Provisions On The Civil Protection To Be Mobilized Militia Formation Procedures And Funding

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par mobilizējamo civilās aizsardzības formējumu veidošanas kārtību un finansējumu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 966 in Riga 2005 20 December (pr. No 76 42) provisions on the civil protection to be mobilized militia formation procedures and funding Issued in accordance with article 9 of the law on the mobilization of i. General provisions 1 the questions determines to be mobilized the civil protection formations (militia) types, their tasks and facilities provided by the paraugnorm, šinājum the competence of the Ministry of āltehnisk formations in the mater of militia training support and organization, the creation and development of the formations the financing arrangements, mobilization of national procedures for the establishment of a risk situation as well as national and local government bodies, private-law legal person for the tasks and responsibilities in the event of mobilisation.
II. Establishment and facilities it security paraugnorm, the competence of the Ministry in providing logistics formations 2. Militia is organised, a mobile, equipped and trained unit of natural persons whose activity is based on the principle of vienvadīb.
3. According to their operational formations profile has the following objectives: 3.1 carry out rescue and to provide medical assistance to the population in a situation of national danger;
3.2. to carry out disaster relief emergency measures.
4.Ir the following formations: 4.1 the State militia in accordance with the requests for mobilisation consists of subordinated the Ministry authorities and commercial companies, of which 51% or more shares owned by the Government (hereinafter referred to as the company). The required number of formations and tasks determined by the relevant Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior;
4.2. District and City Municipal formations of the Republic, which, according to the Interior Ministry the mobilization requests form the municipality. The form you require and the number of tasks determined by the Interior Ministry.
5. State and local militia levels (minimum 10 people) and staff list after coordination with the Ministry of the Interior shall be determined by the Ministry, which issued the mobilization request of the formations.
6. the relevant Ministry's subordinated authorities, municipal or commercial manager appointed by the Commander of the militia. Militia commander is appointed the Deputy Commander of the militia and the militia Department may be appointed commander.
7. Militia Commander determines the tasks the Department commanders or militia personnel.
8. Draw the Deputy Commander is responsible for the logistic support, and militia commander in the absence of the Commander to carry out performance.
9. Department of Militia Commander organizes the execution of the tasks of the chapter.
10. Presentation has these logistical support: 10.1 work and special clothing;
10.2. personal protective equipment;
10.3. means of communication;
10.4. vehicle staff to move formations;
10.5. the inventory of rescue work and disaster relief emergency measures, as well as first aid (hereinafter equipment);
10.6. place of staff; formations
10.7. equipment of the autonomous action of the formations.
11. the facilities security establishment rules, on the basis of supply logistics formations paraugnorm (annex 1) and taking into account the operational formations profile, confirm the Minister who determines the mobilization request for formations.
12. Establishment of safe facilities under option 3 the requests for mobilisation of the authorities, municipal or commercial companies of existing resources, as well as the use of the national reserves and switch materials delayed supply contracts.
13. the staff of the Militia work clothes has the following distinguishing marks and patch: 13.1. working on the left sleeve of a distinctive formations deployed — blue isosceles triangle on the Orange circle with blue letters "Civil defence militia". The circle in the lower part of the flag image. The distinguishing signs are 9 cm in diameter (Figure 1 of annex 2;)
13.2. formations, formations of the Commander and the Deputy Commander of the militia Department Commander working parts of the chest to the right patch (size 2 cm x 10 cm) Orange rectangular with a blue lipping and title blue letters (2.2, 3 and 4).
III. Training support and organization of staff training 14 Formations according to the types of formations organized ministries, it subordinated authorities and local authorities, in cooperation with the State fire and rescue service in accordance with the training plan. Training plans approved by the Ministry or the municipality. Lesson plans aligned with national fire and rescue service.
15. the Deputy Commander of the Militia, militia Department commanders and staff training for mobilization for action made Commander of the militia in the situation, in cooperation with the State fire and rescue service. Commander of the militia training organised, methodically manages and coordinates the Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with other ministries and local authorities. Militia training in first aid in the provision of coordinated and methodical drives a disaster medical center.
16. Establishment of training expenses shall be borne by the relevant government body assigned to the national budget.
17. the formations Commander training shall take place at least once every two years. Militia commander training expenses from the relevant national authority with the national budget.
18. training in the use of the Militia, subordinated to the Ministry, the local government or company on the on-hand inventory, technical means and vehicles, as well as in-country stocks of material resources.
IV. creation and development of Militia funded 19. Duty of persons be mobilized selection and inventory, taking into account the person's occupation and militia activity profile, in cooperation with the Centre for military service or conscription offices out of subordinated the Ministry authorities, municipal or commercial companies. The militia mobilization plan with the Ministry of Interior.
20. the annual report on the creation and establishment of security facilities each year up to February 10:20.1. ministries and subordinated to commercial companies, the Ministry concerned;
20.2. the municipality, regional development and local government Ministry.
21. Annual reviews of the formations the creation and logistical support to the relevant ministries and each year up to 10 March submitted to the Interior Ministry.
22. State and local militia created and development expenses from the State budget funds, company formations the expenditure concerned from the company. Features plans to Jet Li in the framework of the preparation of bu.
23. the Ministry's subordinated authorities, local authorities and commercial companies shall be mobilized civil defence formations logistics security estimates shall be drawn up in accordance with the facilities of the drošinājum.
24. the establishment and development of logistics of establishing support estimates each year to 1 February and submitted to the appropriate Ministry clarified.
25. The Ministry of security of the facilities submitted summarizes estimates of expenditure on the formations to be mobilized and development, including the Ministry's request, the total State budget in the current project preparation and review process.
V. mobilization order national Militia threat case 26. Information on the calls for the mobilization of militia personnel arriving within the militia deployment site.
27. Mobilization and outstanding requests supplies, contractual delivery of equipment in private law legal persons carried out within the time limit set by the treaties, but not later than 24 hours after notification of mobilization. Natural persons specified in the request shall be transmitted to the mobilization of militia-controlled property.
28. the establishment of a Ministry responsible for formations subordinated to the authority or company, the Government and militia commander prepares a place for deploying and assembled militia formations with personnel and equipment.
29. the staffing establishment and willingness to fulfil the tasks set out in the request for mobilisation of militia commander reported to the Ministry concerned and the State fire and rescue service.
Vi. State and local government bodies, private-law legal person for the tasks and responsibilities in the event of mobilization of 30 State and local institutions, commercial companies, which have definitely mobilization, mobilization is the following tasks and duties: 30.1. put the holding formations specified in the request for mobilisation immoveable property;
UR30.2.nog skin formations to deploy the site specified in the request for mobilisation of the inventory and put it in the holdings of the institution tasked to build formations.
31. the employers ' obligations in the event of mobilization: 31.1. after notification of mobilisation immediately a consciousness duty mobilizējamo employees be informed of the need to appear in a given period in a specific location, as well as the release of mobilizējamo employees of the job duties;
31.2. saving to be mobilized employee job (position) and the cost to the average earnings;
31.3. save be mobilized employee does not change the vacation period;

19.5. the mobilization request of the given task, to report to the authority which issued the request for mobilisation, and State fire and rescue service.
32. Employers ' obligations, if staff involved in mobilization be mobilized in training or training that prepares the action after mobilization: 32.1. release the employee from work duties to the mobilization and training of the training period;
32.2. without imposing sanctions if the employee mobilization training or training is carried out the duties devolving upon it on time;
32.3. save be mobilized employee job (position) and average earnings and do not change the vacation period.
33. The Ministry of the subordinated institutions, commercial companies and the Municipal formations of the mobilization period controls the mobilization and, where appropriate, in cooperation with the Centre for military service or conscription offices provide additional resource mobilization.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister b. Jaundžeikar Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 24 December 2005.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 20 December 2005, regulations no 966 of civil protection to be mobilized formations logistics security paraugnorm no PO box
Workwear, personal protective equipment, inventory and other collateral margin 1 2 3 i. labor and special clothing 1.
Jacket, trousers or overalls (from dark blue cloth): 1.1.
summer 1.2 per person.
Winter each person 2.
Shoes: 2.1.
summer each person 2.2.
Winter each person 3.
Hat (dark blue cloth): 3.1.
summer each person 3.2.
Winter each person 4.
Gloves for each person 5.
Specialised working clothes (for example, special shoes, helmets, gloves, belts, goggles, according to the specificities of the work), the personnel performing the work in specific conditions (II). Personal protective equipment 6.
Respiratory protective equipment (e.g. respirators, industrial gas masks, isolating the compressed air breathing apparatus). If you purchase compressed air breathing apparatus-the insulating Kit additional compressor cylinder apparatus and apparatus for filling testing device for each person respiratory protective device, depending on the specifics of the job III. Inventory of the autonomous action of the formations (the field) 7.
Tent accommodation of all staff 8.
Mattress for the accommodation of all staff 9.
Tent heating siltumģenerējoš device for each tent 10.
Portable power station (220 V) with lighting Kit (power and Lighting Kit should provide all camping lighting) depending on the number of tents and their volume 11.
A sleeping bag for each person 12.
Catering supplies (bowler, spoon, fork, knife, mug, a thermos) each person 13.
Field kitchen with equipment set at 100cilvēk IV. Security formations of the Medical staff at 14.
Materials for first aid, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to ensure medical treatment material listing — depending on the activities of the militia, the amount depending on the number of personnel of the intelligence apparatus of the environment V. 15.
Portable radiation dose rate meter in capacity for each One of the independent militia mobile unit (Division) 16.
The battle and the contaminants portable gas detector, one for each of the formations independent mobile unit 17.
Personal dosimeters personnel performing the work in specific conditions VI. 18 Arms.
Special features according to specific tasks quantity — formations depending on the number of staff VII. Communication facilities 19.
Mobile and portable radio features, depending on the nature of the task formations VIII. Transport and technology 20.
Road transport: 20.1.
autonomous formations activities, medical care and economic security to 20.2.
militia personnel to move all staff movements 20.3.
the dedicated road, engineering, equipment, devices, according to the draw on task in the tasks of the formations the Interior Minister Or a Jaundžeikar.

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