The Idea Of Church And Monastery Ensemble Protection Rules

Original Language Title: Doma baznīcas un klostera ansambļa aizsardzības noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 24 2006 in Riga in January (10. 2. § 17) Think of Church and monastery ensemble rules Issued in accordance with the Opinion of the Church and the monastic ensembles of law article 6 and article 7 of the third paragraph of rule 1 defines the idea of a church and monastery ensemble protection zone (hereinafter referred to as the protection area), as well as public events, economic activity and ad placement in the protection zone. 2. Protection Zone (annex) specifies the following limits: 2.1 from the Bishop of the area protected and Herder corner to palasta streets and Small-School Street intersection of the axes;
2.2. the schools Street small sharp in a straight line to Jauniel.
2.3. by Jauniel over the number of the building line (No 24/2 to 14) along the lower part of the dome square in the top border line extension to Castle Street 23 (indicated in the annex);
2.4. from Castle Street 23 (annexed) by the idea of building a line to the area the idea number 2 of the riverbank area on the southern border;
2.5. from the dome square number 2 of the bottom piece of the southern border to the edge of the area of the Herders;
2.6. by Herder in odd number area building a line to protect the corner of the Bishop. 3. Protection zone may be used according to the core functions of existing buildings, as well as public events and business activities (such as entertainment, cultural, recreational or tourist purposes and fair conversation), providing the there significant cultural value. 4. The protection zone is allowed in public activities, economic activities, as well as advertising the heritage area of regulatory law in the cases provided for, as well as subject to this provision in paragraph 5 of these conditions. 5. prohibited in the protection zone: 5.1 install or construct temporary structures and kiosks, where their height exceeds the Mean Square iesegum;
5.2. license for public events, if the permissible noise level (from 06:00 till 19.00) exceeded 60dB, evening (from 19.00 to 23.00 o'clock) 55dB and night (from 23.00 to 6.00 a.m.) 50dB, which cause increased vibration;
5.3. set a summer Café, where they covered the Dome Church and monastery ensemble, disrupting its visual perception of public outdoor space;
5.4. to deploy fixed or mobile billboards that blocked the idea of Church and monastery ensemble, disrupting its visual perception of public outdoor space;
5.5. to make trafficking in public places and itinerant trade in alcoholic beverages. 6. Think of Church and monastery ensemble is used in accordance with the social and religious functions. Use and maintenance may not change the cultural monument design, spatial structure, constructive solutions, the facade and interior of the original decorative trim and lower arts conservation conditions and reduce the heritage quality of the environment. 7. to make the idea of Church and monastery ensemble research (for example, zondāž, the excavations), must receive national cultural monuments protection inspection. The research work is acceptable to use only those techniques that do not compromise the idea of Church and monastery ensemble. Forbidden to leave the excavation or construction pits and expose them to the atmosphere without sealing structures. 8. The idea of Church and monastery ensemble conservation and restoration measures to be taken in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 of the said requirements. 9. in paragraph 5 of these rules to respect these conditions controlled by the Riga City Council and the national cultural monument protection Inspectorate within the limits of its competence. Prime Minister-Minister of the economy of Culture Minister A.r. Kariņš h. demakova annex Cabinet 10 January 2006 of Regulation No 24 of the Riga Dome Church and monastery ensemble in the protection plan of Culture Minister h. demakova