Provisions On The Special Connection To The Electricity Transmission System

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par speciālo pieslēgumu elektroenerģijas pārvades sistēmai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 476 in 2006 (13 June. No 32 27. §) rules on the special connection to the electricity transmission system Issued under the electricity market Act, 9. the third paragraph of article i. General provisions 1 the question determines the order in which the application is submitted and the appearance of the end user about the special connection system for the transmission of electricity (connection) or on an existing connection capacity, if this user does not have a power consumption of less than 100000 per year or megavatstund connection nominal capacity shall not be less than 50 megawatts connection installation procedure, and the necessary end user warranty for connection. II. procedure for the submission and presentation broadband installation application connection 2 Installing end-user submits an electricity transmission system operator (hereinafter referred to as the system operator): 2.1. fill in the application form (annex 1);
2.2. the merchant copy of the registration certificate;
2.3. the planned new object geographical description and a plan or map that requires installation of the power supply connection. 3. System operator after receipt of the application: 3.1. define the connection to the location from which the optimal cost of electricity can be supplied by the end user in the required quality and technical rules issued by this connection. The technical provisions are clear, unambiguous, reasonable and sufficient to following technological interference, ensure the restoration of the power supply connector in place no later than 12 hours;
3.2. calculate the approximate cost of construction of the connection, specify the installation conditions, opportunities and deadlines, and inform the end-user in writing within 60 days. 4. If the end user specified information documents submitted is not sufficient or accurate, the system operator may request additional information from the end user. This provision in paragraph 3 carried out after receiving all the required information or documents. Until the required information or documents not included in paragraph 3.2 of these regulations within the time limit. 5. After the connection is created for the receipt of technical regulations shall submit application to the end user of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (hereinafter the Ministry). The application shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 the completed application form (annex 2);
5.2. the merchant copy of the registration certificate;
5.3. the planned new object geographical description and a plan or map that requires installation of the power supply connection;
5.4. the technical provisions provided the connection;
5.5. the written acknowledgement of receipt of the amount of power consumption or connection nominal output size after installation of connection. 6. End user certifies that: 6.1 no later than two years after the connection reaches the established installation electricity annual consumption amount or size of installed capacity;
6.2. no less than eight years does not reduce the electricity consumption of the year or the size of the installed capacity. 7. The Ministry within 30 days after the rules referred to in paragraph 5 of the receipt of the application to prepare the Cabinet a draft regulation on the application of the conditions of connection, including connection fees borne by the end user part and calculated in accordance with the public service Commission's Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the regulator) the prescribed methodology for calculating connection fees. 8. all of the implementation that are fitted behind the home of end-users in the boundary between the system operator and the end user, owned or use existing implementation, are the property of the end user and the end user pays for installation. III. installation procedure of connection 9. System operator, written agreement with the end-user, organized the connection project development. Connection to planned projects in the implementation of the home end user limit on end user development tools. The end user has the same right to organize this project development cost of the project agreement with the system operator. 10. Three weeks after the connection construction project acceptance of the construction law and its harmonisation with the end-user system operator laws duly launched: 10.1 connection installing the required equipment and materials suppliers selection procedures;
10.2. connection the installation of the works required the applicant selection procedure. 11. the system operator shall apply to the selection of tenderers and the tender method of choice-open tender. Tender information for the system operator of the invitation to tender shall be published in the daily on its website on the internet. 12. End user has the right to set in during the selection of the tenderer to obtain information on applicants who have submitted proposals, the applicant selection criteria and assessment of weight, to participate in the evaluation and look at the tenders submitted, the prices and the selection of the tenderer. The end user is entitled to give its position on the choice of the applicant, only in connection with the compliance or lack of applicants approved selection criteria. 13. the system operator shall: 13.1 connection construction bidders choose not later than two months after the applicant submitted a bid opening;
13.2. in the light of the selected connection construction the applicant, as well as the necessary equipment and materials suppliers submit bids, the connection to the end user. Connection agreement defines the connection fees and the payment term, as well as the installation of connection time limit in accordance with the selected connection construction tender submitted by the applicant;
13.3. upon conclusion of the contract termination contracts with special connection construction of applicants, as well as the necessary equipment and material suppliers;
13.4. in accordance with the connection contract organized connection installation works till the end of the implementation of the home;

13.5. the connection construction and acceptance into operation no later than 20 working days of the end of implementation in connect in accordance with the system operator and the end user connection agreement. 14. the mains as the end user, the power supply is the property. 15. System operator to the end user of the boundaries of affiliation shall be the implementation of the electricity meter or meter of the komercuzskait system of electricity in order to komercnorēķin. The measuring system of measuring apparatus or installation costs include connection fees calculation. 16. the system operator shall provide information about the regulator connection to the full costs and from end-users received connection fee (for each reporting year). 17. If the end user pays all the costs linked to the installation of connection, then by the applicant selection criteria for matching with the system operator has the right to organize connection installation project design, choose connection installing the necessary equipment and material suppliers and būvkomersant connection works. 18. the system operator shall, in the light of paragraph 17 of these regulations in accordance with the procedures specified in the chosen specialty construction of connection of the applicant, as well as the necessary equipment and materials suppliers submit bids, the connection to the end user. Connection agreement defines the term of installation of connection in accordance with the selected connection construction tender submitted by the applicant. 19. If the connection made in paragraph 17 of these rules in the order, is not covered by these rules 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 above. IV. Other connection installation conditions 20. Mains connection installation costs not covered by the end user in accordance with the regulator's defined methodology for calculating connection fees, including costs that form the electricity transmission tariff. 21. The end user, who requires a connection to 110 kilovolt and higher voltage in, but do not meet the electricity market Act, the third paragraph of article 9 of the criteria set out in, the connection fee is determined equal to the actual design and construction costs. 22. Information on the transmission network, the average cost of the connection fees calculation and installation work for the medium term in the previous calendar year, the system operator shall publish on its website the internet until next April 1 to the end user, submitting that rule 1. applications referred to in the annex, could predict the construction costs of connection and installation work. V. warranty for end user use of the access 23. End user is responsible for his truthfulness of the information provided in relation to the volume of consumption of electricity installed capacity size and other criteria, which taken as the basis in determining the particular end-user connection installation procedures. 24. End user shall bear all the connection associated with the installation of the system operator's expenses if: 24.1. two years following the installation of connection under the Cabinet's annual electricity consumption or the size of the installed capacity;
24.2. after connection installation of the Cabinet of Ministers established the annual consumption of electricity or the size of the installed capacity using fewer than eight years. 25. If the end user connection during the subsequent connection refused installation, it covers all the actual costs to the project's termination. About project development cash paid is not refunded. 26. Disputes concerning connection installation looks to the law "on regulators of public services". Prime Minister-economic Minister a. Štokenberg of Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 13 June 2006 regulations no 476 Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 June 2006 regulations no 476 Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš