The Procedure Is Certainly National Measures International Importance In Aglona Sacred Landscapes, As Well As Ensure Their Progress And Financing

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā tiek noteikti valsts nozīmes pasākumi starptautiskas nozīmes svētvietā Aglonā, kā arī nodrošināta to norise un finansēšana

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 915 Riga, 6 December 2005 (pr. No 72 1) procedures are established national measures international importance in Aglona sacred landscapes, as well as ensure their progress and financing issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 14 law equipment of the first paragraph of article 3 i. question 1 General rules determine the order in which: 1.1. measures international importance in Aglona sacred landscapes (hereinafter referred to as the site) is out for public interest activities;
1.2. supported national activities of the place;
1.3. national budgets are allocated the resources of national significance are the measures in place and the organ IM with national measures related to the holy site of the maintenance expenses. II. National measures 2. The Ministry of Justice each year up to March 1 to ask the Catholic Church submit to the Latvian Bishops Conference agreed to place the measures provided for in the plan for next year, which would be the national measures, as well as with national measures related to the holy site of a detailed calculation of maintenance expenditure. 3. for each of the measures included in the plan provide details with the appropriate security related activities, as well as indicate the required amount of funds the State budget for each activity. 4. After the evaluation of the plan the Ministry of Justice submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on certain measures of public interest activities. III. National measures for securing 5. Cabinet established national coordination for the duration of the measures in place to create the Cabinet Action Committee. The activities of the Committee of action facilities to provide the Ministry of Justice. 6. The Compliance Committee shall consist of: 6.1. Department of Defense authorized representative;
6.2. the Ministry of Economic Affairs authorised representative;
6.3. Ministry of finance authorized representative;
6.4. two representatives of the Ministry of the Interior;
6.5. The regional development and local government Ministry's authorized representative;
6.6. The Ministry of transport's authorized representative;
6.7. two representatives of the Ministry of Justice;
6.8. the two Ministry of health authorized representatives;
6.9. the environmental Ministry's authorized representative;
6.10. the region of Latgale Development Council authorized representative;
6.11. the Preiļi District Council authorized representative;
6.12. Aglona Parish Council authorized representative;
6.13. the two authorised representatives of the Catholic Church. 7. the Chairman of the Compliance Committee has notified the Ministry of Justice, the Vice-President, the Preiļi District Council authorized representative and the Catholic Church's authorized representative. 8. The Steering Committee shall prepare security measures and draft plans for next year and the current year to 1 may submit it to the Cabinet for approval. 9. The Compliance Committee shall coordinate the measures and the implementation of the security plan of national importance at the time of the measures in place. 10. the Chairman of the Action Committee, if necessary, referred to in these provisions tasks may invite other experts and experts, as well as the laws and regulations in order to request a task of the information necessary for the performance of other State bodies. IV. National budget allocations for national events in the holy site and with public interest activities related to maintenance of the site to cover 11. The Ministry of Justice, taking into account the Cabinet under certain national measures as well as measures and security plan, assess the validity of the request and of the budget proposals for the measures financed from the State budget, and include them in the Ministry of Justice to the list of priority measures. 12. The Ministry of Justice in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers supported the Ministry of justice a list of priority measures next year to develop and submit in support of the Ministry of finance budget request, which will be taken into account in preparing the national budget. V. closing question 13. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ the