Amendments To The Cabinet Of 15 April 2003, Regulations No. 180 "products Of Animal Origin, Or The Breeding Of The Species Of Wild Animals Used In Procedures For The Fenced Area"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 15.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.180 "Dzīvnieku izcelsmes produktu ieguvei vai sugas selekcijai izmantojamo savvaļas dzīvnieku turēšanas kārtība iežogotās platībās"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1016 in Riga in 2005 (December 27. 77 35) amendments to the Cabinet of 15 April 2003, regulations No. 180 "products of animal origin, or the breeding of the species of wild animals used in procedures for the areas" issued a fenced according to the animal protection law paragraph 10 of article 10 to make a Cabinet of 15 April 2003, regulations No. 180 "products of animal origin, or the breeding of the species of wild animals used in procedures for the fenced area" (Latvian journal, 2003 60. No.) the following amendments: 1. provisions be supplemented by 1.1 point as follows: "1.1 Fenced areas are divided into: 1.1 in intensive farming area 1-area livestock fenced in pasture (grass pasture or cultivated) and brush areas; 1.1 2. extensive farming area-fenced areas for keeping wild animals in areas where grassland areas is not less than one-seventh of the total area of the territory extensive. " 2. Supplement with bottom point 3.2.4 as follows: "3.2.4. animal species;". 3. Add to subparagraph of 3.4, after the word "plan" with the words "which shows the distribution of the extensive area of farming area and intensified farming area". 4. Delete paragraph 3.5. 5. To supplement the provisions under point 3.1, the following wording: "3.1 national forest service or the environmental protection administration sent this provision in paragraph 3 copies of the documents referred to in the opinion: 3.1 1. National Environment services to regional environmental authority (hereinafter regional environmental administration); 3.1 2. Food and veterinary service; 3.1. National virsmežniecīb 3 If fenced area intended to hold neme dījam animals. " 6. Express 4 by the following: "4. The Person who wants to keep the animals in a fenced area, the national forest service or the nature protection authority within 30 working days of the receipt of a document shall be issued free of charge to one of the following documents: 4.1 permission for holding animals; 4.2. substantiated refusal: 4.2.1. If the person who wants to keep the animals in a fenced area, not Eve in rojus these rules requirements; 4.2.2. If keeping animals in fenced areas is not permissible under any of the provisions referred to in point 3.1. " 7. Supplement 6.5. subparagraph after the word "Forestry" with the words "environmental protection". 8. Make point 7 by the following: "7. the Fenced areas is permitted on many species of animal accommodation (annex), if you do not allow the intersection between different species of animals. Intensive farming area shall be so arranged that the animals could shelter from Sun and wind. If you scrub the areas the animal is not available, you can install the awning or screen. " 9. To supplement the provisions of the annex as follows: "Cabinet of 15 April 2003 regulations no 180 animal species and a maximum number of fenced areas (intensive and extensive farming area) no PO box numbers of species of animals in intensive farming area, the number of Animals in extensive farming area to the Red Deer 1 7 adult animals on 1 ha of cultivated pastures (no follow-on summer period) increased to 1 animal 1 ha or fallow deer Mouflon 2 to 14 adult animals on 1 ha of pasture land (cultivated without the input of summer period) 2 adult animals on 1 ha 3. Wild Boar (adult animals and piglets) and 30 animals per 1 ha 1 grown animal on 2 ha 4. Red Deer and mežacūkas1-1 red deer and wild boar have increased 1 or 2 pig ha 5. Red Deer and red deer and 1 dambrieži1-1 dambried on 1 ha wild boar, fallow deer, 6, and mufloni1-1 wild boar or piglet and 2 other animal species (dambried and Mouflon) to 2 ha note. 1 combination concerned animal species kept in extensive farming area. "
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