Rules For Associations And Foundations, Which Are Exempt From Real Estate Tax Payments On Those Sites Buildings And Structures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par biedrībām un nodibinājumiem, kas atbrīvoti no nekustamā īpašuma nodokļa maksājumiem par tiem piederošajām ēkām un būvēm

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 533, Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. 34. § 50) the provisions concerning associations and foundations, which are exempt from real estate tax payments for these buildings and construction sites Issued under the law "on real estate tax" 1. the second paragraph of article 18, paragraph 1. determine the associations and foundations which have been exempt from real estate tax payments on associations and foundations of buildings and construction sites.
2. From real estate tax payments on associations and foundations of buildings and construction sites are released the following associations and foundations: auce Latvian Association 2.1 crisis centre "House";
2.2. the 1991 barricades members of society;
2.3. NGO "Latvian Youth Council";
2.4. NGO "Latvian Union of Architects";
2.5. The Latvian Association "organization" save the children ";
2.6. the Union of the deaf;
2.7. the society "the blind";
2.8. "Latvian Red Cross";
2.9. "Latvian SOS Children's Village Association";
2.10. the Foundation "the World Wildlife Fund";
2.11. Riga city Latgale suburb society of disabled persons;
2.12. the care and development of the stands "Mežazīl".
3. the right to property tax exemption to the entry into force of these regulations, be retained until the date of 31 December 2006 by br the following associations and foundations: 3.1 Association "Union of Architects of Latvia";
3.2. the Association "Association of artists of Latvia";
3.3. the Association "Union of the deaf";
3.4. the Association "the blind";
3.5. the Association "the Latvian Composers ' Union";
3.6. the Association "organization" save the children ";
3.7. the Association "doctors";
3.8. society "Latvian Writers ' Union";
3.9. the society of the "Red Cross";
3.10. the Association "sports society" Daugava "";
3.11. the Association "club environment";
3.12. the Association "the Latvian National soldiers ' society ';
3.13. society "Latvian theatre Union of employees";
3.14. the Association ' helpdesk ';
3.15. the Association "Riga Latvian society";
3.16. society "Latvian volunteer fire Association of society";
3.17. the Association "Union of Municipalities of Latvia";
3.18. the Association "Livonian (LIV) Union" LĪVOD "COMPLEX";
3.19. The Latvian Association of disabled people;
3.20. the Foundation "the Latvian children's Fund";
3.21. the Foundation "the Latvian cultural foundation".
4. the Provisions of paragraph 2 shall enter into force by 1 January 2007.
5. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2006.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2006.