Rules For The Real Thing Seized Stamping Procedures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par apķīlāto kustamo lietu apzīmogošanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 447 Riga, 30 May 2006 (pr. No 30 60. §) rules on the use of the attached movable sealing order issued under section 130(a) of the 573. the first paragraph of article 1 of the attached rules provide real case (hereinafter case) stamped horse. 2. a sworn bailiff stamped case mounted on a label, or liens mark apzīmogojum mark (information about the attachment). 3. Label, liens or apzīmogojum mark mark indicates the following: 3.1 the bailiff who sealed the case: 3.1.1. name, surname;
3.1.2. the posts;
3.1.3. place of practice;
3.2. execution of the registration number of the case;
3.3. date and time of the seizure. 4. Mark Apzīmogojum also indicate things seized. 5. Label and liens sign minimum size is 30 x 100 mm. 6. Sworn bailiff sticker affixed to things in such a way as to be clearly visible. 7. If it is not possible to affix labels to things they clearly visible, affix it to the back of the case. 8. Things that, because of their characteristics, it is not possible to affix a sticker shall be affixed (tied) liens. 9. If the individual things in the package bundle or other types of packages, the label affixed to the package surface. 10. If it is not possible to seal the case and it is not possible to package, apzīmogojum sign affixed to the room door. 11. a sworn bailiff stamped also those things that are exported from the debtor's premises and is not transferred to the debtor, his family member or authorized representative in trust. 12. Expiry of the liens, the bailiff shall ensure apzīmogojum. 13. Apzīmogojum label, or liens mark placed to it as possible, obstruct or limit the use of the case. Prime Minister a. Halloween g. Grīnvald the Minister of Justice of the