The Order In Which State And Local Institutions Involved In Forest Fire Control

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā valsts un pašvaldību institūcijas iesaistās mežu ugunsgrēku ierobežošanā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 118 in Riga in 2006 (February 14. 27. § 9) order in which State and local institutions involved in forest fire control Issued in accordance with the law of the fire protection and fire-fighting 6. the second paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which State and local institutions involved in the control of forest fires. Provisions do not apply to the national armed forces.
2. State and local government bodies in curbing forest fires involve the State forest service in accordance with the cities and districts of the Republic the civil protection action plans, interdepartmental agreements and cooperation agreements.
3. National Forest Service wildfire containment work can involve the following State and local authority resources (resources): 3.1 human resources;
3.2. vehicles;
3.3. energy resources;
3.4. the means of communication;
3.5. fire-extinguishing means;
3.6. special materials and equipment for the control of forest fires.
4. Local Government bodies involved in curbing forest fires after the national forest service or the head of the territorial Department she authorized an oral request.
5. the national institutions involved in forest fire control by the State Forest Service Director-General or his authorized person's oral request.
6. A State or local government bodies, or the head of the relevant department within one hour after 4 or 5 of these provisions of the persons referred to in paragraph shall inform the national forest service head of the territorial Department or his authorised person of the decision involved limiting forest fires and the resources involved, coordinate their arrival to the place, time, and both parties responsible.
7. Involvement of national or local government bodies in limiting forest fires, the State Forestry Department: 7.1. organizes and runs the containment of forest fires;
7.2. represents the forest fire locations and paths with the leader of the piebraucamo informational signs;
7.3. If needed, ensure the containment of forest fires involved with: 7.3.1. appropriate personal protective equipment;
7.3.2. the inventory of forest fire suppression (portable water motorsūkņ with the equipment (for example, fire hoses, hose, gun dealer), the uzkabinām spray, shovels, axes, buckets);
7.3.3. communication means;
7.4. establish communication channels between and slogans;
7.5. restriction in the present fire involved with wildfire containment techniques and labour protection requirements;
7.6. the point nearest the location of the water;
7.7. organizing fire containment involved in nutrition, if the forest fire control work lasting more than six hours.
8. limiting forest fires in State and local institutions of tasks are: 8.1. to fulfil the Wildfire containment work driving instructions;
8.2. in accordance with the competency to restrict the entry into and the population of the high-risk rēšano uzt forest compartments.
9. If a wildfire containment involving national or local government bodies (hereinafter applicant for compensation), the State Forestry Department to pay the institutions cost of fuel consumed in full, but the entry into service of vehicles and repair expenses, up to a maximum of 20 percent of the cost of fuel consumed. The national forest service does not make good profits, which have not gained because the resources of the person concerned has been engaged in curbing forest fires. Expenses not reimbursed by the forest owner or also the legal possessor.
10. in order to receive rewards, rewards the applicant within a month of its property (possession) the involvement of existing resources in forest fire control, submit your national forest service territorial unit a written application to the expense and loss compensation (annex 1). The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the document certifying the applicant's resources property timeshare or possession, as well as the document that contains the amount of the loss.
11. the national forest service in the territorial unit in which the provisions referred to in paragraph 10 of the document, check them and 10 working days after the submission of the document drawing up an opinion on the conformity of the requested reimbursement of expenditure (opinion). The opinion, together with the documents submitted to the national forest service Director-General.
12. the Director-General of the national forest service and the opinion that rule 10 referred to a document within 10 working days of its receipt and shall take a decision on the reimbursement (annex 2). If you need additional information or to check the involvement of resources in circumstances or the actual amount of the expenditure, a decision shall be taken within one month of receipt of the opinion, and document. For additional information or verification of the need for the State Forestry Department shall inform the applicant for compensation.
13. the national forest service within three working days after the rules referred to in paragraph 12 of the decision, notify the requester of the consideration when issuing or sending him the decision.
14. Reimbursement shall be paid the remuneration to the applicant, the amount transferred to the account specified in the application.
15. Reimbursement shall be paid from the State budget to the national forest service funding for this purpose.
16. Wildfire containment works employees involved, except in specialized civil servants and national forest service manpower, working time may not exceed eight hours a day, but not more than 40 hours a week. Wildfire containment operations involved in State or local government bodies, if necessary, have the right to stop work and after the fire extinguishing and rescue Manager permission to leave the scene of the forest fire.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister b. Jaundžeikar Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 18 February 2006.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 14 February 2006 of Regulation No 118 application costs and loss compensation for the involvement of forest fire resources restriction works the Interior Minister Or Jaundžeikar annex 2. Cabinet of Ministers of 14 February 2006, the provisions of decision No 118 on expense and damages the Interior Minister Or a Jaundžeikar.