Rules For The Granting Of Benefits, The Outstanding Latvian Ballet Artists

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par pabalsta piešķiršanu izciliem Latvijas baleta māksliniekiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 176 in Riga in 2006 (February 28. 12. § 50) the provisions concerning the granting of benefits, the outstanding Latvian Ballet Artists Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 14 law equipment of the first paragraph of article 3, paragraph 1. determines the procedure for the granting of the benefit of the creative work of outstanding Latvian Ballet artists, which are exempt from work Ballet artist's profession in the period up to 1998 December 31, as well as the amount of benefit to be paid. 2. the allowance is paid in addition to the State pension. 3. the allowance paid to the Ministry of culture from the State budget for the current year. 4. The applicant shall provide the Ministry of Culture: 4.1 application for benefits and the granting of the State social insurance agency in the period of the certificate of State pension date. If such a certificate has not been submitted, the Ministry of culture required by the State social insurance agency;
4.2. Description of the life course (curriculum vitae);
4.3. the nodejot role in the list;
4.4. list of performers for participating in competitions. 5. The Ministry of culture within 10 working days of the point 4 of these rules of receipt of documents mentioned in the decision on the grant or refusal of benefits to grant allowances and shall inform in writing the applicant. 6. the allowance shall not be granted if not submitted all this provision in paragraph 4, the following documents. 7. The Ministry of culture valued benefit the applicant's entitlement to benefits, taking account of the following criteria: 7.1. key role of daudzcēlien in the classic Ballet-10 points;
7.2. the main role of daudzcēlien in the Ballet-8 points;
7.3. the main role of daudzcēlien children Ballet – 5 points.
7.4. the main role of viencēlien Ballet or ballet spectacle-6 points;
7.5. the role of the second plan in classic Ballet-4 points;
7.6. the role of the second plan other baleto-3 points;
7.7. participation in ballet performers contests: 7.7.1. get Medal (the award winning)-10 points;
7.7.2. winner (diploma)-5 points. 8. In assessing the applicant's creative work in accordance with paragraph 7 of these rules and criteria set out in points, down Ballet artist's compliance with a particular category. 9. If the applicant has obtained benefits: 121 points and 9.1 over, is assigned to the category I;
9.2. from 80 to 120 points, are assigned to category II. 10. the benefit of this provision 1. persons referred to in paragraph 1 are set out in the following: 10.1 the triple State social security benefit in the case of class I;
10.2. the double State social security benefit in the case of category II. 11. on the basis of the decision on the granting of benefits, the Ministry of culture every month benefit allowance is transferred to the applicant in the designated credit or mail of Latvia settlement systems (PNs) account. 12. The allowance shall be granted to the day when all these provisions submitted. document referred to in paragraph 4. If the application and the granting of benefits, the necessary documents are submitted no later than three months after the entry into force of these regulations, the allowance shall be granted to the day when these provisions have entered into force. 13. the Ministry of culture grant award decision may be appealed to the administrative procedure law. Prime Minister a. Halloween cultural demakova, Minister H.