The Provisions On The Transmission System Operator's Annual Evaluation Report

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par pārvades sistēmas operatora ikgadējo novērtējuma ziņojumu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 322 in Riga, 2006 April 25 (Mon. No 24 20) provisions on the transmission system operator's annual evaluation report Issued in accordance with the electricity market law in article 15 the second part 1. determines the order in which the transmission system operator shall develop and submit to the Ministry of the economy and public services regulatory Commission assessment report on the beam, as well as the requirements for the content of the evaluation report.
2. The transmission system operator shall prepare an assessment report on the basis of information provided by the electricity system participants and partners – transmission system operators in other countries, with which the strategy of electricity exchanges takes place.
3. the members of the electricity system in one month after the transmission system operator's receipt of the request, with the development of the assessment report the required information.
4. the assessment report shall contain the following parts: 4.1. electricity and power demand in the country last year. This part of the State: 4.1.1. energy consumption by weeks;
4.1.2. maximum load and minimum load in winter in summer;
4.1.3. system power demand meter measuring 24 in Kona (24 hour averages);
4.2. the electricity and power demand forecast for future years (minimum Prediction time – 10 years), indicating the year of electricity consumption and peak load;
4.3. the delivery and assessment of conformity of consumption current and forecast for future years (minimum forecast time: 10 years). This part of the State: 4.3.1. electricity consumption per year and possible sources to cover it;
4.3.2. the power demand and possible sources to cover it by hours: a day with a maximum power demand; a day with minimum power demand; the 24-hour period from December to February with an average capacity of working days of a request;
4.3.3. information on cross-border electricity sales in the previous year;
4.3.4. the transmission system operator's assessment of the period in which there have not been adequate capacity demand, and proposals for the provision of power for the subsequent years (for example, the capacity development capabilities in specific sites, consumption control measures, the new system construction of objects);
4.3.5. information about the necessary and affordable emergency power reserves, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the electricity system, the absence of one of the objects of the system;
4.3.6. the transmission system operator's conclusions on electricity production capacity and availability for all users of electricity supply;
4.4. compliance with the request of the transmission system and the maintenance of quality. This part of the State: 4.4.1. the transmission system operator's conclusions on the transmission system at the electricity transport and periods concerned could provide power the smooth functioning of the sis themes, the absence of one of the objects of the system, as well as measures (individually and jointly with other system operators) for secure system mu activity for the coming years (minimum Prediction time – 10 years);
4.4.2. information about planned system of transnational connections (minimum Prediction time – 10 years);
4.4.3. the transmission system operator's conclusions about the safety of the electricity transmission system and the adequacy of safe supply for all users in the previous year and future years (minimum Prediction time – 10 years);
4.5. the existing and planned electricity generating capacity greater than 1 MW, as well as the necessary measures if the demand is high or if is missing one or more suppliers.
5. The evaluation report of the transmission system operator shall each year up to October 1 shall submit to the Ministry of the economy and the public service Commission Regulation in paper form and electronically.
6. The Ministry of economy of the transmission system operator, prepared the assessment report, published in the Ministry's website on the internet.
Informative reference to European Union Directive provisions included in the law arising from the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2003 Directive 2003/54/EC on the common electricity market and Directive 96/92/EC-statements.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of Minister of Economics, Minister of education and science b. Rivž Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 29 April 2006.