Amendments To The Cabinet June 10, 2003 Regulations No. 307 "internal Auditor Certification Procedure"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 10.jūnija noteikumos Nr.307 "Iekšējo auditoru sertifikācijas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 626 Riga, 1 august 2006 (pr. No 40 18) the amendments to the Cabinet June 10, 2003 regulations No. 307 "internal auditor certification order Issued in accordance with the internal audit law article 13 to make the fifth Cabinet of 10 June 2003 regulations No 307" inside in auditor certification procedure "(Latvian journal, 2003, 93 no) following Gro zījum: 1. Make the following point 12: ' 12. Appraiser valued the work of the Auditors (at least every six months) and behind one of the following forms 12.1. If the auditor is: logged first-level certificate, the form page "internal auditor's assessment of knowledge first certificate sa sampling" (annex 1); 12.2. If an auditor has logged the second-level certificate, the form of the internal auditors ' knowledge assessment second level certificate "(annex 2)." 2. To make 25, second sentence as follows: "the members of the Commission are persons who have knowledge in the field of internal auditing." 3. Supplement with 41.1 points by the following: "National School of administration of 41.1 to the current session of the Commission, prepared over a view of the internal auditor professional qualifications submitted receipts (add Kuma). Internal auditor professional qualification improvement certificates approved by the Secretary of State or the head of the institution. '' 4. Make the following paragraph 42:42. "To maintain in force a certificate, certified auditor the following PRA affected: 42.1. each year, participates in the activities of vocational qualifications (no less than 20 hours); 26.2. no less than two years after the receipt of the certificate submitted to the National School of administration of this provision the proof referred to in paragraph 25.5 by adding the appropriate documents (copies) of the internal auditor's professional qualification improvement measures. " 5. Replace 45.1 in number and a name. "paragraph 3" with a number and the word "the" in paragraph 2. 6. To complement annex 3 before the words "authorities" with the words "head of the Secretary of State or". 7. Make annex 4 paragraph 5 by the following: "5. the accounting records" 8. Express 4. paragraph 10 of the annex by the following: ' 10. financial management and information "9. Express 4. paragraph 14 of the annex by the following:" public procurement "14.10. Supplement annex 4 with 34 and 35 by the following:" 34. Conflicts of interest Prevention Authority, anti-corruption measures 35. Administrative procedure body "11. Supplement with annex 6 follows : "annex 6 Cabinet June 10, 2003 regulations No 307 Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš