Natural Barring "zebra And Holy Lake" Personal Protection And Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Dabas lieguma "Zebrus un Svētes ezers" individuālie aizsardzības un izmantošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 390, Riga, 16 May 2006 (pr. No 27 29) natural barring "Zebra and Holy Lake" personal protection and terms of use are Issued in accordance with the law "on especially protected natural territories" of the second subparagraph of article 14 and article 17 of the second part of rule 1 defines natural barring "Zebra and Holy Lake" (hereinafter referred to as the natural restricted area) and use the individual protection arrangements and its functional zoning to preserve the existing natural areas and scenic values, Zebra-Lake , Sacred Lake and the associated species and Habitat for many veidīb, as well as to indicate the nature of natural behavior-specific informational signs these signs and sample usage and creation procedures.
2. Natural territory is not in effect barring specially protected natural territory protection and general terms of use. 
3. Natural restricted area is 906 ha. Functional area of natural protection scheme set out in annex 1 of these regulations, but functional zone limits – this provision in annex 2.
4. Natural restricted area in the following functional areas: 4.1 natural barring area;
4.2. the adjustable mode area;
4.3. the neutral zone.
5. the nature of the natural closed with special informative signs. Keep in light of the mark and the procedures for using these provisions set out in annex 3. Informative signs (preparation) and the deployment of the relevant authorities provide in cooperation with the environmental protection administration and the State joint stock company "Latvian State forests".
6. land owners (users), possession of prohibited (usage) of passengers and borderless movement of visitors through the roads, trails, watercourses and water bodies for conservation areas and listed to view the provisions of annex 1.
7. any type of advertising nature territory to deploy after barring a line of the national environment service regional environmental governance (hereinafter referred to as the regional environmental Office).
8. Information on the nature of the territory barring specially protected habitats and species specially protected biotopes can be spread only through conservation management written permission.
9. the legal possessor of land and the operator of the national joint stock company "Latvian State forests" is a prior to the award of contracts associated with the management of natural behavior.
10. Zebra in the Lake and in the Lake of St. allowed to enter only with registered boats, owned by the State joint stock company "Latvian State forests" or those landlords whose land borders the Lake. 
11. For each private property of land bounded by the Zebra in the Lake, allowed to hold and use your needs one boat after the boat registration in writing informing the operator of Lake. State joint stock company "Latvian State forests" allowed to use rowing boats, coordination with regional environmental governance.
12. throughout the territory of the natural closed prohibited activities, for which the State or a local government body responsible for the protection of the environment, according to its competence has adopted the Board's decision, that the relevant action is contrary to the behavior of creation and nature protection objectives and asked that the activity in question lags behind or is or may be: 12.1. a significant negative impact on wildlife, ecosystems or barring natural processes;
12.2. a significant negative impact on natural habitats, wild life stuff, herbs and fungi species and their habitats or wildlife population growth, rest and barošano, as well as gatherings migration period;
12.3. the negative effects on the strictly protected biotopes, especially protected species and their Habitat jam.
13. throughout the territory of natural barring banned: 13.1. installation of the new landfills and dumps;
13.2. use waterfowl hunting projectiles containing lead;
13.3. Blot dry marshes;
13.4. burn the dry grass and reeds, except where it is not difficult for nature management measures and have agreed in writing to the regional environmental governance and national forest service;
13.5. to leave the roads and move with motor vehicles, mopeds, scooters allowed, waggon and horses through the forest and the lauksaimn construction land, if it has nothing to do with the management or monitoring of the territory;
13.6. installation of camps and build tents outside the designated places;
8.5. bonfire outside the specified or specially equipped sites, except the fire burning for the residues of the felling of the forest management and regulatory laws;
13.8. the tool autosacensīb, motosacensīb, ūdensmotosport and ūdenssl pošan in the race, as well as rally, treniņbraucien and test drive;
13.9. the installation of wild plants, animals and fungi, as well as product sales and buying points;
13.10. set wind generators;
13.11. let the dog being in the outdoors without a leash and uzpurņ, except hunting control as required by applicable law and order;
13.12. getting valid minerals;
13.13. to damage or destroy (also ploughed or cultivating) floodplain, patio and forest meadow and lauc, except game follow-on lauc;
13.14. to perform actions that cause soil erosion;
1.15 p.m.. without written coordination with the regional environmental governance: 13.15.1. perform actions that cause ground water, ground water and ground water level changes;
13.15.2. build and install new dams and other water control devices, except where necessary for habitat restoration;
13.15.3. installation of the cognitive, recreational and tourism infrastructure projects;
13.15.4. scientific studies;
13.15.5. install new and expand existing maritime features in the database.
14. The construction of the natural area of permissible barring under the municipal territory planning, subject to these rules and the construction of laws and regulations governing the procedures and restrictions.
15. in the area of natural barring waterfowl hunting is allowed in the waterfowl hunting season no more than once a week (Saturday).
16. Nature Reserve area: 16.1. prohibited move with water motorcycles, motor yachts and motor boats, except for State and local officials of the institutions carrying out the movement of the die would bring, as well as the Lake operator's movement, which has the rights to use one speedboat Lake monitoring and protection;
16.2. mow from edges to the middle of the field;
16.3. the installation of the bog Cranberry plantation;
16.4. to carry out the transformation of land, except land transform this note to KUMU 16.15.2. and 16.15.3. in the cases referred to in (a);
16.5. to cut trees in the main lock and Reconstructive slapped;
16.6. to cut the trees, with the exception of parental lock disease infected by pest infested or otherwise damaged trees in accordance with this section and the provisions 16.15.5. regulations, if valdaudz's age exceeds: 16.6.1. pine and oak groves-60 years;
16.6.2. spruce, birch, melnalkšņ, an ash and lime groves-50 years;
16.6.3. Aspen groves – 30 years;
10.4. from 15 April to 31 July to carry out forestry operations, excluding the forest fire prevention measures, reforestation with the hand tools and dangerous trees (trees that threaten the lives and health of people nearby buildings or infrastructure) digging and harvesting;
16.8. the ramifications of growing trees stands, save a tree pruning view point of installation and maintenance, as well as traffic safety and of general use lanes;
16.9. to cut dead trees and remove fallen trees, krital, or parts thereof, which is the diameter of the larger space is greater than 25 cm, with the exception of hazardous trees harvested horse;
16.10. use special assistant device for collecting wild berries and mushrooms in reading;
16.11 install fenced wildlife species in open-air farms;
16.12. without written consent of regional environmental management and a whole. threshing managers organize outdoor mass sports, entertainment and leisure activities involving more than 20 people;
16.13. split the land of land units smaller than 10 in * hekt;
16.14. to install new and expand existing forest roads;
16.15. without written agreements with the regional environmental governance: 16.15.1. to carry out archaeological research;
16.15.2. take the road, utilities and other engineering structures restored in tion, renovation or reconstruction;
16.15.3. the ieaudzē forest;
16.15.4. collecting natural materials collections;
16.15.5. to cut the disease infected by pest infested or otherwise damaged trees thinning hair, except when the aged valdaudz this set mu 16.6. bottom of this age as well as sanitary felling and harvesting of the main at the State forest service in the opinion of the health.
17. adjustable mode zone created a protected forest habitats.
18. adjustable mode areas is prohibited any economic or other activity, except the following: 18.1. attendance area;
18.2. fire safety measures;
18.3. picking, picking mushrooms;
18.4. road maintenance;
18.5. hunting in accordance with the provisions of article 15;
18.6. following coordination with the regional environmental governance: 18.6.1. scientific research activity;
18.6.2. Habitat management measures;
18.6.3. cognitive, recreational and tourist facilities construction.

19. to ensure caurceļojoš and breeding birds, a natural area of defined barring seasonal closures.
20. Season barring limits defined in annex 2 to these regulations.
21. Season barring a melt of ice for a time until 30 June.
22. Season barring the Zebra in the Lake is forbidden to be on the boat and stay the Court people, except when this is necessary for monitoring the management of closed and scientific studies.
23. The operator shall ensure identification of the nature of the closed season.
24. the neutral zone has been created to organize tourist and holidaymaker traffic and encourage natural areas barring balanced and sustainable development.
25. the neutral zone is not subject to the provisions of article 16 and 18 of those requirements.
26. These rules also apply to natural in nature such as barring not suspended – protected trees – local and his alien species (trees, 1.3 m in circumference of tree root neck or height not less than that of the provisions referred to in annex 4).
27.10 m radius around the protected trees (measured from a protected tree crown projection outside edge) banned: 27.1. to carry out any economic or other activity that is or may be damaged or destroyed natural monument or reduce its natural aesthetic importance;
27.2. getting valid minerals;
27.3. the installation of the rest areas and camps, bringing tents and bonfire outside the specified or specially equipped places;
27.4. without written agreements with the regional environmental governance: 27.4.1. take natural monument management measures listed in the protection and conservation of kai;
27.4.2. take the underground construction and operation of buildings, which are not related to the extraction of mineral resources;
27.5. take any action that may adversely affect the protected tree growth and natural development;
17.1. to protect apkrau trees;
17.2. change environmental conditions – water and feeding mode;
17.3. to carry out land transformation;
17.3. to destroy or damage the natural repetitions, except Bush and tree felling in accordance with these rules and regulations;
27.10. to cut trees without the written coordination with the regional environmental governance.
28. tree felling in Protected (vintage) permissible only if it has become dangerous (risk to human life and health, nearby buildings or infrastructure) and the regional environmental governance written authorisation.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 19 May 2006.
1. the annex to Cabinet of 16 May 2006, the Regulation No 390 natural barring "Zebra and Holy Lake" functional area scheme, Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex 2 Cabinet of 16 May 2006, the Regulation No 390 natural barring "Zebra and Holy Lake" functional area and boundary description i. natural barring barring 1 natural zone zone includes all of its natural territory, barring outside adjustable mode zone and the neutral zone.
II. the Adjustable mode zone 2. adjustable mode composition of the forest zone District No.
Forest nogabal No.
Coordinates the management of No.
The x coordinate of the Y coordinate of the 44.
3., 7., 8., 9.
1.436953 6275452 2.
436920 6276126 3.
436998 6576088 4.
437122 6275598 45.
5., 9., 11., 12.
1.437600 6275538 2.
437611 6275963 3.
438167 6275922 4.
437830 6275507 46.
2., 7., 8.
1.438303 6276046 2.
438574 6275997 3.
438869 6276174 4.
438706 6275983 5.
438546 6275980 47.
4, 9, 10, 13, 14.
1.439193 6275524 2.
439038 6275535 3.
439129 6276146 4.
439381 6276259 5.
439519 6276044 51.
9, 10.

1.438502 6275009 2.
438482 6275231 3.
438845 6275134 4.
438042 6275004 256.
4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26.

257.10 1.
435391 6278186 2.
435452 6278811 3.
435889 6278153 4.
435734 6278161 5.
435460 6278175 6.
435894 6278748 7.
436135 6278634 8.
436320 6278479 9.
436295 6278117 10.
436290 6278020 11.
436104 6277976 12.
436035 6278139 13.
435889 6278471 14.
III. 435800 6278670 neutral zone 3. Neutral Zone boundary description no PO box
Robežposm number after the plan plan elements of the situation, through which a certain boundaries of Dobele district. Zemgale-1 virsmežniecīb.

Biksti parish 1.1.
1-2 From Zebra to East coast of the Lake through the forestry 261. Prods block 14. nogabal South boundary and the northern boundary nogabal 16 East to farm "Smiltniek" (cadastral no 46540060060) West of the border (eastern boundary of natural behavior) 1.2.
2-3 South on farm "Smiltniek" (cadastral no 46540060060) western border (eastern boundary of natural behavior) to Prods zebrene parish and the limit of 1.3.
3-4 to the North and West by the parish of Prods and so zebrene borders the eastern shore of Lake Zebra for 1.4.
4-1 to the North along the eastern shore of Lake Zebra to point of departure 4. Neutral Zone at the Latvian coordinate system (FAS 92) coordinates no PO box
The X coordinate of the Y coordinates of reference points 1.
1 439516 6276593 2.
2 439613 6276602 3.
3 439513 6276200 4.
IV. 4 439417 6276309 season barring 5. Season barring a boundary description no PO box
Robežposm number after the plan plan elements of the situation, through which a certain boundaries of Dobele district. Zemgale-1 virsmežniecīb.

Biksti parish 1.1.
1-5 Of biksti forestry 258. the South-East corner of the neighborhood and the South-West coast of the Lake of Zebra crosses East to the eastern shore of Lake Zebra at the bird observation tower 1.2.
5-6 South on Zebra to the East coast of Lake Prods zebrene parish and the border/Kiel forestry 47. block the northern limit of 1.3.
6-10 West by Kiel forestry 47, 46, 45 and 44. block the northern boundary to the South-West coast of the Lake for a zebra to 1.4.
10-1 to the Northwest along the southwestern shore of Lake Zebra to the starting point of the season barring at 6 Latvian coordinate system (FAS 92) coordinates no PO box
The X coordinate of the Y coordinates of reference points 1.
1 436808 6276453 2.
2 437466 6276458 3.
3 438156 6276462 4.
4 438891 6276467 5.
5 439493 6276470 6.
6 439418 6276310 7.
7 438880 6276322 8.
8 438269 6276017 9.
9 437472 6276056 10.
10 436952 6276245 notes.
1. The boundaries of the parish and Prods description zebrene parish after the property cadastre on January 1, 2004.
2. Natural Reserve is located in Zemgale biksti forestry of virsmežniecīb territory. Forest blocks numbering used in the 1999 mežierīcīb.
Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex 3 Cabinet of 16 May 2006, the Regulation No 390 informative sign to denote natural barring 1. Informational sign in the name of natural behavior () is the green square area of white frame with a stylized wall pictogram.
2. Sign color (color of the standard specified in Pantone, CMYK and ORACAL systems) are the following: 2.1 square area (pictograms wall background)-light green in color (Pantone M0 Y100 K0, 362C or C70 or ORACAL ECONOMY 064 (yellow green));
2.2. the pictogram wall-white;
2.3. the outline of the wall and the wall of the pictogram of the dzīslojum-dark green (Pantone or C100 M0 Y78 K42, 3425C or ECONOMY (dark green) ORACAL 060);
2.4. sign a frame-white.
3. the procedures for using the mark: 3.1. installing the sign, select one of the following dimensions: 300 x 300 mm 3.1.1 3.1.2 3.1.3 150 x 150 mm.; 75 x 75 mm.; 3.2 marks appear in the editions size (keeping the propor tion square) select according to the scale used, but not less than 5 x 5 mm; 3.3. other cases not mentioned in this annex 3.1. and 3.2. bottom point, you can use the different sizes of signs saving the square proportions;
3.4. the sign does not install on the roads (including the tracks).
Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex 4 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 16 May 2006, the Regulation No 390 protected trees – local and his alien species (by the circumference and height) 1 2 3 4 no PO box
Species circumference 1.3 metres (m) height (m) 1 2 3 4 i. local species 1.
Aspen (Populus tremul L.)
3.5 35 2.
Baltalksn (Moose in incan (L.) Moench) 1.6 25 3.
Outdoor Birch (the pendulum of Betul Roth) 3.0 33 4.
Swamp Birch (Betul is pubescens Ehrh.)
3.0 32 5.
Pūpolvītol (Salix l. capre)
1.9 22 6.
Spruce (Picea abies (l.) Karst.)
3.0 37 7.
Hybrid Alder (Alnus x pubescens Tausch) 1.5 32 8.
The usual Elm (Ulmus glabr of Hud.)
4.0 28 9.
The usual Eve (Pad-Avium Mill.)
1.7 22 10.
Plain Maple (Acer platanoid-L.)
3.5 27 11.
Ordinary lime (Tilia cordata Mill.)
4.0 33 12.
Normally Truscott (Ulmus laevis Pall.)
4.0 30 13.
Melnalksn (Alnus glutinosa (l.) Gaertn.)
3.0 30 14.
The usual os (Fraxinus excelsior l.)
4.0 34 15.
Common oak (Quercus robur l.)
5.0 32 16.
Common beech (Carpinus betulus l.)
1.9 20 17.
Common Rowan (Sorbus l. aucupari)
1.7 21 18.
Plain pine (Pinus sylvestris l.)
3.0 38 19.
Šķetr (Salix pentandra l.)
1.6 22 20.
Sweden's Juniper (Juniperus communis l. var. suecic-AIT.)
11. Alien Species II 0.8-21.
Conifers 21.1.
Balsam spruce (Abies balsame (L.) 1.5 mill.) 24 21.2.
European spruce (Abies alba Mill.)
2.7 32 21.3.
European ciedrupried (Pinus l. produced)
1.6 22 21.4.
European Larch (Larix decidu Mill.)
3.2 39 21.5.

Canada (hemlokegl) (tsug Tsug canadensis (l.) Carr.)
1.3 15 8.5.
Russian larch (Larix ledebouri (Rupr.) CIN.)
3.0 34 21.7.
The black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold) 1.9 21.8 23.
The Douglas of Mount Menzies (Pseudotsuga menziesi (Mirb.) Franco) 2.4-13.6.
West tūj (Thuja occidentalis l.)
1.4 21.10 16.
Siberian spruce (Abies sibiric the Ledeb.)
1.8 30 21.11.
Siberian ciedrupried (Pinus sibiric Du Tour) 1.9 22 21.12.
Veimutpried (Pinus strobus l.)
2.7 36 21.13.
Monochrome spruce (Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend) Lindl. ex Hildebr.)
1.7 32 22.
Deciduous trees 22.1.
Ailantlap-Walnut (a ailanthifoli of Juglan Carr.)
20 1.4 22.2.
Outdoor birch, šķeltlap (the pendulum of Betul ' Crisp ') 1.6 25 22.3.
White robīnij (pseudoacaci of l. Robini)
1.9 20 22.4.
White willow (Salix alba l.)
4.5 20 22.5.
British Elm (Ulmus Montana Lindquis glabr can.) 22.6 30 3.2.
Douglas krustābel (Lindl., Crataegus to douglasi)
0.8 10 14.1.
Yellow Birch (Betul is a British aleghaniens.)
1.2 22.8 15.
Hibrīdpīlādz (Sorbus hybrida (l.) 1.0 l.) 10 22.9.
Dutch lindens (Tilia x Europaea l.)
2.8 26 22.10.
Mountain Maple (Acer pseudoplatan l.)
2.2 20 22.11.
Crimean Linden (Tilia x euchlor k. Koch) 1.9 20 12/22.
Field Maple (Acer campestris l.)
1.5 18 22.13.
Mandžūrij-Walnut (a mandshuric of Juglan maxim.)
1.6 18 22.14.
And hybrid poplar (Populus genus) 5.0 35 22.15.
Paper Birch (Marsh of Betul papyrifer.)
1.6 20 22.16.
Common beech (Fagus sylvatica l.)
Common beech, purpurlap (Fagus sylvatica ' Purpurea ' latifolia) 3.1 30 22.18.
Common oak, the pyramid shape (Quercus robur ' Fastigiat ') 2.4 24 22.19.
Normally, the lietussargveid Elm (Ulmus ' glabr ' Camperdown) 1.9-22.20.
Normal zirgkastaņ (Aescul of the hippocastan of L.)
3.0 23 22.21.
Grey Walnut (cinerea l. of Juglan)
2.8 20 0.00.
Pennsylvania's os (Fraxinus pennsylvanic Marsh.)
2.0 23 22.23.
Broad-leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllo a Scop.)
3.1 27 22.24.
Polka dot in krustābel (in the punctat of Crataegus Jacq.)
1.0 22.25 8.
Saldķirs (cerasus Avium (l.) Moench) 1.6 12 22.26.
Red oak (Quercus Rubra l.)
1.9 27 22.27.
The blushing willow (Salix × Rubens Schrank) 3.1 25 22.28.
Steppe-Elm (Ulmus minor L.)
2.2 20 22.29.
Silver Maple (Acer of saccharin L.)
3.2 26 22.30.
Sudrabvītol (Salix alba ' sericea ') 20 4.5 22.31.
German krustābel (alemanniens the Fight of Crataegus.)
0.7 10 22.32.
The Green os (Fraxinus pennsylvanic may subintegerrim (Vahl) Fern.).
2.0 23 22.33.
Swedish Rowan (Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers.)
1.9 12 Minister of environment r. vējonis