Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 25 January 2005, The Provisions Of The 70 "rules On State Aid To Agriculture In 2005 And Its Modalities"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 25.janvāra noteikumos Nr.70 "Noteikumi par valsts atbalstu lauksaimniecībai 2005.gadā un tā piešķiršanas kārtību"

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Updated 30.12.2005., Latvian Journal No. 210 (3368) 2005 in Riga on December 20th (Mon. No 76 87) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 25 January 2005, the provisions of the 70 "rules on State aid to agriculture in 2005 and its modalities" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and sixth to make the Cabinet of 25 January 2005, the provisions of the 70 "rules on State aid to agriculture in 2005 and its modalities" (Latvian journal, 2005, 27, 43. , 77, 108, 149, 188. nr.) the following amendments: 1. Make the paragraph 2 by the following: "2. the subsidies include cofinancing lats 27601197 the following support measures: 2.1 conditioning of agricultural land — 1549000 lats (annex 1);
2.2. the livestock development: 6670193 lat (annex 2);
2.3. development of the crop — 977041 lats (annex 3);
2.4. education, science and the dissemination of information — 2574839 lats (annex 4);
2.5. Latvian and foreign joint ventures for co-financing: 290000 LVL (annex 5);
2.6. the promotion of investment in agriculture — 2754292 lats (annex 6);
2.7. rural and agricultural associations and institutions, social organizations and agricultural service cooperatives development: 606868 lat (annex 7);
2.8. the development of organic farming: 243033 lat (annex 8);
2.9. the promotion of the market — 742968 lats (annex 9);
2.10. the agricultural sector to reduce risk — 48546 lats (10. Add Kuma);
2.11. the implementation of the provisions of the European Union — 714492 lats (annex 11);
2.12. investments in agriculture: 1151729 lat (12.);
2.13. co-financing the SAPARD programme — 4172246 lat;
UR2.14.2004.gad same execution of contracts signed for financing — 272803 lat;
2.15. investment in the agricultural sector — 4392505 lats (annex 13);
2.16. natural disaster compensation of losses in the agricultural sector — 440642 lats. "
2. Make 2. paragraph 5 of the annex by the following: "4. in accordance with the program of subsidies granted to 3339331 lats, including: 5.1 maintain maintenance and administrative costs — 9357lat;
5.2. determination of animal genetic quality-3261994 lat: 5.2.1 of this annex referred to in point 7.1. requirements: 2630421lat;
5.2.2. the annex referred to in point 7.2. requirements: 33550 lats;
5.2.3. to this annex referred to in point 7.3 requirements — 598023lat;
5.3. high-quality varieties, for the maintenance of the bulls-67980 lats. "
3. Replace annex 2, paragraph 22, the number "300000" with the number "551450".
4. Express 2. paragraph 24 of the annex by the following: "24. Field support, on the basis of the report submitted, data center cost in subsidies every month. Field support service data center cost of unused advance this annex, paragraph 22, in the framework of the financing for the housing of animals, herd and information contained in the register maintenance and restoration in 2006. "
5. Express 2. annex 26 follows: "26. Breeding operation, the beef industry awarded 202917 lats, including: maintenance of herd-book-26.1.1833 lats; īvniek genetic quality and assessing — 127000 lats;
16.3. new production techniques and methods for the implementation of the lats ( VAT);
26.4. the maintenance of certified breeding bulls, 30000 dollars. "
6. Express 2.36 of the annex by the following: "36. Subsidy programmes are allocated to 809508 lats, including: 36.1. for determining genetic quality-741888 lat: 36.1.1. for gilts and sows-$ 735876;
36.1.2. for the test of fattening pigs-6012 lats;
36.2. the book keeping administrative costs — 4000lat;
36.3. the varieties of high-quality maintenance of the boar: 43620 lats;
36.4. the implementation of the results of the breeding pig — about the thickness of subcutaneous fat, and body lean meat content of pig-derived under the raised swine breeding program — 20000 lats (0.67 Lati per meter of pigs). "
7. Supplement to annex 2 in paragraph 42 after the word "date" with the words and figures "but on this attachment and 37.2 37.1. subsidies mentioned in points for October and November 5, 2005 — until December."
8. Express 2.48 of the annex by the following: "48. Subsidies are allocated to the programme 178060 lats, including: 29.9. — in determining genetic quality 115280 lats;
maintenance of herd books 48.2. administrative costs — 4000lat;
48.3. the varieties of certified high-quality breeding stallions maintenance — 58780lat. "
9. Replace annex 2 of the introductory part of paragraph 71 of the number and the word "37000" with the number of pounds and the word "36762 lats."
10. Replace annex 2 in paragraph number and 71.4. the word "late" with the number in the 3000 and the word "late" 2762.
11. Replace annex 2, paragraph 84, the number and the word "late" with the number 57000 and the word "late" 55589.
12. Replace paragraph 104 of annex 2 of the introductory part of the number and the word "618000lat" with a number and the word "589396 lats."
13. Express 4. point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the grants, which total amount is 2574839lat ( VAT), for the following measures: 2.1. courses, seminars, conferences, Congress, studying abroad and conferences in Latvia, as well as in 2006, the food and agriculture organ sation (FAO) European Regional Conference in preparation of the Riga-118889 lats;
2.2. the preparation and dissemination of information, advisory and information exchange system (specialist in rural development to promote horse)-$ 868482;
2.3. the demonstration farms and agricultural exhibition — 74133lat;
2.4. the agricultural scientific projects — 869470 lats;
2.5. the farms and scholarship program — $243865;
2.6. technical support in the agricultural sector: 400000 lats. "
14. Express 4. point 4 of the annex by the following: "4. the subsidies provided for lats 118889:4.1 courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and visits to Congress and studying abroad, as well as to participate in the global competition: the ploughman 51500 lats;
4.2. international agricultural, veterinary, food, rural development, forestry and fisheries industry conference in Latvia: lats, 67389 the 2006 FAO European Regional Conference in preparation of the Riga-30000 dollars. "
15. Annex 4, to express 60 as follows: "60 lats 74133 subsidies intended for:

60.1. Latvian rural advisory and training centre for the organisation of the demonstration, deployment in regions of Latvia and methodical work management — 45000lat; ģionāl for the organisation of the agricultural exhibition Priekuļo-29133lat. "
16. Replace paragraph 71 of annex 4 of the introductory paragraph, the number "869760" with "869470".
17. Make annex 4 84 as follows: "84. Subsidies for 243865 lats: 84.1. farms: 75865 lats;
52.3. scholarships – 18000 lats;
84.3. subject "Agriculture" in the provision of Practical Latvian Agricultural University students of the course 1:150000 dollars. "
18. Replace annex 2, point 6, the number and the word "1926000" to the number in lats and the word "2754292 lats."
19. To supplement annex 6 with 3.3. bottom point by the following: "3.3. support to increase the amount of credit."
20. Supplement to annex 6 paragraph 15 the following: "within the framework of this annex 15 is awarded funding rural development fund — an increase of share capital to provide credit guarantees of farmers carrying investment projects."
21. Make 7. point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the subsidies 606868 lats is intended for the following measures: 2.1 field and farmer associations and foundations, as well as public organisations — 145378 lats;
2.2. rural and farmer associations and foundations, as well as social organizations for the promotion of mutual cooperation: 143000 lats;
2.3. cooperation to support the development of new and recognized the lauksaimn construction service cooperatives and credit, leasing or factoring in interest for deletion recognized agricultural service cooperatives — 318490. "
22. Make 7. paragraph 12 of the annex as follows: "12. Subsidies intended for: 12.1. Farmers ' organisations Cooperation Council: 38000 lats;
12.2. the representative of the European Union institutions — 47000lat — effective follow-up actions;
12.3. the district centres, 58000 farmers. "
23. Make 8. point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the amount of the subsidy is 243033 pounds for the following measures: businesses that provide the organic production of agricultural products, primary, processing and marketing, 212653 lats;
2.2. concerning development-5298 late;
2.3. the assessment of crop varieties in organic farming: 25082lat. "
24. Replace paragraph 2 of annex 10, the number and the word "late" with the number 25000 and the word "48546 lats."
25. Replace annex 11, paragraph 1, "a" with the number "107679 107778".
26. Replace annex 11.18.2 in number and the word "late" with the number 70000 and the word "late" 63042.
27. Replace paragraph 27 of annex 11 to the introductory paragraph number and the word "22500lat" with a number and the word "15631 lats."
28. Replace annex 11, paragraph 34 of the number and the word "late" with the number 26400 and the word "late" 25986.
29. Make 11.40, 41 and 42 in the following wording: "the 40.2005 of support for the minimum required quantity of biofuels production will be paid in 2006 for the development of agriculture financed you granted by the European Commission within the framework of the receipt of the decision on the State aid scheme for biofuels in conformity with the Treaty establishing the European Community.
41. in order to receive subsidies for 2005 from 15 April substance, biodeg produced applicant up to 15, 2006 February submitted to the rural support service in the following documents: 25.5. submission (table 7);
UR41.2.dar partitions and evidence of payment summary of oil purchased or the origin of the grain, volume and price;
41.3. counting on the previous quarter and (or) produced the volume and balance of biofuels on next quarter's first month first date;
25.7. The State revenue service tax administration and submitted a copy of the report approved in accordance with the regulations on the procedure for the movement of excisable goods.
42. the rural support service subsidies paid in the month following this add Kuma, paragraph 40 of decision of the European Commission and of the documentation submitted by the applicant. "
30. Delete paragraph 5 of annex 13.
31. To replace paragraph 2 of annex 14, the number and the word "435714" to the number in lats and the word "440642 lats."
Prime Minister a. farming Minister kalvītis, regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 25 December 2005.