Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 August 2005, Regulation No 579 Of The "provisions On Restrictions On The Use Of The Medicinal Product In Animals And Of Animals And Food Of Animal Origin Products, If The Animals Entered Restriction Of The Us...

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 2.augusta noteikumos Nr.579 "Noteikumi par ierobežojumiem zāļu lietošanā dzīvniekiem un dzīvnieku un dzīvnieku izcelsmes pārtikas produktu apriti, ja dzīvniekiem ievadītas lietošanas ierobežojumiem pakļautās zāles"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 462 in Riga, June 6, 2006 (pr. No 31 23) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 august 2005 No. 579 "the provisions of the rules on the limits the use of the medicinal product in animals and food of animal origin products, if the animals entered restriction of the use of medicinal products" Issued in accordance with article 5 of the law on Pharmacy's 11 and veterinary law article 25, paragraph 1, to make the Cabinet 2 august 2005 No. 579 of the regulations ' provisions on restrictions on the use of the medicinal product in animals and of animals and food of animal origin products When the animals enter the restriction of the use of the medicine "(Latvian journal, 2005, 122 no) the following amendments: 1. Replace the text in a number and letter" a "with a number and 17b letter" β "17.
2. Express 6.2. subparagraph by the following: "the 6.2 beta agonists, estradiol 17 β and its derivatives esterveidīgo animals destined for food products surfactants or products derived therefrom intended for human consumption, except where such products are used in these regulations 14, 16 and 16.1 point."
3. Replace paragraph 10, the words "and the numbers 14 and 16" with numbers and the words "14, 16 and 16.1".
4. Make the following paragraph 11: "11. Shed bred animals for therapeutic purposes is allowed to use the drug, containing testosterone, progesterone and its derivatives, provided that the said products enter the veterinarian and the following requirements are met: 11.1. use of fertility medications to treat problems or unwanted pregnancy interruption;
11.2. medicine enter a separate shed for animal if raised by a veterinarian before entering the animal drug is clinically investigated;
11.3. medicinal products shall be entered in the form of injections, but ovarian dysfunction treatment also vaginal convectors;
11.4. the grass is prohibited to enter the implant;
11.5. the absorption of medicinal applications are subject to hydrolysis process. "
5. Express and section 16.3 16.2 as follows: "16.2. beta agonists to bovine animals during calving proposed tokolīz. Beta agonists injection way enter a veterinarian;
16.3. the beta agonists to treat respiratory disease and proposed tokolīz of equine animals not intended for meat. "
6. Supplement with 16.1 points in this version: "10.0 beta agonists are not allowed to use for therapeutic purposes in animals intended for food of animal origin or acquisition of breeding animals at the end of the reproductive cycle, except when the beta agonists are used in paragraph 16.2. these provisions."
7. Make the paragraph 19 by the following: "19. Service according to competence without prior notice make checks to: 19.1. open these rules that prohibited or subject to restrictions on the storage of the medicinal product, which is used to promote the fattening of animals, from which the foodstuffs of animal origin;
19.2. reveal the illegal treatment of animals;
19.3. ensure that food of animal origin restriction period of acquisition;
19.4. verify compliance with the limit therapeutic purposes or zootechnical treatment, as well as using other medicines referred to in these terms of use limits the subject matter. "
8. Make the paragraph 22 and 23 by the following: "22. According to the competence of the Service without notice controls for veterinarians and veterinary medical care, economic operators authorised to distribute and use substances with thyreostatic action, estrogen, androgens or gestagenic action beta agonists.
23. The operator or his authorized person records the chronological order referred to in paragraph 22 of the rules of the medicinal product bought and sold and the names of the medicines sold or from whom they purchased. Information is available in the service. "
9. Delete the second sentence of paragraph 27, the words "or which are to be controlled by karenc period (withdrawal)". Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose