bauņ Manor Avenue Valmiera District matīši parish annex 45 1.46.
Lizdēn the larch alley Valmiera District rencēni parish annex 46 1.47.
Mazsalaca Park Street alley mazsalaca in Valmiera District 47. Annex 1.48.
Podzēn alley Valmiera District Vaidava parish annex 48 1.49.
Rencēnmuiž Oak Alley of Valmiera District rencēni parish Annex 49.1.50.
Pop's Manor alley Ventspils district Pop parish 50. Annex 1.51.
Zūr Manor Avenue Ventspils district vārve parish 51. Annex 2. If this provision referred to in paragraph 1 of the local Government Council (the Council) Decides to develop amendments to planning, these amendments include the provision referred to in paragraph 1 the natural monuments – a protected alley.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 9 December 2005.
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