Rules On State Aid To Agriculture In 2006 And The Procedure For

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts atbalstu lauksaimniecībai 2006.gadā un tā piešķiršanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 21 of 2006 in Riga in January (pr 3. Nr. 1 § 33) the rules on State aid to agriculture in 2006 and its procedure issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and sixth 1. determine the amount of State aid to agriculture and rural development (hereinafter referred to as subsidies) in 2006 and its modalities.
2. Subsidies include cofinancing 32060415 lats for the following measures: 2.1 eligible agricultural improvers: 800000 LVL (annex 1);
2.2. the livestock development: 8550000 lat (annex 2);
2.3. development of the crop — 2220000 lats (annex 3);
2.4. education, science and the dissemination of information — 1832000 lats (annex 4);
2.5. Latvian and foreign joint ventures for co-financing: 250000 dollars (annex 5);
2.6. the promotion of investment in agriculture — 2 million lats (6. Add Kuma);
2.7. the promotion of cooperation between agricultural products produced in the local and national regulatory authorities and agricultural service cooperatives development: 675000 lats (annex 7);
2.8. the development of organic farming: 623450 lat (annex 8);
2.9. the promotion of the market — $1113449 (annex 9);
2.10. the agricultural sector to reduce risk — 223388 lats (10. at law);
2.11. the implementation of the provisions of the European Union — 939825 lats (11. at law);
2.12. the restriction of potato ring rot and combat: 1001657 lat (12.);
2.13. investments in the agricultural sector — 6136893 lats (13. Add Kuma);
2.14. the material basis for the development of agriculture, agricultural research specialties students and vocational students of the educational institution to provide the training practice: 1300000 lats (annex 14);
2.15. co-financing the SAPARD programme — 3294753 lats;
2.16. in 2005, the execution of contracts signed for financing: 1100000 dollars.
3. To be eligible for the subsidy to the natural or legal person (hereinafter the applicant) that meets the requirements of this regulation.
4. the rural support service: 4.1 provides access to information about grants and costs;
4.2. adopt and evaluate applications for the granting of subsidies (except in accordance with these rules, the application for assessment is created by the Commission);
4.3. in the cases provided for in these provisions shall sign a contract with the applicant for subsidy grant, provided the contract obligations and responsibilities of the parties;
4.4. the control and payment of transactions supporting the certificate (copy) or a summary of the compliance with the record keeping and accounting regulatory requirements of the regulations;
4.5. a random check at least 5% of each event in the number of decisions taken;
4.6. stopped accepting applications for the granting of subsidies if the submissions received requested funding amount is greater than the measure funds;
4.7. the cost of the subsidy does not exceed the funding cuts or cionāl propor increasing the subsidies to be paid;
4.8 request repayment of the subsidy, if the applicant provided false information or violated the terms of these rules;
4.9. within 10 working days of the receipt of money from the Treasury, based on the submitted summaries and according to the procedures laid down in these rules, the cost of the subsidy. Subsidies paid non-cash settlement.
5. The applicant in the form prescribed in these provisions shall provide support services in the Field supporting the transaction and payment documents (or copies thereof), or summaries thereof, in accordance with the recordkeeping and accounting regulatory laws and requirements.
6. If the applicant has supplied inaccurate information, you do not receive a subsidy and the following year loses the right to receive subsidies, as well as the repayment of subsidies if they are paid before the finding of non-compliance.
7. Grant the applicant cannot receive support from the structural funds of the European Union the financial sources for the same actions supported.
8. payment of grants for the year 2005, is valid until completion of obligations under contracts concluded. The funds are intended for subsidy payments from this rule 2.16. in point.
9. is consistent with the European Commission and implemented the following measures to be supported, if the decision has been taken on their conformity with the Treaty establishing the European Community: 9.1. purchase of breeding material of the Latvian market – 150000 lats this provision in annex 2 of the financing granted.
9.2. the fight against latvāņ: 200000 lats this provision in annex 3 of the financing granted.
9.3. the organic agricultural products, trade facilitation, 70000 lats this provision in annex 8 of the financing granted.
9.4. the preventive measures of potato ring rot restriction ry-400000 lats 12. these provisions in the annex to the financing granted;
9.5. the certification of seed potatoes: cover 40000 lats 12. these provisions in the annex to the financing granted.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 25 January 2006.
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