The Order In Which The Test Of The Powers Of National Authorities With Respect To Domain Name Registration The Top Level Domain ".eu" Phased Registration Period

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā pārbaudāmas valsts iestāžu tiesības attiecībā uz domēnu vārdu reģistrāciju augstākā līmeņa domēnā ".eu" pakāpeniskās reģistrācijas periodā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 237 in Riga, 28 March 2006 (pr. 17. § 3) in the order in which the test of the powers of national authorities with respect to domain name registration the top level domain ".EU" the phased registration period, Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Act article 14 equipment, first paragraph, point 3 1. determines the order in which the Government check checks the powers of national authorities with respect to domain name registration the top level domain ".EU" the phased registration period. 2. check point of the Government obligations in relation to the domain name registration the top level domain ".EU" phased registration period out of the University of Latvia, Institute of mathematics and informatics. 3. The phased registration period, each national authority (European Commission, 28 April 2004, Regulation No 874/2004 laying down public policy rules concerning the top level domain ".EU" implementation and operation, as well as the principles governing registration (hereinafter Regulation No 874/2004), meaning) (hereinafter the applicant) is eligible to sign up for prior rights to the domain name in the top-level domain ' .EU ', Regulation No 874/2004 shall submit an application in accordance with the procedure laid down in the relevant domain name registration (hereinafter application). 4. In considering this provision the application referred to in paragraph 3, the Government inspection point check: 4.1 are met in Regulation No 874/2004;
4.2. the application referred to in the domain name in compliance with Regulation No 874/2004;
4.3. the person signing the application;
4.4. in compliance with the application of the applicant's official contact information. 5. Application appearance within three working days and, if it complies with the provisions of paragraphs 3 and 4 of these requirements, the application is accepted by Regulation No 874/2004. 6. If the application is found, non-compliance with this provision in paragraph 3 or 4 of these requirements, Government check sent to the applicant (on the specified e-mail address), which indicates this Mee found. The applicant is entitled to three working days to submit an explanation for the opinion contains objections. 7. If, within three working days of the explanation is not received, or if it is not sufficient for the application to be recognised as the appropriate rules in paragraph 3 and 4 of these requirements, government inspection point is rejected. 8. The applicant to re-submit the application of the phased registration period or to register chosen domain name in General after the phased registration period. 9. The rules are in force until Regulation No 874/2004, in particular the phased registration period. Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister-Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.