The Award Of Appropriations And Implementing Arrangements

Original Language Title: Asignējumu piešķiršanas un izpildes kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 429 in Riga, 30 May 2006 (pr. No 30 18) Appropriation and enforcement order Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management 24. the second paragraph of article i. General provisions 1 the questions determines the order in which the Treasury budget-funded institutions granting appropriations and ensure performance according to the appropriations set out in the law on the State budget for the current year (hereinafter the State budget law).
II. allocation of appropriations 2. Within five working days after the adoption of the law on the State budget in second reading in Parliament of the ministries and other Central Government institutions (hereinafter the Ministry) draw up and submit proposals to the Ministry of finance grants from general revenue breakdown by financial year months (there could — grants distribution) according to the payment terms, taking into account the following conditions: 2.1. remuneration and other payments on the recurring costs of the plan according to the timetable of the cost;
2.2. subsidies and grants, allocated to the policy of the European Union co-financed the instruments or the funded projects and to finance measures, according to the plan set out a payment schedule;
2.3. the contributions to the international organizations the plan according to a payment schedule;
2.4. the capital purchase plan in accordance with the projected public procurement procedures;
2.5. investment plans according to the foreseen timetable and payment schedule for the works executed.
3. Ministry of Finance Ministry summarizes the proposals submitted for grant allocation. If inaccuracies are found, the Ministry of Finance shall inform the Ministry, and the Ministry grant specify the distribution. The Minister of Finance shall decide on the grant of the Ministry split you and the Ministry of Finance within two working days after the promulgation of the law of State budget of that decision, send to the Treasury and the Ministry.
4. the Minister of Finance shall decide on PHARE and projects co-financed under the cohesion fund the distribution of funds between projects (the gramm-apakšpr) in accordance with the agreements, and the Ministry of Finance within five working days after the promulgation of the law of State budget sent that decision, the Treasury and the Ministry.
5. the head of the Department, taking into account the decision of the Minister of Finance on the distribution of grants, as well as the Ministry of State budget law approved in the appropriation, shall be determined in the budget of the subordinated institutions — funded programme and sub-programme of the artist — the annual resources and spending, showing the distribution of grants, and Treasury information about specific programmes and subprogrammes of the performers.
6. budget funded institution under the Ministry of resources and expenditure annual volume prepare budget-funded institutions and the financing plan in Kumu projects by months, identifying the resources to cover the costs and expenses pursuant to the financing plan (annex).
7. budget-funded institutions individual financing plan projects, if: 7.1 granted more appropriations for programmes and subprogrammes;
7.2. for the purposes of the project for foreign financial aid;
7.3. the PHARE project for the implementation of the State budget financing;
7.4. the projects co-financed under the Cohesion Fund for the implementation of the State budget a certain participation related and not related expenditure;
7.5. the appropriation for national implementation of the investment project;
7.6. the funds of the European Union and other European Union policy instruments for the implementation of the project by the contracts concluded for a grant from the general revenue;
7.7. the project for implementation of the European economic area and the funding of financial instruments;
7.8. the appropriation allocated to General obligations;
7.9. the utilisation of the appropriations determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.
8. budget-funded institutions to prepare a financing plan shall be submitted to the Ministry, the project for which the Government statutory appropriation for the State budget to a programme or subprogramme.
9. The Ministry accepts every budget-funded institutions or financing plan of the event and no later than eight working days before the beginning of the financial year or five working days before the beginning of the current month, electronically submit them to the Treasury, as well as electronically submit to the Treasury program and the Sub summaries, adding the financing plan for the project and the summary list.
10. Treasury check budget submitted by the Finance Ministry authorities, and funding plan for the project and the summary compliance with State budget law. If inaccuracies are found in the financing plan, the Treasury Department informed electronically about it. The institution concerned shall draw up and submit to repeatedly clarify budgetary institution financed and funding plan for the project, as well as the programs and subprograms kopsavil Kuma.
11. The Treasury recorded budget funded institution checked and a plan for financing the measures, projects and their summaries, printing it, and no later than three working days before the financial year or the beginning of the current month, submit to the Ministry for approval.
12. the head of the Ministry confirms each budget-funded institutions or financing plan for the measure and no later than one working day before saimn the current year or the thigh of the beginning of the month submit to the Treasury.
13. every financing plan the Treasury open a separate budget account the next working day and shall inform the budgetary authority on the financing of the account opening.
14. Treasury based on the budget measures funded institutions and financing plans, the first working day of the month award: 14.1. grant from the general revenue;
14.2. the monthly appropriation.
15. If, at the start of the financial year, the entry into force of the State budget law, the Ministry of finance determines the period for the submission of the financing plan.
III. implementation of appropriations 16. budget funded institution shall submit to the Treasury Ministry or local driver confirmed card of specimen signatures of certifying person powers Amat handle financial resources on open accounts.
17. budget-funded institutions: 17.1. expenses, using the electronic payment system of the budget "e-cash" or submitting a Treasury payment orders (in duplicate), which specifies the payer and recipient properties, the remittance amount (in figures and words), economic classification code according to the financing plan and purpose of the payment, as well as the purpose of the payment;
17.2. the payment orders relating to State secrets classified as objects, information service, using legislation to establish special labels and giving the appropriate economic classification code.
18. The State Treasury on the basis of the budget submitted by the finance authorities, the payment document provides budget-funded institutions in the implementation of the financing plan, avoiding expenses that exceed the amount of the asig nējum granted (including excess maintenance costs and expenditure capital investments), and up to a year the planned amount of months and the annual amount of indicators set out in the plan, as well as the resources at its disposal. The working day following the closing of the previous working day for the Treasury ensure budgetary institution financed by the account statement for the previous day transactions.
19. The Treasury on the first working day of each month to ensure budget funded institution with the account summary statement of cash receipts and expenditure cut in economic classification for the period from the beginning of the year until the last day of the previous month. Budget-funded institutions compare institutions accounting data and up to the current month the tenth date submitted to the Treasury approved the summary report. If this deadline is not met, the Treasury up to the date of the receipt of the report, you can specify that account use restrictions.
20. The Treasury up to the seventh working day period, the Ministry provides a summary statement for each quarter and financial year. If the Ministry accepts the summary report data, it shall, within two working days, submit to the Treasury agreed a summary statement. If the Ministry does not agree to brief stroke report data, it shall submit within three working days of the Treasury letter based on the summary report identified inconsistencies with specified adjustments. If this deadline is not met, the Treasury up to the date of the receipt of the report, you can specify that account use restrictions.
21. the budget-funded institutions can submit Treasury justified proposals to review the expenses incurred during the period would be regarded as a cash expense adjustment in the following cases: 21.1. mistakenly remitted payment amounts;
21.2. settlements with employees (students) one budgetary authority;
21.3. the amounts that the normative documents in the cases and in the order repaid foreign financial assistance and policy instruments of the European Union project and in the course of the implementation of the measures;

21.4. overpayment (debt repayment) that occurred during the current budget year. The amount of reimbursement receivable for the previous budget year, the State budget revenues.
22. budget-funded institutions to draw up amendments to the financing plan if: 22.1. income from fees for services rendered and other own revenues or foreign financial aid funds does not meet the financing plan, the approved amount in the month and it is necessary to increase or decrease the monthly appropriation;
22.2. the need to reallocate the monthly amount of the grant from the general revenue of the international legal framework of the programme or subprogrammes;
22.3. in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance has increased the appropriation;
22.4. the amended State budget law;
22.5. the Cabinet's decision is reduced or delayed appropriations;
22.6. in accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers is made according to the reallocation of funds in the State budget law.
23. the amendments to the financing plans this provision 22. in the cases referred to in point check and approve these rules 9, 10, 11 and 12 above.
24. If the institution is financed by the budget of the programme or subprogramme in the execution of the tender involve other subordinated to the Ministry of the budget-funded institutions and other laws provide otherwise, the institution concerned shall draw up separate financial plan while adjusting the existing relevant programmes or sub-programmes of the financing plan. Sowing plans approved by the Finance Ministry, which the national budget Act appropriation of the programme or subprogramme.
25. The Ministry and the Finance Ministry each month to evaluate Ministry Pro gramm and sub. If expenses are less than 85 Pro cents from financing plan approved expenses, quarterly on the basis of performance assessment, the Ministry presented a financing plan. The Ministry of finance may require the Ministry to submit amendments to the plan for financing the next months according to the work to be done or measure due dates.
26. Treasury based on budget-funded institutions by providing a gum, close accounts during the financial year, unless they are.
27. the budgetary institution financed by the General features of the accounts balances at 31 December arising from the proceeds of the fee for other services and the same revenue or foreign financial assistance and policy instruments of the European Union funds, the Treasury under the State budget law and the budgetary institution financed submissions up to January 10 posts the following financial year opened accounts for the Treasury if that balance does not exceed the revenue during the year, the amount of funds actually received. Special budget account balances state that, on the basis of the budgetary institution financed submissions until 10 January posts next financial year opened accounts in full.
28. the State Secretary of the Ministry provides preparation of the financing plan adequately state budget law and their timely submission to the Treasury in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions. The budget provides the appropriations allocated bailiff executing the national budget the appropriations Act in accordance with these rules.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 3 June 2006.
Annex a Cabinet of 30 May 2006, regulations no 429 annex ZIP 136 kb financial Minister o. Spurdziņš