Rules On The Amount And The Order In Which The National Security Institutions And Information Analysis Officers And Employees Be Paid Allowances, And Medical Care Expense Billing

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par apmēru un kārtību, kādā valsts drošības iestāžu un Informācijas analīzes dienesta amatpersonām un darbiniekiem izmaksājami pabalsti, un medicīniskās aprūpes izdevumu apmaksas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1024 in Riga in 2005 (27 December. 77 24. §) rules on the amount and the order in which the national security institutions and information analysis officers and employees be paid allowances, and medical coverage pay order Issued in accordance with the national security authorities law article 18 the thirteenth part 1. determines: 1.1. and the order in which national security officials and employees and information analysis officers (hereinafter officials) to be paid the allowance or dependent family members in the event of death;
1.2. the amount and the order in which officials paid health benefit if health impairment related to the duties of the service (hereinafter referred to as the health benefits);
1.3. the medical care expenses. 2. Family Member or dependants in case of death of the officer is entitled to receive a lump sum payment of one month's official salary. In order to receive a pension, the officials shall submit to the national safety authorities or information analysis service (hereinafter referred to as the authority) Manager application for the granting of benefits, a copy of the death certificate and family identity document copy. 3. the officials of Health established by the family doctor, are eligible to receive health benefits. To get the benefits of a health officer shall submit to the authorities, the driver of the application for the granting of benefits. In a nutshell the basic allowance application. The application shall be accompanied by a family doctor for health and its causes. Benefits of the health authority may be granted and paid to the officers, who suffered an accident in the performance of official duty or official in the long-term (longer than four weeks) of suffering. 4. improving health benefits can be granted and paid to cover medical expenses and the cost of medicinal products, if these expenses are not paid from the State budget or it is not possible to cover the health insurance officials. Health benefits not paid this rule 7.2 and 7.12. in the cases referred to. 5. health benefits, officials granted one month's base salary. Health benefits can receive no more than once a calendar year. 6. the medical care expenses paid according the officials concluded health insurance or adequate financial means allowed, which actually used to receive the following medical care services must, if it is not paid for from the State budget: 6.1.-hospital outpatient and medical institution (national territory) provide the necessary medical care for illness or injury diagnosis and treatment;
6.2 patient contributions for medical care services in accordance with the statutory health care organization and financing arrangements;
6.3. the doctor discharged the medicinal products;
6.4. the doctor used medical rehabilitation services;
6.5. the medical examinations during the fixed medical institution providing medical care services. 7. Expenses not reimbursed for these officials provide medical care services, except for the remuneration provided for in the insurance contract concluded: 7.1 dental prosthetics, if it is not related to trauma in the service during the course of their duties;
7.2. beautician services;
7.3. plastic surgery (expenses if plastic surgery is required in connection with the services, during the course of their duties, the injuries, injuries or their consequences, or disease);
7.4. seksoloģisk treatment, artificial insemination, genetic studies;
7.5. the treatment in sanatoria and resorts;
7.6. homeopathic treatment;
7.7. vitamins and nutritional supplements;
7.8. treatment using non-traditional methods of treatment;
7.9. anonymous medical care;
7.10. the treatment, if required due to unlawful actions of officials, omissions or criminal consequences;
7.11. the medical care abroad if they can get the medical treatment institutions of Latvia;
7.12. services received for the following reasons: 7.12.1. alcoholic, toxic, narcotic, psychotropic substances use;
7.12.2. attempted suicide (this is confirmed by the law enforcement authority);
7.12.3. road traffic accident that happened in the fault of officials at a time when duties are not fulfilled. 8. Medical care services, officials released financial resources iztērēto according to the submitted supporting documents for payments, with the officer's name, surname and personal code and presented according to the law "on accounting" and subordinate regulations. 9. benefits provided for in these provisions and medical care shall be borne by the institution of the State budget funds allocated to the authority in accordance with the law on the State budget for the current year. 10. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ the