Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 23 September 2003, Regulations No. 538 "weapons, Ammunition, Special Features, Explosives, Bomb Components And Commercial Movement Of Pyrotechnic Articles, Pyrotechnic Articles Of Classification And Usage Notes

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 23.septembra noteikumos Nr.538 "Ieroču, munīcijas, speciālo līdzekļu, sprāgstvielu, spridzināšanas ietaišu un pirotehnisko izstrādājumu komerciālās aprites, pirotehnisko izstrādājumu klasificēšanas un izmantošanas not

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 161 Riga 2006 (February 28. Nr. 12-1) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 23 September 2003, regulations No. 538 "weapons, ammunition, special features, explosives, bomb components and commercial movement of pyrotechnic articles, pyrotechnic articles of classification and the use of the terms" in accordance with the Issued weapons article 7 of the law of movement of the eighth, the second subparagraph of article 28, article 31, second paragraph, article 36, of the first and sixth part, article 37 of the third and fourth parts of the second, 38. , seventh, ninth and tenth article 39, second and fourth paragraphs, article 47 of the fourth subparagraph and the second subparagraph of article 49 to make Cabinet of 23 September 2003, regulations No. 538 "weapons, ammunition, special features, explosives, bomb components and commercial movement of pyrotechnic articles, pyrotechnic articles of classification and terms of use" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 137; 2004, 68, 85, no. 192; 2005, 43, nr. 135) the following amendments : 1. Replace the words "in the text of the provisions of the commercial register (commercial register)" (fold) with the words "business registers" (the fold). 2. Make the following section 73.1.: 73.1. military weapons (including components and accessories), their ammunition, military explosives, blasting guards, military pyrotechnics, propellants, gas grenades and irritating or incapacitating effects of substances filled munitions (except for gas pistols (revolvers) ammunition), the psychological effects of the light and sound equipment, as well as strategic goods list section on weapons, ammunition and arms imports goods referred to national armed forces and the Ministry of the Interior system authorities as well as the export of goods and transit; ". 3. Replace the words "paragraph 75.6 about merchant member (natural person), the driver and the person who occupies the post of administrative organ of" authorised economic operator "about merchant member (natural person) and the operator's governing body officers". 4. Supplement with 75.8. bottom point as follows: "75.8. State revenue service certificate of the merchant entering the taxpayer's accounting and tax obligations." 5. Add to 3.2.2. subdivision of 77.1 points as follows: "If the special permission changed 77.1 (license), as well as there have been changes to the operator's participants, managers and list of persons occupying positions in the administrative organ of the merchant, the merchant within three working days after the change, submit the Licensing Commission of the Ministry of defence submissions. The application shall be accompanied by documents proving the changes. Examination of the information submitted on time (up to 30 days), the Ministry of defense can stop the special permission (license). Depending on the outcome of the Licensing Commission of the Ministry of defence has cancelled the special permission (license) in accordance with the provisions of point or extended 85.1 special permission (license) for a period of time, which stopped the special permissions (licenses). " 6. To express the following paragraph 78: "78. Defence Ministry Licensing Commission shall examine the application of the special permission (license) to receive and accept the written decision of the adm nistratīv process control legislation." 7. To supplement the rules by 78.1 points as follows: "the Ministry of defence 78.1 Licensing Commission requires: 1.78.1 State fire and rescue service's territorial division-opinion on the compliance of the vault of the reaction rules Kuma; 78.1 2. National Police Authority-opinion on their storage and other space compliance with requirements of this regulation, where the operator will carry out the operations with weapons, ammunition, special funds, explosives, explosive or pyrotechnic products appliances. " 8. Express 80. paragraph by the following: "80. Defense Ministry Licensing Commission, after consideration of the application of the decision to grant a special permit (license) for a specified period or to refuse the special permissions (licenses). Estimates of the US Defense Ministry's Licensing Commission was informed in writing by the mersant. " 9. Express 82 as follows: "82. special permission (license) number with expiration date of licensing of the Ministry of defence, the Commission has decided to issue a special permit (license). The merchant is entitled to initiate the appropriate commercial activities when you have received a special permit (license). Special permission (license) the Merchant shall receive after submitted a receipt copy (the original show) on payment of the fee set out in the country. If the merchant a month after the decision of the special permission (license) for the issue or extension of the term of validity not get special permission (license), it is deemed withdrawn. " 10. Add to 3.2.3. subdivision of 82.1 points as follows: "If a special permit 82.1 (license) has been lost, a trader not later than three working days shall inform in writing the Licensing Commission of the Ministry of defence. Lost special permissions (licenses) of the Ministry of defence in place of the Licensing Commission issued a special permit (license) a duplicate. " 11. Supplement with 84.1 and subsection 3.2.4 52.3 points as follows: "If the merchant 84.1 deadline has not submitted an application for a special permit (license) for the extension of the period of validity, the special permission (license) to be submitted to the receiving of a new general order. 52.3 If a decision to refuse special permission (license) for the issue or extension of the term of validity, the Merchant (merchant member or officer who created the new company) application of new special permissions (licenses) for repeatedly may be submitted not earlier than in a year. " 12. Express 3.2.5. the subheading the following: refusal to issue "3.2.5. special permission (license), special permission (license) the suspension and cancellation of 85. The Ministry of Defence issued by the Licensing Commission was the special permission (license) in the following cases: 85.1. the operator does not comply with Weapons of the law article 36, second paragraph; 85.2. the merchant is not entered into the taxpayer's accounting or has not fulfilled the tax obligations; 85.3. commercial activity started before the registration of the Company by mer Santa re ģistr; 85.4. received national security authorities a negative opinion on the operator's participants, officials of the administrative organ, as well as the employee who is associated with weapons, munitions, explosives, explosive, Fireworks, installations, gas grenades propellent, such munitions, which filled with irritant or incapacitating substances and is not intended for gas pistols (revolvers), or psychological effects of light and sound devices, import, export, transit or production; 85.5. have received negative national police or the national fire and rescue service for the storage facilities or other facilities. 85.1 Defense Ministry Licensing Commission is not extended, is withdrawn or suspended special permits (licenses) without extending the special permissions (licenses) of this period, in the following cases: 1. have discovered to 85.1 facts that the operator does not comply with Weapons of the law article 36, second paragraph; 2. have discovered to 85.1 facts that he has not fulfilled the tax obligations; 85.1 3. found that special permission (license) for the merchant knowingly provided false statements; 4. the merchant violates 85.1 the statutory arms, ammunition, weapons and accessories, explosives, explosive, Fireworks, propellant components and special features of the procedure; 85.1 5. Merchant has not fulfilled that provision referred to in paragraph 77 and 77.1 conditions; 85.1 6. exported goods of foreign end user activity is inconsistent with Latvia sais toš international treaties or international restrictions; 85.1.7 may be compromised by international obligations of Latvia. 85.1 8. merchant eliminates or stop its activity; 85.1 9. Latvian may be compromised national security and stability. 86. The merchant after the special permission (license) the expiration date, or special permissions (licenses) cancellation within three working days by special permission (license) to the Licensing Commission of the Ministry of defence. " 13. Annex 7 shall be expressed by the following: ' Annex 7 Cabinet of 23 September 2003, regulations no 538 Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister Jaundžeikar of apt.