The Order In Which National Armed Forces Take Part In The Crash, Fire And Rescue, As Well As Emergency Caused By The Effects Of The Winding-Up. Specifying The Previously Published

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Nacionālie bruņotie spēki piedalās avārijas, ugunsdzēsības un glābšanas darbos, kā arī ārkārtējo situāciju izraisīto seku likvidācijā. Precizējot iepriekš publicēto

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Specifying the previously published the Cabinet of 21 March 2006 no. 206 "the provisions of the order in which national armed forces take part in the crash, fire and rescue, as well as the emergency caused by the liquidation of the effects" ("journal", 23.03.2006., no. 48): 1) 3.2 wording of subparagraph as follows: "3.2. first aid for affected populations, evacuation, medical transportation with aircraft;"
5. the introductory part of point 2) version is the following: "5. The decision on the need to involve national armed forces units or emergency fire and rescue on land are entitled to adopt:";
3) 6 version is the following: "6. national fire and rescue service officer (in the case of forest fires, the virsmežzin or his authorized person) who drives a fire or emergency deletion and rescue, is entitled to take a decision on the need to involve fire, emergency and rescue work in the administrative territory of the national armed forces stationed units.";
7. the introductory part of point 4) version is the following: "7. Request on the need to involve national armed forces fire works and the execution controls in the following order:";
5) 9, first sentence is the following: "9. If you want to react immediately, a decision on the need for emergency and rescue works to involve the relevant administrative territory of national armed forces stationed units are eligible to take the State fire and rescue service Chief of the territorial Department.";
10. the introductory part of paragraph 6) version is: "10." request on the need to involve national armed forces emergency and rescue and enforcement controls in the following order: ";
7) point 12 is: versions of ' 12. Decision on need ie sais rolling himself a national armed forces air forces (air force) medical transportation by aircraft is entitled to adopt disaster Medical Center Director or his authorized representative, informed the air force operational youth. Air Force operational report to the Deputy Air Force Commander or his authorized person for requests received and disaster Medical Center — on air force commander or his authorized person of the decision taken and the aircraft and their crews ready to perform medical transport to the aircraft. Duties of the crew of an aircraft operating under disaster Medical Center's instructions and keep in contact with the air force operational youth. In court, the aircraft disaster medical center professionals comply with safety regulations. ";
13. the introductory part of paragraph 8) Act are the following: ' 13. Decision on the need to involve national armed forces units in providing assistance to the system of civil protection emergency liquidation takes effect: "."
Deputy Director of the State Chancellery of legislation Affairs in place of the head of the legal department i. ndah