Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 21 June 2005 Regulation No 445 "mail Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 21.jūnija noteikumos Nr.445 "Pasta noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 240, Riga, 28 March 2006 (pr. 17. § 15) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 June 2005 Regulation No 445 "postal regulations" Issued in accordance with article 2 of the postal law of the second part of the draw of the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 June 2005 Regulation No 445 "mail rules" (Latvian journal, 2005, 105, no. 189) the following amendments: 1. Express section 179.1. the following: "shall not be entitled to disclose to 179.1. the customer's checking account number without the client's written permission, except that the rule in paragraph 180;".
2. Make a 180. point as follows: "180. details of the postal payment system account no information on State or national officials of the regulations to be given to the procedures specified in the following cases: 180.1. the financial and capital market Commission-statutory supervisory functions;
180.2. Criminal money laundering prevention service – law "on laundering" and to the extent prescribed;
180.3. the courts, their records within the existing case to court (judge) ruled in ma;
180.4. certificate authorities, pre-trial criminal proceedings on the basis of the certificate authority Manager's request;
180.5. the Prosecutor's Office in criminal proceedings, pre-trial, based on ror request prok;
180.6. operational entities: the operational accounting matters, pam's tojot to the operational entity;
180.7. Corruption Prevention and combating Bureau: 180.4. This provision and in the case referred to in subparagraph 180.6., as well as on the basis of the Commissioner or his authorized person, if necessary, to ensure that the law "on prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of public officials" State officials limit control and investigate Government officials non-cash accruals, income obtained, transactions undertaken or debts, or if necessary, to ensure political organizations (parties) statutory rules of financing control , see political organizations (parties) associations in the financial activities of the annual election period election expenses and revenue and expenditure declarations and received financial donations (donations) the truthfulness and legitimacy;
180.8. sworn court bailiffs — on the basis of the request, which the Court or another institution, or an officer a copy of the ruling, that are performed in the Office, or based only on demand — cases where messages are needed in drawing up the inventory away, as well as the effects of the common description of the goods for the purpose of sharing or inheritance;
180.9. Treasury based on the head of the Treasury or his delegate employee request for budget institutions funded accounts and transactions;
180.10. State control, based on the request, which accepted the State controller, for legal entities which are public or municipal property or which are financed from the State or local government, or that the State or local enforcement orders and delivery;
180.11. The State revenue service – on the basis of the request, accepted by the State Revenue Service Director-General or his Deputy, law and European Union law, and in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia approved international treaties on tax payer mail in payment systems open accounts and perform transactions, if: 180.11.1. taxpayer submits a tax administration tax specific statutory declarations or tax calculations.
180.11.2. the taxpayer during the tax audit are found in management accounting or possible tax law violations;
180.11.3. the taxpayer does not take tax payments under tax law requirements;
sworn notaries to 180.12. leading heritage things — messages that require natural persons — testator — heritage mass awareness. "
3. Supplement with 180.1 and Chapter XVII 180.2 point as follows: "If the person gets 180.1 news that it could not be disclosed, the person called to the liability legislation.
180. These provisions 180.2 referred to State institutions and national am a person the necessary details required, request in writing details of the exact name and volume, as well as the reasons for the request message, the relevant legislation of the European Union or the law of the Republic of Latvia Saeima approved international treaty. " Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic instead of Ministers — Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.