The Order In Which The Politically Repressed Persons Deleting Privatisation Certificates, Refunds In Cash

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā politiski represētajām personām, dzēšot privatizācijas sertifikātus, izmaksā kompensāciju naudā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 5 of 2006 in Riga in January (pr 3. No 1 9) the order in which the politically repressed persons deleting privatisation certificates, refunds in cash Issued in accordance with the law "on privatisation certificates" fifth part of article 9 and article 17 eighth 1. determines the order in which the politically repressed persons, including privatisation certificates (the certificates?) Special Fund certificate account by deleting them, and pay compensation in cash as well as a special fund and credited to delete the certificate. 2. Politically repressed persons in special funds in the Fund certificates according to the exiles, once deleted or year spent in prison and the cost for each year, one certificate face value: ISR. 3. Political exiles, due to repression or imprisonment was once given the number of years in the SGA is determined according to the decision of the local government (list) of the law "On privatisation certificates" certificate provided for in article 9. 4. If the certificate of the exiles, resettlement or incarcerated years not assigned or politically repressed person wants to receive compensation for the greater number of years than is specified in the decision of the local government (list) on the award of the certificate, then the appropriate number of years determined by the local government (City Council, Council), which has granted the repressed status (issued by a repressed person's certificate). 5. The list of persons who are empowered, deleting certificates, in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions for compensation money (hereinafter referred to as the beneficiaries of compensation), draw up the Agency's privatization and the privatization of information security certification Center (information centre), on the basis of information provided by the local Government of political repression and the duration of the citizenship and Migration Board of the information provided on the politically repressed person (ID number, first name, last name, gender, date of death (if the person is dead) , Latvian nationality date of loss (if the person has lost the nationality), residence address, repressed person's certificate number, repressed person's certificate issue date). List information center updated not less frequently than quarterly, written requests the necessary information from the providers of information. 6. to be included in the list of all recipients of refund, stating the amount of compensation received, regardless of whether they have been awarded the certificates for political repression. The dead person is not included in the list. 7. the lists of beneficiaries of compensation information Center sends the State joint stock company "Latvian mortgage and land bank" (hereinafter referred to as the Latvian mortgage and land bank). Latvian mortgage and land bank this list shall be sent to the credit institutions that are open (or open) the recipient of the refund certificate account (hereinafter referred to as the bank). 8. the parties, for which the duration of the repression information center is not news, receiving compensation list includes only once, in response to the request of the information center, this news received from the municipality, where the recipient of compensation is granted the repressed person status. 9. when determining the exiles, resettlement, or the number of years spent in prison, the municipality of disagreement with the repressed person, the municipality requested the opinion of the Ministry of Justice submitted documents for compliance with laws and regulations. The opinion of the Ministry of Justice provides a month. 10. on the basis of the information center lists the information provided, the bank within two weeks after receipt of the list sends a jam in the invitation received compensation to delete the certificates showing the number of certificates that you want to delete and get a Mama compensation levels, as well as send delete certificate application form (along with an explanation of its fill and measures to be implemented in the rights of the person concerned). 11. At the invitation of the receiving compensation beneficiary, it poppycock or patron powers: 11.1. bank certificate submitted to delete the application (annex);
11.2. open a current account (if not already open), which will count for the certificates to be deleted;
11.3. the bank transfer of the tasks given to delete the certificates from your account to the certificate special fund account (hereinafter referred to as the Fund). 12. If the politically repressed person has not opened a bank account, refund certificates on behalf of the recipient to delete certificates added into the account of the Fund can be another person's certificate transfers the task indicates the person receiving the compensation code. 13. If the property of the recipient of the refund certificate less than he has the right to delete, he's missing certificates is entitled to purchase and to piet for Kuma for submission to the deposit account in your certificate. 14. Compensation beneficiary rights to delete the certificates lapse if this provision in paragraph 11 mentioned steps he has made: 14.1-2006 September 29, if a call to delete the certificates sent to 2005 30 September;
14.2. within one year after the date of dispatch of the invitation, if you invite you to delete the certificates sent by 30 September 2005. 15. If a month from the date of dispatch of the invitation recipient of compensation is not the bank submitted the application, the bank shall send the repeated invitation (registered post). 16. Compensation beneficiary who has not received an invitation, the bank can get reference information center. 17. where the refund requested by the application is dead, the heirs receiving compensation pursuant to court order or sworn document issued by the notary of inheritance law may receive compensation in cash, deleting the account from receiving compensation fund account funds. 18. Of the compensation recipients who have submitted applications to the bank each month to draw up the Act, indicating the refund beneficiary name, surname, personal code, account properties, on the moving account of the Fund, the number of the certificate, and submit it to the Latvian mortgage and land bank. Once a month the Latvian mortgage and land bank announces the privatisation agency beneficiaries of compensation payable the total amount of money. 19. the Fund shall not be transferred to the beneficiary in the event of refund certificates which are pledged or for which the payment is issued. 20. the beneficiaries of the compensation Money paid after the privatisation Agency's current account in the Treasury has credited these rules referred to in paragraph 18 the cost of compensation for funds. Latvian mortgage and land bank transferred to the settlement account of the recipient of the refund amount, corresponding to the Fund account credited to the nominal value of the certificates, but not more than the compensation specified in the list of recipients. About crediting the refund beneficiary's current account in the bank where you have the bank account, reported to the recipient of the refund (after request) and the Latvian mortgage and land bank-information centre (once a month). 21. the information centre in the accounts of the Fund counted the number of the certificate is compared with the lists of beneficiaries of compensation specified and the Latvian mortgage and land bank of information and gives the order to delete Fund account funds certificates, for which refunds were paid in cash. 22. in order to ensure the implementation of these provisions, the relevant work of the credit institutions funded from the proceeds of privatization certificate account opening. 23. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 18 January 2000, the provisions of no. 29 "order in which political parties, presētaj re deleting privatization certificates, refunds in cash" (Latvian journal, 2000,/ 2001, 16; 3. No; 2003, 106 no; 2004, nr. 24). Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister A.r. Kariņš annex Cabinet 3 January 2006, regulations No 5 economic Minister A.r. Kariņš