Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 9 April 2002, Regulations No 149 "rules On Protection Against Ionizing Radiation"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 9.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.149 "Noteikumi par aizsardzību pret jonizējošo starojumu"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 188 in Riga, 7 March 2006 (pr. No 13 6) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 9 April 2002, regulations No 149 "rules on protection against ionizing radiation" Issued in accordance with the law "on radiation safety and nuclear safety" the third paragraph of article 3 and the first subparagraph of article 17 to make a Cabinet of 9 April 2002, regulations No 149 "rules on protection against ionizing radiation" (Latvian journal, 2002, 56 no; 2003; 2004, nr. 157.52, 69 no) the following amendments : 1. Complement with 18.4. subparagraph by the following: "18.4. immediately provide advice and technical assistance to people who suspect that they found the orphan sources. Orphan source is closed source, which is not subject to the supervision and control of the Centre so that the have not had, or because it is abandoned, lost, placed in the wrong place, stolen, transferred to another operator, about not giving in to the Centre, or released without informing the recipient of the source, and it is located at the time the activity is greater than the legal limits set, which need a special permit (license) or permission. " 2. Make 79. point as follows: "79. source manufacturer considered operator that produces ionizing radiation source." 3. Delete the words in 80.1 "and spread". 4. Replace paragraph 88, the word "business" with the word "business". 5. Supplement with 6.4. the following subheading: "6.4. High-activity sealed source control requirements this section 112.1 in addition apply to such ionizing radiation sources: 112.11.-high-activity source closed source, which the radioactivity it at the time of manufacture or, if this is not known, when the radiation source is first placed on the market is equal to this provision 10.1 of annex activity limits or greater; use void to 112.12. source – high-activity source which is no longer used or intended to be used in activities that have received a special permit (license) or permit activities with ionizing radiation sources. 112.2 high-activity source manufacturer provides suppliers and users of each high-activity source produced model and photos of the container. 112.3 for high-activity source operator: 112.31. ensure high-activity source records in accordance with this provision of the information referred to in annex 10.2 as well as the registry of each high-activity source location, and transfer to another operator; fill in and submit to 112.32. (also electronically) Center that filled in the form set out in annex 10.2:112.32.1. immediately after receiving a high-activity source or transfer to another operator; 112.32.2. each year, before 31 January; 112.32.3. If the changed information about a high-activity source; 112.33. not less than once a month, check the high-activity source and of equipment, which is made up of high-activity sources (their position and being in the intended place of use or of storage). Operator frequency chosen by matching with the Center, according to sources of radioactivity and the use of the equipment and the storage-specific; 112.34. at least once a year out of high-activity sources of radiation safety and nuclear safety inspections and tests, including leak tests; 112.35. in high-activity source and relevant equipment radiation safety and nuclear safety inspection, including leak tests, if there has been an accident or an accident, which could affect this source or equipment (such as fire or flood), or any other change in the source, which can result in the manufacturer's conditions inappropriate changes to the source operating conditions; 112.36. high-activity source is transferred to another operator only if the recipient is provided with a special permit (license) or permit activities with ionizing radiation sources; 112.37. ensure employees who carry out activities with a high-activity source, regular training in radiation safety matters. 112.4 centre not less than four times a year in a high-activity source testing and equipment, consisting of a high-activity source. Use the 112.5 sources must not be stored in the temporary storage facility operator for more than half a year. During this time, the operator shall take a decision on its further transfer to another operator, manufacturer or supplier to purchase or supply contract or radioactive waste management company for long term storage or disposal. " 6. Make the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions resulting from: 1) of the Council of 13 May 1996 of Directive 96/29/Euratom on basic safety standards for the protection of the health of workers and the general public against the dangers arising from ionizing radiation; 2) Council of 3 November 1998, Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of drinking water; 3) Council of 22 December Directive 2003/122/Euratom on the high-activity sealed radioactive sources and orphan sources control. " 7. To supplement annex 2 with the following paragraph 13: "13. Activity (A) has a specific power state existing radionuclide activity in a given amount of time-dN by dt, where dN is from that energy State in the expected number of spontaneous kodolpārej in the time interval dt: A = dN dt activity is Becquerel (Bq). One becquerel is equal to one transition per second: 1Bq = 1st-1. " 8. Supplement with 10.1 the following attachments: "10.1 Annex Cabinet of 9 April 2002, regulations No 149 activity limits no PO box Element (atomic number) (1) the radionuclide activity level (Bq) 1. iron (26) 55F 4 x 1011 2. Cobalt (27) 4 x 60 c 109 3. Selenium (24) 3 x 1010 4 75S. Krypton (36) 1 x 1011 5. strontium 85Kr (38) 90Sr (2) 3 x 109 6. Palladium (46), 103Pd (2) 4 x 1011 7. Iodine (53) 2 x 1011 8.125 (Caesium 55) 137Cs (2) 2 x 1010 9. Prometheus (61) 147Pm 4 x 1011 10. Gadolinium (64) 153Gd 1 x 1011 11. Thulium (69) 170Tm 3 x 1010 12. Iridium (77) 1 x 1010 13.192Ir thallium (81) 204Tl 1 x 1011 14. Radium (88) of 226Ra (3) 2 x 109 15. Plutonium (94) 238P (2) 1 x 1011 16. Americium (95) 241 (3) 1 x 1011 17. California (98) 252Cf 5 x 108 notes. (1) Other radionuclides, which limits this table is not specified, use the limit A1/A1-100, which limit laid down regulations for the transport of radioactive material. (2) the limit of activity includes contributions from daughter nuclides with half-life of less than 10 days. (3) Includes neutron sources with beryllium. " 9. Supplement with 10.2 the following annexes: Annex 10.2 "Cabinet of 9 April 2002, regulations No 149 Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis