Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 29 July 2003 Regulation No 425 Of The "statute Of The State Employment Agency"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 29.jūlija noteikumos Nr.425 "Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūras nolikums"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 10 of 2006 in Riga in January (pr 3. 1. § 18) the amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 July 2003, regulations No. 425 of the State employment agency "regulations" Issued in accordance with the law of public agencies in article 8 the third paragraph to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 July 2003, regulations No. 425 of the State employment agency "Statute" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 111; 2004, nr. 120) follows: 1. To make paragraph 1 by the following: "1. the State employment agency (hereinafter the Agency) is the Minister of welfare in monitoring the direct regulatory authority set up to implement the national policy for the reduction of unemployment and the support of the unemployed and jobs seekers. Minister of supervision exercised by the Agency in the Ministry of welfare. "
2. Delete paragraph 2.
3. Express 4.1. subparagraph by the following: ' 4.1. to participate in the policy planning documents development and implementation in the field of employment; ".
4. Supplement with 4.16 bottom point as follows: "you are familiar with and maintain a 4.16 of the unemployed and job seekers and employers to apply for the job vacancy information system."
5. Express 5.1. subparagraph by the following: "5.1 external laws and cases, to request and receive, free of charge from the national regulatory authorities, as well as private law natural and legal persons in the Agency's functions and tasks required information;".
6. Express 5.5. subparagraph by the following: "public is paying 5.5 services;".
7. Express 5.9. subparagraph as follows: "the law on budget of 5.9 and financial management in accordance with the procedures specified by the Minister of finance permission to take loans and to enter into leasing contracts (leasing) prior authorization of the Minister of finance transactions that documentation prepared in coordination with the Ministry of Welfare;".
8. Make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the Agency shall be headed by a Director of the Agency. The Agency's Director in the law by public agencies and public administration facilities statutory regulatory authority functions. "
9. Replace paragraph 9, the word "shall" with the word "rules".
10. Delete paragraph 10.
11. Replace paragraph 16, the word "technically" with the word "facilities".
12. Express 21 as follows: "21. the Agency shall prepare and submit to the Ministry in the current prosperity, and an annual report on its activities and the utilization of the financial resources management in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Treaty and timeless." Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d.-Staķ