The Provisions On Temporary Detention Places For Storing Items Allowed In The Camera List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par īslaicīgās aizturēšanas vietas kamerā glabāšanai atļauto priekšmetu sarakstu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 289 in 2006 Riga April 11 (Mon. No 21 33) provisions on the temporary detention place for storage in the camera list of allowed items issued in accordance with the procedure of holding detainees in article 5 of the law on the ninth part 1. determines the temporary detention place for storage in the camera allowed items list. 2. Temporary detention places the camera allowed to store such items: 2.1 the towel, SOAP, dish soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, the broad mass of the clothes and shoe brush, shoe cream, face and hand cream, as well as: 2.1.1. women-decorative cosmetics that don't contain alcohol, and personal hygiene supplies;
2.1.2. men-cream before and after shaving, cassette or manual razors for the machine (before and after shaving creams and shaving unit is transferred to the storage place of temporary detention of desk officer);
2.2. seasonal outerwear and headgear, of underwear (two sets), socks (no more than two all rus) and footwear (up to two pairs);
2.3. glasses, contact lenses, as well as assistive technology (such as prostheses, crutches, canes);
2.4. non-corrodible metal or plastic jug;
2.5. tobacco products 24-hour consumption, matches or gas strike your;
2.6. the detention Protocol and searches Act, as well as other proc suālo of documents pertaining to the temporary detention of persons held in place;
2.7. writing paper and ballpoint pen or pencil;
2.8. books and press (up to five units). 3. In some cases, with the permission of treatment a person allowed to keep certain medication doses. Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister Jaundžeikar of apt.