Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 23 December 2003, Regulations No. 764 "benefits And Compensation Provisions Of The Diplomatic And Consular Service"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 23.decembra noteikumos Nr.764 "Pabalstu un kompensāciju izmaksas noteikumi diplomātiskajā un konsulārajā dienestā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 481, Riga, 20 June 2006 (pr. No 33 10) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 23 December 2003, regulations No. 764 "benefits and compensation provisions of the diplomatic and consular service" Issued in accordance with the diplomatic and consular law, article 20 of the fourth draw of the Cabinet of Ministers of 23 December 2003, regulations No. 764 "benefits and compensation provisions of the diplomatic and consular service" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 183; 2005, 17, nr. 176) the following amendments : 1. the supplement to chapter I, 3.1 points as follows: "3.1 salaries allowance, allowance for the stay abroad, the spouse's allowance for the child's stay abroad and benefit services needs to be used to cover the travel expenses for the employee is not paid on time: 3.1 1. servant leave without retention of salary;
3.1 2. employee of maternity leave;
3.1 3. prohibited from service duties by the diplomatic and consular service. "
2. Express 4 by the following: "4. the salary allowance for service abroad (hereinafter referred to as the Payroll benefit) is determined according to the employee for the job, beginning with the first calendar day when he arrived at the place of employment for the performance of their duties, but not earlier than the date of the transfer specified in the order. Salary allowance is paid for the amount of time that the employee spends travelling to the place of employment or returning from them, but no more than two days travel in each direction. Salary allowance cease to pay by the day, when you leave the service, but not later than the date of the transfer specified in the order. "
3. Delete paragraph 6.
4. Make the following point 8: "8. The employee's spouse and children residing in the place of the service constantly, if their absence outside the place of business in the calendar year does not exceed 120 days, including employee leave. In some cases, if it is for good reason, with the written authorisation of the sending institution absence period may be extended, but not more than 150 days. In such a case, the employee benefits for spouse's and child's stay abroad receive on time, which receives a salary allowance (except in the case referred to in point 3.1 of these terms). "
5. Supplement with 9.1 points as follows: "If a child reaches 9.1 18 years of age or completion of secondary education institution in the country, the service continues to live in the same household with staff, service and education in the country not enter into marriage and the employee shall continue to perform their duties in that country, the benefits of the child's stay abroad are paid out to the employee until such time as the employee of the termination of State service duties. Benefits of the child's stay abroad are paid if the employee has joined all the conditions mentioned in this paragraph and an employee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lodged a submission stating that the child has reached 18 years of age or have completed secondary education authority (adding relevant documents), not working and not into marriage. "
6. Delete paragraph 10 and 11.
7. Make the following point 12: ' 12. Employee benefits for spouse's and child's stay abroad for the spouse and the child's actual residence time for places in the country (except in the case referred to in point 8 of these rules), but not earlier than the date of service of the employee and not exceeding the employee leaving the country for a day. "
8. Put the following in paragraph 14: "14. If the diplomatic and consular missions, in coordination with the authorities of the consignor, by the employee's spouse has concluded a contract of employment, the employee benefit is maintained on the spouse's residence abroad. "
9. Supplement with 21.1 points as follows: "If this rule 21 21.1 points in the case of employees going to national service in certain periods of time, allowance for the purchase of household equipment shall be paid to the employee on the State of the service going first to the extent due to the spouse with the higher post."
10. Replace paragraph 24, the number "40" with the number "50".
11. Supplement with 26.1 points by the following: "If the actual expenditure on 26.1 apartment rent and utility costs are lower than the maximum specified in these provisions the apartment rent and utilities expense refund amount, actual expenditure shall be borne by the employee."
12. Express 27 the following: 27. Apartment rental and utility costs in the amount of compensation per employee are determined in the two-man family (spouses). For each subsequent family member who service the country staying permanently, apartment lease and utility expense refund amount is increased by 5%. "
13. Express 31 the following: "31. the employee is covered for children of school and preschool educational spending 90% of pre-school, primary and general secondary education, if the child attends the relevant place of business school in the country, local governments or international institutions for diplomats and children for school and schools set tuition fees."
14. Delete paragraph 35.
15. To complement the chapter VII with 36.1 and 36.2 points as follows: "If the employee's children stopped 36.1 school period for which cover the child's school expense allowance, and from learning institutions are not able to recover money for the period during which the employee's child is not taught in that institution, the new child's school employee for reimbursement of expenses if not compensated for in costs. This paragraph does not apply to the State civil service law referred to in article 37.
36.2 where the employee is exempt from the diplomatic and consular service, he shall be obliged to reimburse the fees for the remaining part of the term, which was offset. This paragraph does not apply to civil law in the case referred to in article 37, as well as to other employees of the independent circumstances and cases. "
16. Delete subparagraph 1.2 of annex 1, the words "the Embassy of the Russian Federation".
17. To supplement annex 1, point 1.7. behind the words "junior specialist" with the words "senior officer".
18. The deletion of paragraph 3 of annex 1.
19. Amend Annex 3 paragraph 1.2., the words "the Embassy of the Russian Federation".
20. Add to subparagraph 1.3 of annex 3 after the words "housekeeper" with the words "senior officer".
21. Add to paragraph 2 of annex 4 after the words "industry advisor" with the words "consular department heads".
22. Deletion of annex 4, paragraph 3, the words "Consular Department of Embassy of the Russian Federation".
23. To supplement annex 4 paragraph 3 after the words "junior specialist" with the words "senior officer". Prime Minister a. Halloween Foreign Minister Pabriks (A).