Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 3 January 2006 The Regulation No 21 "provisions On State Aid In Agriculture In 2006 And Its Modalities"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2006.gada 3.janvāra noteikumos Nr.21 "Noteikumi par valsts atbalstu lauksaimniecībai 2006.gadā un tā piešķiršanas kārtību"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 649 in 2006 (8 august. No 41 35) amendments to Cabinet of Ministers 3 January 2006 no. 21 "provisions of the rules on State aid to agriculture in 2006 and its modalities" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and sixth to make Cabinet 3 January 2006 no. 21 "provisions of the rules on State aid to agriculture in 2006 and its modalities" (Latvian journal, 2006, 14, 52. 92. No.) the following amendments: 1. Make the paragraph 2 by the following: "2. the subsidies include cofinancing 33042372 lats (including European Union Solidarity Fund to compensate for funds 981957 lats, as provided for in the budget of foreign financial assistance) for the following measures: 2.1 eligible agricultural improvers, 380000 lats (annex 1);
2.2. the development of animal husbandry-9499045 lat (annex 2);
2.3. development of the crop production-2220000 lat (annex 3);
2.4. education, science and the dissemination of information – $2028599 (annex 4);
2.5. the co-financing of joint ventures and foreign-250000lat (annex 5);
2.6. the promotion of investment in agriculture – 2899846 lats (annex 6);
2.7. the agricultural producers and national regulatory authorities to promote cooperation and agricultural service cooperatives development-675000 lats (annex 7);
2.8. the development of organic farming – 404667 lats (annex 8);
2.9. market promotion – $1113449 (annex 9);
2.10. Agriculture risk reduction-$ 223388 (10. Add Kuma);
2.11. the implementation of the provisions of the European Union – 1015075 lats (11. Add Kuma);
2.12. the restriction of potato ring rot and combat-1001657 lat (12.);
2.13. investments in the agricultural sector – 6136893 lats (13. Add Kuma);
2.14. the material basis for the development of agriculture, agricultural research specialties students and vocational students of the educational institution to provide the training practice-1300000 lats (annex 14);
2.15. co-financing the SAPARD programme – 3294753 lats;
UR2.16.2005.gad same execution of contracts signed for financing-600000 dollars. "
2. Put 1 point 2 of the annex by the following: "2. the soil intended for financing: 380000 lats, no PO box
Section name subsidies ($) 2.1.
Soils research 80000 agroķīmisk 2.2.
Drainage system reconstruction and refurbishment of 300000 "3. To supplement the annex 2 to the 21.4 21.3. and.: this paragraph" UR21.3.par each database registered herd-0.021 Lats per month ( VAT);
UR21.4.par each database record holding – 0.12 Lats per month ( VAT). "
4. Replace annex 2, in the introductory part of paragraph 26 the number "with the number" 291323 "290000".
5. Replace annex 2 in paragraph 16.3. "" with the number "28048 27000".
6. Replace annex 2 in paragraph 26.4. "" with the number "40275 40000".
7. Replace annex 2, paragraph 89, the number "with the number" 1597722 "850000".
8. Replace annex 2 in paragraph 99 of the number "with" the number "525000 725000".
9. Replace paragraph 11 of annex 3 of the numbers and the words "1 March or 1 June" with the figures and the words "1 March, 1 June, or September 1".
10. the supplement to annex 3, paragraph 29, after the word "about" with the words "( VAT) ".
11. Express 3.54.3. subparagraph by the following: "unzemeņ of ciltsdārz 54.3. raspberry area is not less than 0.2 ha and Apple clone stock ciltsdārz planting area that is less than 0.5 ha;".
12. Express 3.84 the following: "84. rural support service of the applicant carried out the settlement during the month after the plan of implementation of the measures to be taken in the report (table 9). The measure's implementation report to be submitted in the rural support service no later than 1 November 2006. "
13. Replace annex 6, paragraph 2, the figure "2 million" with the number "2899846".
14. Replace paragraph 2 of Annex 8 of the introductory paragraph, the number "623450" with "404667".
15. Replace annex 8 in point 2.1 of the number "with the number" 281217 "500000".
16. To supplement the annex to chapter IX and X by the following: "IX. Support for integrated local action groups in the field of the administration of the strategy attīstībasizmēģinājum 44. co-financing joint Pro 4. grammdokument priority" rural and fishery development "UR4.6.pas" contributes to the development of local action (LEADER + type measure) "activity" in 4.6.2 Integrated rural development pilot strategies "within the supported local action groups integrated rural development pilot strategy Administration has 41250lat ( SALES TAX).
45. The subsidy shall be granted to the local action group (hereinafter the applicant) in accordance with the submitted expenditure for local action group of strategy of development administration and management, if the tenderer with the rural support service has entered into an agreement concerning the rights to implement integrated rural development pilot strategy (development strategy).
46. Grants are awarded: 46.1. pay;
46.2. Office space rentals, repair and installation costs;
46.3. Office equipment, computer equipment and office supply purchases;
46.4. transport and communication expenses (other than the purchase of the vehicle); of the implementation of the strategy directly related travel costs that are made according to legislation on the order in which the recoverable with the missions and the staff of travel-related expenses;
46.6. information material and for the preparation of the publication;
29.0. local action groups the members of the administrative organ informative and educates interpretative measures expenses (except for services provided by the local action groups and the local initiative group facilitator of the process).
47. To apply for a grant, the applicant shall, within 30 days after the conclusion of the contract with the support of the right to implement the development strategy submitted to the rural support service in the following documents: 29.3. submission (table 7);
47.2. the Association or Foundation a copy of the registration certificate;
47.3. the expenditure of the local action groups development administra and trēšan management;

48. the rural support service contract to the tenderer which provides for: prepaid 100 grant 29.9%;
UR48.2.nor shall the submission of documents – up to February 1, 2007.
49. the total amount of subsidies granted to one applicant may not exceed 4000 lats. If the total funding requested exceeds the resources intended for the measure, field support service to be paid shall be reduced proportionately to the subsidies.
X. support to cover the costs of administration, implementing the European Commission's programme for the most deprived persons 50. co-financing of expenditure incurred by the Administration in implementing the European Commission's programme for the most deprived persons, 2006 is 34000lat.
51. the aid is awarded to charities to cover administrative costs to 5% of the value of the bread.
52. the rural support service of the applicant, made by the settlement of the transaction receipt of supporting documents. "
17. Make 12.16, 17 and 18 the following: "4. the national plant protection services shall provide support services in the following Fields: 16.1. to 1 May 2006 – grant requested;
16.2. to September 1, 2006 – a copy of the contract with the contractor and a copy of the statement of expenditure (including expenses in accordance with the koptām and the work plan of the calendar).
17. on the basis of the contracts submitted by the contractor for the performance of construction work and the amount set out in paragraph 2.2 of this annex, the rural support service contract by the national plant protection service. The contract may provide for an advance payment of 50%.
18. the national plant protection service each month until the twentieth date submitted field support service in būvuzraug confirmed the transfer and adoption of acts in accordance with the signed contract spending estimate and invoice for executed works. On the basis of the documents submitted, the rural support service of five working days during the settlements with the aid of the applicant. Time limit for performance of the contract, until 15 December 2006. "
Prime Minister a. Halloween farming Minister – the Minister of the environment r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 17 august 2006.