Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 18 December 2001 No. 531 Of The Regulations ' Provisions On Water And Soil Conservation Of The Agricultural Activities Of Pollution With Nitrates "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 18.decembra noteikumos Nr.531 "Noteikumi par ūdens un augsnes aizsardzību no lauksaimnieciskas darbības izraisītā piesārņojuma ar nitrātiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1015 in Riga in 2005 (27 December. 77 34) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 on regulations no 531 "regulations on the protection of water and soil from agricultural activities pollution by nitrates" Issued in accordance with the law "on pollution" article 11 paragraph 3 of the second paragraph of article 18, paragraph 2, second subparagraph, and paragraph 1 of part three to make the Cabinet of 18 December 2001 on regulations no 531 "regulations on the protection of water and soil from agricultural activities pollution by nitrates" (Latvian journal in 2001, 188. nr.; 2004, nr. 48) the following amendments: 1. Replace the text of the provisions: 1.1., the words "the Latvian Environment Agency" (fold) with the words "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency" (fold); 1.2. the words "monitoring" database (fold) with the words "surveillance monitoring" (fold); 1.3. the words "special monitoring" (fold) with the words "operational monitoring ' (the fold); 1.4. the words "sinoptisk monitoring" (fold) with the words "research monitoring ' (the fold); 1.5. the words "plant nutrients" (fold) with the words "plant nutrients" (fold). 2. Make 12 and 12.1 points as follows: "12. Using any type of fertilizer, the following requirements shall be met: 12.1 a fertiliser not dissipated on the frozen, snow-covered pārmitr and soil; 12.2. the floodplains and flood-threatened areas of the fertilizer distributes only after potential flood season. Fertilizer in these territories only precision crop vegetation; 12.3. fertilizer slopes distributes no closer than 50 m from a watercourse or body of water, where the shoreline slope inclination to watercourse or body of water side is greater than 10 degrees; 12.4. fertilizer slopes distributes, if the field was covered in vegetation cover or if the fertilizer is incorporated immediately in the right soil; 12.5. fertilizer is not dissipated in places where it is prohibited under the legislation on protection zones and on specially protected natural territories. 12.1 storage and using organic fertilizer, the following requirements shall be met: 12.11. manure storage capacity provides the amount of fertiliser collected litter accumulation of manure storage for at least six months, but šķidrmēsl and slurry storage facilities-seven months; 12.12. solid manure slurry from repositories collected in a separate repository, provides seven months the amount collected accumulation; 12.13. šķidrmēsl and slurry storage covers with cover that reduces and prevents the ammonia and other volatile evaporation; 12.14. permissible bedding manure (after three months of storage manure storage) temporary storage piles on the field in such quantities that meet in one year in the appropriate field for the incorporation of manure. The pile shall be prohibited to have on the field at the same location for more than 12 months; 12.15. creating litter manure field heaps at the base, put inside an at least 15 cm thick straw, sawdust or peat layer that protects from nutrient leakage. Manure heaps covered with at least 10 cm thick straw, sawdust or peat protective layer to prevent excessive run-off or evaporation; 12.16. manure heap constitute where the field relief not conducive to the formation of surface run-off and leaching of fertilizer. Manure pile shall be located no closer than 50 m from a watercourse or body of water, as well as from the UK, which takes water to households; 12.17. litter, manure and slurry šķidrmēsl distributes the period not established regulations for the specific requirements of the environment polluting activities animal housing; 12.18. litter manure after spreading to the arable land makes in 24 hours, šķidrmēsl and slurry-12 hours; 12.19. at least half šķidrmēsl accumulated in the winter crops used as fertiliser to 1 July; 12.110. šķidrmēsl field in the autumn fertiliser is used only in conjunction with successive residues on plants (stubble, chopped straw, grass root mass), embedding it in soil with the method of shelling or tillage; 12.111. natural and legal persons, which is in possession of less than five animal units, forming at the base of animal litter manure storage, it put inside of at least 30 cm thick straw, sawdust or peat layer that protects from leakage of nutrients; 12.112. without previous composting fertilizer used for faecal residues of septiķ and dry toilet tanks, food industry by-products and waste products, as well as other organic origin of production by-products and waste products that cause the pollution. " 3. Make the following paragraph 12.23.: "If the holding is 12.23. made of plant nutrient balance calculation, then minerālaugsn, which is not incorporated into organic manure, fertilizer use in crops, without exceeding the maximum permissible nitrogen fertilizers (annex 1);". 4. Express and 12.33 12.32. subparagraph as follows.: 12.32. crop fertilizer "plan (annex 2) farms prepare for one year; 12.33. holdings containing fertilisers used 10 ha and larger area, prepare a crop Exchange plan (annex 3); ". 5. Replace the paragraph number and 12.35. the word "ha" to the number 10 and the word "ha" 20. 6. To express the 15 and 16 of the following: "15. Action programme included measures to ensure that each farm agricultural areas incorporated into organic fertiliser in the year does not exceed 170 kg of nitrogen per hectare, corresponding to 1.7 permissive animal units (DVp) per hectare. The first four years of implementation of the programme of action is permissible in organic fertiliser that contains 210 kg of nitrogen per hectare, corresponding to 2.1 permissive animal units (DVp) per hectare. Animal density calculated in accordance with the provisions of annex 4. 16. animal unit is the conditioned animals that year produced 100 kg of nitrogen kūtsmēslo to storage. Animal unit is determined according to annex 4 of these rules. " 7. Make the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 12 December 1991 Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning the protection of waters against pollution by nitrates coming from agricultural operations." 8. To supplement the provisions of annex 3 with the following: "3. the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 Regulation No. 531 of the crop Exchange plan farm fields (nogabalo) by gadiem1 no BC the year previous year current year next year the second year lauka2 or nogabal number priekšaug (ha), starpkultūra3 (ha) of crops (ha) intercultural (ha) of crops (ha) intercultural (ha) of crops (ha) intercultural (ha) notes. 1 If the year in which the field is not grown crops, indicates the type of land use (for example, set-aside, fallow). 2 applications for direct payments (if the farmer is logged in) the specified field numbers. 3 fill in, if any. " 9. To supplement the provisions of annex 4 by the following: "4. in the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2001 Regulation No. 531 of animal density and the determination of the unit i. permissible density (number of) determination of the permissible animal density (number) on the agricultural land of the holding area is calculated using the following formula: L = N x-DVp – – – – – – – – – – where MS a N-animal density (number) on the farm for agricultural land; DVP-permissible animal units per 1 ha; L-farm agricultural land area (ha); DVT-animal units. II. Animal units (DV) farm animals no BC agricultural species and ages of animals unit 1. Dairy Cow 0.70 2. Young (less than 6 months) 0.20 3. Veal (from 6 to 12 months) 0.35 4. Breeding Heifer (12 months) Meat of bovine animals 5 0.50 (from 6 to 12 months) 0.50 6. Breeding bull (12 months) in Fattening pig 0.60 7 (30-100 kg) 7.1 one pig year 0.03 7.2. one place barn 0.11 8. sow with piglets mammal 0.25 9.
Weaned pig (7,5-30 kg) 0.007 10. Goat (with kids), sheep (Lamb) 0.09 11. Horse is (more than 6 months) or Mare with foal of 0.40 12.12.1. one Broiler broiler year 0.0004 12.2. one place barn 0.005 "Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose