The Coordination Arrangements Within The Electrical Networks, District Heating, Water And Sewerage Networks, Gas Pipelines, Facilities And Gāzapgād Buildings, Warehouses And Storage Of Gas, If The Strip Of Land That Is Occupied By The Apartments Hous...

Original Language Title: Aizsargjoslas saskaņošanas kārtība elektriskajiem tīkliem, siltumtīkliem, ūdensvadu un kanalizācijas tīkliem, gāzes vadiem, gāzapgādes iekārtām un būvēm, gāzes noliktavām un krātuvēm, ja aizsargjosla aizņem zemi, kas ir daudzdzīvokļu māju dzīvokļu īpašnie

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 510, Riga, 27 June 2006 (pr. No 34 9) protection zone coordination arrangements electrical networks, district heating, water and sewerage networks, gas pipelines, facilities and gāzapgād buildings, warehouses and storage of gas, if the strip of land that is occupied by apartments apartment owners in joint ownership in accordance with the issued law Zone 33. the second paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which the cordon line, if it is proposed in the electric network, district heating, water and sewerage networks, gas pipelines equipment and premises, gāzapgād, gas storage and storage during construction or expansion, where it is provided that after they take the new strip of land, and if this object occupies the strip of land that is the apartment house apartment owners in joint ownership. 2. the electric network, district heating, water and sewerage networks, gas pipelines, equipment and premises gāzapgād, gas storage and storage owner (hereinafter referred to as the object's owner) to electronically prepare lines plan (scale 1:500, the vector form, Latvia in geodetic coordinate system LK-92). Guard bar project print the plan object owner submit match away local and apartment house apartment owners (hereinafter-the apartment owner). 3. Protection Zone line before local authorities, detailed planning or approval of the amendments, and agreed a plan to add the zone planning documentation. 4. the protection zone can be matched: 4.1 apartment owners individually;
4.2. the owner of the apartment owners of public housing was created;
4.3. the apartment owner trustee Manager if it is relevant to the mandate. 5. the owner of the Object of this provision in paragraph 4, the following persons shall submit a written invitation to harmonize protection zone. The invitation shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 the draft Protocol for harmonisation;
5.2. protection zone plan (scale 1:500);
5.3. information about the real estate object after detection zone of inhibition;
5.4. information on the lump-sum remuneration apartment owners who calculated and payable in accordance with the laws and regulations on remuneration. 6. the provisions of paragraph 4, The persons referred to in the decision for reconciliation must be adopted within 30 days from the date of receipt of the invitation. 7. The provisions of paragraph 4, the persons referred to in the agreement shall be evidenced by the signature on the draft plan and zone matching protocol. 8. Protection zone is considered to be consistent if it is brought to the vokļ at home daudzdz apartment owners or this rule 4.2 or 4.3 of the person referred to. In connection with the harmonization of the zone the disputes between the owner of the object and the apartment owners settled in court. 9. The municipality approved the border zone data (vector form, the geodetic coordinate system LK-92) two weeks after the reconciliation of the electronically submitted within the State land service. 10. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 July 2006. Prime Minister a. Halloween Defense Minister a. Slakter States