Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 29 April 2003, Regulations No. 235 "mandatory Drinking Water Safety And Quality Requirements, Monitoring And Control Arrangements"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 29.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.235 "Dzeramā ūdens obligātās nekaitīguma un kvalitātes prasības, monitoringa un kontroles kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 925 Riga, 6 December 2005 (pr. No 72 9) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 April 2003 regulations No. 235 "mandatory drinking water safety and quality requirements, monitoring and control procedures," Issued under the food surveillance law article 4, second and fourth and fifth paragraph of article 19 to make a Cabinet of 29 April 2003 regulations No. 235 "mandatory drinking water safety and quality requirements, monitoring and control arrangements" (Latvian journal , 2003, 81 no). the following amendments: 1. Replace the text, the word "Entrepreneur" (fold) with the word "businessman" (fold).
2. To supplement the provisions of point 4.1, the following wording: "4.1 Auditmonitoring may be omitted: 4.11. If drinking water quality can impact the food product does not harm the wholesomeness of the tuber and on the health of the consumer: 4.11.1 honey packaging companies;
4.11.2. intervention storage of cereals;
4.11.3. cereal milling, storage and pre-treatment;
4.11.4. bread and bakery product manufacturing companies;
4.11.5. herbal product processing and packaging companies.
4.11.6. grease production companies;
4.11.7. other food establishments, where drinking water is not used for that pārt;
4.12. the food business establishments, of which drinking water is supplied to the public water supply systems. "
3. Add to paragraph 16 with the third sentence by the following: "tap the equipment (such as reservoirs, watertower, spiedkatl, mixer), washed, cleaned and disinfected before commissioning and after emergency repairs, as well as the preventive not less than twice a year."
4. Make the following point 19:19 ". If the drinking water in the geographical area does not meet the requirements of these provisions, but do not pose a threat to the health of the consumer, and if non-compliance persists in 30 days, and the other way is not possible to ensure the supply of drinking water, the Health Minister may determine water reduced safety or quality requirements (special rules) for a period not exceeding three years. If necessary, specific rules may be extended to three years. In exceptional cases, special rules may be extended again for another three years. Application for determination of specific provisions merchant, water suppliers, local government or other person shall submit to the Latvian food centre. The Latvian food centre and the Agency shall consider the application and give an opinion. The Latvian food centre opinion shall be submitted to the Health Ministry. If special rules, this rule 39 referred to control prostitution laws and counselling agency can enhance the control and monitoring frequency. "
5. Make the following paragraph 20.6: "20.6. corrective action plan (action plan for drinking water quality and safety) Summary (including the schedule)".
6. The deletion of the fourth sentence of paragraph 23.2..
7. Make the following introductory paragraph 25: ' 25. In other cases, samples of water drinking water monitoring and control in view: ".
8. Express 26 the following: 26.24. These provisions in the case referred to in paragraph routine monitoring funded by the water supplier, but the auditmonitoring is financed from the State budget, Lee Rised. This rule 25.1 and 25.2. in the cases referred to in paragraph monitoring funded by the merchant. 25.3. These provisions referred to in subparagraph dījumo monitoring of funded genga water supplier or trader depending on who has supplied water to the tanks. "
9. Express 28 the following: "28. Drinking water suppliers and merchants each year (until the beginning of the year) is developing the monitoring program. The water supplier and trader it coordinated with the Agency. The Agency shall establish and maintain a database that reflects a coordinated monitoring programme. The water supplier and the operator can monitoring programme will also include a water test results obtained using self-control system if the methods used comply with this provision, 37.2 and 37.3 37.1... the requirements referred to in paragraph 1 below. "
10. Supplement with 28.1 points by the following: "before the water supplier and 28.1 merchants developed monitoring program coordination agency with a radiation safety centre of detectable radioactivity measurements and locations of monitoring these indicators should be carried out."
11. Make 30 and 31 by the following: "30. Water supplier shall inform the Agency of the routine monitoring results. Water supplier is responsible for the accuracy of information provided and truthfulness. The Agency shall inform the supplier about the water auditmonitoring.
31. the results of the monitoring of the economic operator shall inform the Agency and the food and veterinary service. The merchant is responsible for the accuracy of information provided and truthfulness. "
12. Replace paragraph 34 the words "Latvian Environment Agency" with the words "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency".
13. Express 24.4. subparagraph by the following: "24.4. the national sanitary inspection-in public drinking water supply facilities of the water sampling site to the consumer." Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith