The Acceptance Procedure

Original Language Title: Paredzētās darbības akceptēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 355 in Riga, 2 May 2006 (pr. No 25 30) action for the acceptance of the order Issued in accordance with the law "on environmental impact assessment of the ' article 22 fifth 1. determines the order in which State institutions, local authorities, other relevant regulatory actions statutory authority or the Cabinet accepts intended. 2. Development (hereinafter acceptance) and the decision not to accept the proposed action is an administrative act and may appeal to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. 3. to be accepted, the agent (hereinafter referred to as the proponent) submitted a public institution, a municipality or other relevant laws governing the activity within the institution in the relevant application. 4. the application shall state the following information: 4.1 the application date and place;
4.2. the agent's name (operator-branded), personal code (the operator – the registration number of the commercial register), address and telephone number;
4.3. the activities envisaged;
4.4. the action for the venue address. 5. the application shall be accompanied by the following documents: 5.1 final report on environmental impact assessment;
5.2. environmental monitoring national Office opinion on the rules referred to in point 5.1. bottom message. 6. If, in accordance with the intended scope of the law to govern the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers accepts this provision (4) and (5) shall be made in the instruments referred to in the Environment Ministry. 7. If the transaction affects more municipalities, this set of mu (4) and (5) shall submit the documents referred to in all the municipalities. If the action for the proponent and the port area, and the Government of one or more of the same areas, the triggers this provision (4) and (5) shall submit the documents referred to in both the management of the port and the municipalities concerned. 8. If the transaction affects more municipal or affect both the port area, and one or more local government areas, the prescribed performance shall be deemed accepted if the decision to accept the intended action is adopted all relevant institutions. 9. If the municipality in whose territory may affect the activity provided for in accordance with the law "on environmental impact assessment" in article 21, the second part of the proposed final decision on acceptance of the Cabinet take it no later than one month after the local authorities (in the territory of which it plans to carry out the intended action) the decision on the acceptance of receipt shall submit it to the Ministry of the environment and, if necessary, add other documents-expert opinions, documents that reflects public opinion. If the action for the plan to take over the municipal territory of the period from the day of receipt of the last of the local (within the territory of which it intends to take action) decisions to accept the action. 10. Where the proposed activities may affect the area which is larger than the municipal territory, which planned to take this step, then the local authority within 10 working days after the decision has been sent to the law "on environmental impact assessment" in the second paragraph of article 23 of the information referred to in the decision taken to all municipalities whose territory may affect the intended action. 11. the Ministry of the environment by this provision in the municipality referred to in paragraph 9 of the receipt of the decision, draw up and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft order on the acceptance or non-acceptance, as well as an informative report on the effects on the environment or human health. The order of these rules is added to the project (4) and (5) copies of the documents referred to. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis