Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 5 October 2004 The Regulation No 832 "state Agency" State Technical Supervisory Agency "regulations"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 5.oktobra noteikumos Nr.832 "Valsts aģentūras "Valsts tehniskās uzraudzības aģentūra" nolikums"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 550 in Riga, July 4, 2006 (pr. No 35 5) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 5 October 2004 the Regulation No 832 "State Agency" State technical supervisory agency "regulations" Issued in accordance with the law of public agencies in article 8 the third paragraph to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 5 October 2004 the Regulation No 832 "national tour" agent State technical supervisory agency "Statute" (Latvian LTR carried 159., 2004, nr.) the following amendments: 1. Express the point 1 and 2 by the following: "1. the State Agency" State technical supervisory agency (hereinafter Agency) is the Minister of agriculture in the national monitoring authority. Minister of agriculture oversight agency is implemented by the Ministry of agriculture between vanity.
2. the agency created to ensure implements and trailers and a single national database of technical maintenance, its at the Kaba and implements drivers. "
2. Express chapter II the following: "(II). the Agency's functions, tasks and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: 3.1. provide technical and registration of trailers;
3.2. ensuring human health, life and the environment-friendly technical and operational supervision of trailers;
3.3. to evaluate the technical manager and coaching instructors kVA lifikācij;
3.4. provide and maintain its trailers and implements, implements the driver information system;
3.5. ensuring consumer protection if the market you have the requirements of the laws and inadequate implements and tractor trailers;
3.6. to ensure circulation of information required (Nick traktorteh) vehicle insurance against civil liability in respect of the driver.
4. in order to implement the provisions referred to in paragraph 3, the Agency shall perform the following tasks: 4.1 record the technical, its trailers and other special self-propelled equipment, issuing the registration certificate and the national registration plate;
4.2. ensure implements and trailers in the technical and operational safeguards, shall be issued by the technical inspection sticker (vouchers);
4.3. attesting implements practical training instructor, instructor certificate is issued;
4.4. managers implements attesting the issue around supervisor implements lie construction;
4.5. grant or revoke the supervisor and implements practical training instructors licence;
4.6. Delete record and implements disposal bans and pledge marks;
4.7. the exchange of information about the technical head of the PUMA pārk;
4.8 according to the competence and provide information to other national registers and databases;
4.9. inform the public about the laws that govern the implements and trailers, as well as other matters within the competence of the Agency;
4.10. the Agency managed the State owned property;
4.11. perform other functions for Ministry and agency management contract concluded.
5. the Agency shall carry out the functions assigned to it under the Minister of Agriculture approved the medium-term actions and development strategy, action plan and budget for the current year, as well as under the management contract, the Director of the Agriculture Minister.
6. the Agency shall have the following rights: 6.1 check the technical and operating safety of its trailers (also carry out technical inspections) and material about detected irregularities to submit national or municipal authorities that have jurisdiction in matters of administrative offences;
6.2. to give to the operating safety instructions technical managers, implements and trailer owners;
6.3. in accordance with the Agency's competence to conclude agreements with State and local institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, natural and legal persons;
6.4. to request and receive from State and local government institutions, as well as the laws and regulations in the order of natural and legal persons for the functions of the Agency the necessary information;
6.5. get paid for services rendered;
6.6. to receive donations, donations and foreign financial assistance;
6.7. The public agency in accordance with the procedure laid down in the law to deal with agencies owned by the national property and assets acquired by the Agency to ensure its operation. "
3. The deletion of chapter III.
4. Supplement with 8.4 and 8.5. subparagraph by the following: "8.4. State budget grant from the general revenue;
8.5. The law on budget and financial management in accordance with the procedures specified by the Minister of finance allows agencies received loans and financial obligations of the Minister of Finance before the authorization is coordinated with the Ministry of agriculture. "
5. Supplement with 9.1 points as follows: "9.1 Agency consists of a central unit and District chapters. They operate in accordance with the rules approved by the Director of the Agency. "
6. Delete paragraph 13. Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose