Doctoral Degree (Thesis) Procedures And Criteria

Original Language Title: Doktora zinātniskā grāda piešķiršanas (promocijas) kārtība un kritēriji

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1001, Riga 2005 (27 December. 77. § 2) doctoral degree (thesis) procedures and criteria in accordance with the Issued scientific activities article 11 of the law of the first and the second part i. General question 1. determines the degree of doctorate Award (dissertation) procedures, as well as the criteria according to which a person's academic activity is equated with accredited doctoral programmes (hereinafter referred to as the program) if the PhD degree (degree) qualifying person not studied for that program. II. the thesis 2. Degree awarded for experienced researchers (hereinafter referred to as the thesis supervisor) independently and publicly defend thesis containing original scientific research results and provide new insights in the science industry or industry sector. By claiming for a second degree in another discipline, the thesis can develop even without a thesis, using the industry leading specialists (hereinafter consultant). Dissertation the main results should be published in scientific journals. 3. the thesis work can be: 3.1 dissertation;
3.2. thematic joint scientific publications. Publications must be published or accepted for publication in scientific periodicals that are anonymously reviewed is internationally accessible repositories of scientific information and is quoted in the internationally available databases;
3.3.-scientific review monograph book, devoted to one theme, is between the folksy accessible repositories of scientific information, bibliography and a summary of the content in foreign languages. 4. the requirements for the dissertation, the structure and design of the program. III. the dissertation Council 5. Dissertation Council (hereinafter Council) consists of the science industry or industry sector, determines the appropriate school. The composition of the Council include at least five of the scientists, who are experts of the Latvian Science Council's science sector, the rights of those two-science industry sector in which you defend a thesis. The Council may include foreign scientists, if the public the qualification Commission (hereinafter the Commission). The term of Office of the Council does not exceed six years. The Council, acting in accordance with the rules of the school. 6. all decisions of the Council, except the decision concerning the granting of a degree, adopted an open vote, with a simple majority of the members present. If the votes are divided into similar, the President of the Council shall have a casting vote. 7. The work of the Council provide the graduate school. Dissertation process costs of implementing University doctoral programme of implementation of the programme. If the thesis author (hereinafter the applicant) is not the appropriate program or mastered mastered it before more than two full calendar years, not degree, the decision as to which means to cover dissertation costs, adopt high school. IV. Dissertation submission 8. receipt of the applicant's degree College, which is delegated to the Betterment of the national science sector, shall submit the following documents: application with supportive 8.1 thesis supervisor or Adviser's visa;
8.2. the thesis;
8.3. thesis summary of the Latvian language;
8.4. high school certificate examination of the implementation of the programme or the settlement of the chosen sector, industry sector, and foreign language;
5.3. Description of life (curriculum vitae);
8.6. the dissertation results reflect scientific publications list and copies thereof;
8.7. the extract from the universities or other scientific institutions structure unit (which developed in the thesis) minutes, proving thesis consultation, its scientific novelty and the personal contribution of the applicant. 9. If the thesis is the theme of the single set of the publication where the applicant has co-authored, or collective monograph, it adds all the written thesis publication included co-author consent use thesis or publication this publication is offset (main) author's proof of the applicant's personal contribution to the preparation of the publication. 10. the graduate school in which the applicant submitted the documents for the Betterment of week assess formal compliance with the document requirements of these provisions and, if the applicant: 10.1 has mastered the appropriate program, pass the work to the Council;
10.2. appropriate programmes haven't mastered, transferred to the respective work programmes of the departments implementing the idea or the Scientific Council of the applicant's academic performance equates to program requirements. 11. If documents found, high school writing require the applicant to submit the missing or irrelevant documents. The documents requested, the applicant shall submit, within two weeks. If the documents submitted do not meet the requirements of this regulation, the school returned to the applicant, documents indicating flaws have been detected. In this case, the applicant has the right to resubmit documents not earlier than after three months. V. degree of the applicant's academic activities in alignment with the doctoral program requirements 12. University departments dome or the Scientific Council in one month from the date of submission of documents, decide on the applicant's academic activities in alignment with who haven't mastered the appropriate program. The decision, subject to the following criteria: 12.1 independently conducted thematic studies that provide a single new knowledge and what is published or accepted for publication in scientific articles in the appropriate science industry or industry sector;
12.2. the successful completion of the program in the thesis exam;
12.3. dissertation scientific results in at least one referēt between the folksy seminar and Conference in the science industry or industry sector;
12.4. the applicant has led the at least one of the student's course work, working Qualifi cations, diploma (diplomprojekt), Bachelor's or master's thesis work or has lectured at least one credit in the amount of higher education, or over at least three student practice;
12.5. the tenderer led the Working Group, pursuant to a particular section of the scientific project, participated in at least one international seminar or Conference on IM or made his organ studies in cooperation with foreign scientific institutions, other Latvian scientific institutions or enterprises. 13. If a decision is taken on the academic activities of the Pro-gramm alignment requirements, graduate school within one week after its adoption decision shall notify the applicant and shall return the documents to further to the Council. If the decision has been taken not to equate the academic requirements of the program, school grounds and specify the documents to be returned to the applicant. 14. The applicant has the right to prevent the deficiencies indicated and to submit documents again, but not earlier than three months after the University's decision. Vi. evaluation of the dissertation Council of the 15 months following the receipt of the thesis shall decide as to its acceptance for public advocacy. Thesis accepted public replacement bottom gears, if it meets the following criteria: 15.1 the thesis the author has substantiated topic selection, defined the objectives and tasks of the study, describing achievements in scientific research of the topic and the method used, as well as the discussion recounted in his work the results achieved and lessons learned, conclusions and to sum it raised in argument for the protection;
15.2. the thesis is complete original research, which is essential for the science sector concerned;
15.3. the scientific work is sufficient according to the Council regulation in question;
15.4. the uses of modern analysis and data processing methods;
15.5. the results are published in scientific publications or monographs or the intellectual property associated with it is patent dad;
15.6. the results are referēt to international scientific conferences or seminars;
15.7. the work is not a fraud or plagiarism or not done another scientific misconduct. 16. When the work of advocacy, the Council shall: 16.1 working three reviewers, one of whom is an expert in this Council the relevant science sector, but two-sector experts from other scientific institutions or organizations (preferably outside the Latvian);
16.2. determines the foreign language and the period within which to prepare the thesis summary translation, to ensure its availability and international consultation;
16.3. inform the applicant in writing of the Council's composition and reviewers;
16.4. the thesis at the hearing no earlier than three months and not later than six months after the thesis;
16.5. at least two weeks before the thesis defense statement to the newspaper "Gazette" and "scientific journal". With izziņoš now newspaper "Latvian Journal of the graduate school dissertation provides public access to the internet and University Library;

16.6. the week sent the Commission a thesis and related documents. 17. If the dissertation contains the law "on State secret" classified information, the internet and University Library only thesis summary. In this case, the Council shall decide on the thesis defended in a closed hearing in which only members of the Board, reviewers, the applicant, the thesis Director and other persons prescribed by law is allowed access to classified information. Closed meeting of the advocacy is specified the information that shall be published in the newspaper "journal" and "scientific journal". 18. the reviewers may not work to call on relatives of the applicant, direct subordinates or Manager at work, co-author of the applicant's publications, thesis supervisor and consultant, as well as its laboratory, Department or groups of staff that work in development. 19. the applicant shall have the right to a degree in the month following that rule 16.3. bottom point of receipt of the information referred to in the present University based this objection to the composition of the Council or the reviewers. In this case, the University may change the composition of the Council or ask the Council one month invite other thesis reviewers. If the applicant is opposed to recreate the Council or by guest reviewers, he may withdraw his application for dissertation defense. 20. If the Council of a public thesis defense shall not be accepted, it shall notify the applicant of the decision in writing, indicating that the provisions of paragraph 15 of the above requirements are not fulfilled. The applicant has the right to resubmit a job to defend the University no earlier than in a year. 21. the Commission month after 16.6. these provisions referred to in the receipt, drawing up an opinion. If the Commission finds that the content and methodology of the work does not meet the international standards of the sector concerned, the dissertation process is interrupted. This decision no later than four weeks before the public defence of the work in writing notify the Board, specifying what requirements are violated. In such a case the Council week in writing notify the applicant of the decision of the Commission and shall inform the applicant of further action. 22. Reviewers evaluate the thesis a theoretical novelty of the results and perspectives of use in practice, compliance with the relevant international scientific achievement level, the applicant applied to the analysis and data processing methods in compliance with the thesis objectives and tasks, as well as knowledge of the applicant's conclusions and results of compliance. 23. the reviewers have the right to request in writing from the applicant further information concerning the thesis. 24. The reviewers shall submit to the Council a written testimonial about the thesis, stating the thesis award of the degree of compliance requirements in a given sector and sub-sector of science. The Council presents candidates with reviews no later than three working days before the thesis is sitting. 25. If one reviewer feedback is negative, the thesis may be, but the applicant is entitled to withdraw the thesis and to add to or revise. 26. when two or three reviewers ' feedback is negative, the dissertation Council session and return to the applicant not recycling. The revised thesis work, the applicant may submit to the University again not earlier than six months after the negative feedback. 27. the thesis before the withdrawal for the Betterment of the Council meeting within a week following receipt of the cancellation notice for publication in the newspaper "Gazette" and "scientific journal". VII. the thesis public advocacy and degrees 28. Council meeting, which decides on the thesis, is open, except for this provision, the case referred to in paragraph 17. The hearing may be open to all interested parties, to ask questions to the applicant, the Council and the reviewers, as well as to comment on the thesis. 29. The Council, in which the thesis, the reviewers participating in the actual voting. Council meeting is valid if it participates in not less than half of the voting of the Council of experts and a minimum of two reviewers. 30. the meeting of the dissertation: 30.1. the Secretary of the Board shall report on the documents submitted by the applicant, all decisions that have been adopted for the betterment, and introduces the students to the life of the applicant;
30.2. the present has the right to ask questions about the information provided by the Secretary of the Council;
30.3. the applicant report thesis and answer the questions of the present thesis content and results;
18.9. the Council heard and discussed feedback from your reviewers, as well as discussions with the applicant's academic reviewers;
5. the Council heard thesis (Advisor) comment on the applicant's academic performance. 31. The decision on the award of the degree, or refusal to grant degrees shall be adopted by the Council acting by a simple majority vote, by secret ballot. If the votes are divided into similar Council discussion and vote. If after repeated voting in a similar splitting votes, the Council again looking for work, but not earlier than one month and not later than six months after the thesis is sitting in which the decision was adopted. Until the next meeting of the Council after consulting the applicant, the President of the Council is entitled to make thesis corrections. The decision taken by the Council during the week, inform the applicant in writing, the University and the Commission. 32. the University or to the Commission during the month following that rule referred to in paragraph 31 of the decision have the right to request in writing from any of the Council with the thesis-related documents, and to challenge the decision of the Council, if the thesis degree of non-compliance with the requirements for the award of the izvirzāmaj or not met thesis. 33. If the Commission disputes this provision 31. Council decision referred to in paragraph 1, the University has no right to issue diplomas to the applicant for the granting of a degree until the dispute is resolved in Chapter VIII of these rules. 34. If this provision 21. paragraph 32 referred to the Commission's objections to the thesis for award of the degree of compliance with the izvirzāmaj requirements are recognised as justified, the Council shall return to the applicant the recasting thesis. The applicant may resubmit the thesis after the specified deficiencies, but not earlier than one year after this provision 21. paragraph 32 of the Commission referred to the receipt of the objection. If found in violation of the procedure for the formal dissertation, the Council shall, within two months, repeatedly organized thesis. 35. If the Commission has challenged the Council decision on the granting of a degree and that provision referred to in paragraph 32 the Commission's objections to the thesis for award of the degree of compliance with the izvirzāmaj requirements recognised as justified, the University's President of the Council shall be repealed and designated as the Chairman of the Council of other Council member. 36. Recognition of diplomas for degrees of the University shall be issued not earlier than six weeks and not later than six months after the Council decision to grant degrees, if this decision is not challenged. VIII. Decisions and appeals the 37. contestation of the school, the Council or the Commission decisions and actual action in the month may challenge the Latvian Science Council. 38. The Latvian Science Council decision may appeal to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. IX. Closing questions 39. Council established before the entry into force of these regulations, continues to work for not more than three months after the entry into force of these regulations. 40. The universities that have delegated rights, establish a dissertation Council and approve the regulations within three months after the entry into force of these regulations. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Druviet of I.