National Agency "latvian Academic Library" Charter

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Latvijas Akadēmiskā bibliotēka" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 688, Riga, 22 august 2006 (pr. No 43 26) National Agency "Latvian academic library" Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Public Agency "Latvian academic library" (further-the bib library) is the Minister of education and science under the supervision of the national regulatory authority. Minister of education and science library is implemented by the synergies in monitoring development and science. 2. the objective of the library is to participate in public policy in the area of implementation, the library provides the necessary libraries and information services must, as well as provide: 2.1 inventory of national literature;
2.2. The National Library building in all sciences stock sectors. II. Library functions, tasks and rights 3. Library has the following functions: 3.1 to amass, systematize, catalog, bibliografē and save the world cultural heritage tour-print, electronic, manuscripts and other documents, as well as providing public access to this information and use;
3.2. promoting Latvian economic sectors Pro fesionalitāt persons employed and effective student learning, providing them with quality (complete, accurate and not late) information, as well as to train the relevant information resources;
3.3. types of sectoral bibliogrāfisko resources that are part of the national bibliography;
3.4. to advise the University scientific institutions and organizations, libraries and give them methodological help. 4. in order to implement certain functions, the library performs the following tasks: 4.1 the kit library collections;
4.2. cooperate with other Latvian libraries, library item, as well as tēšan com plek is developing proposals for a single library item tēšan complex policies;
4.3. create national literature inventory and ensure its use and conservation;
4.4. using the Latvian and international interlibrary loans and document delivery services, the Centre provides access to materials that are not in the library item;
4.5 provide library collections processing, disclosing its content and creating the library electronic catalogue, as well as prepare bibliogrāfisko, lists and descriptions by using electronic data processing technologies;
4.6. doing research library science, bibliography, literature and information technology sector;
4.7. create information resources-databases, filing and thematic newspaper and magazine articles;
4.8. participate in the national global catalog and user database.
4.9. According to competence, organise educational, scientific, and cultural events and participating in them;
4.10. participates in Latvian and foreign librarians and library associations and the work of the Association;
4.11. the development of the library in terms of use and with the Ministry of education and science, through the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers;
4.12. other laws and regulations governing the operation of the library tasks. 5. the library in addition to the rights set out in other libraries, regulations governing the transaction, have the following rights: 5.1. subject to the laws and limits, receive from natural and legal persons of the library tasks needed šamo data and information;
5.2. receive donations, donations, foreign financial assistance to participate in project competitions to attract financial resources;
5.3. According to competence to cooperate with State and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, private individuals, as well as international institutions;
5.4. the charge for library public services rendered according to the regulations laid down in the approved fees provided by the library services price list;
5.5. the library terms of use determine the amount of charge a late payment and receive reimbursement for damaged, at a specific time or never given to printed matter and other documents issued by the library user. III. structure of the library management and library work 6 conducts Library Director. The Library Director shall make public law agency and the equipment of the public administration Act direct authorities managerial functions. 7. the Director of the library is entitled to create a territorial unit provided for in these provisions for the exercise of its functions. The library of the departments of the competence of the Library Director. IV. Library Advisory Board 8. in order to facilitate the cooperation of national regulatory authorities and the information service of library in the field of library matters within the competence of the Minister for education and Science creates a library Advisory Board (hereinafter the Board). 9. the Advisory Council shall operate in accordance with the regulations of the Board. Regulations approved by the Minister of education and science. 10. the Advisory Board has the following tasks: 10.1. make suggestions about the library's medium-term development strategy and the library building;
10.2. to give proposals on building policy of library collections. 11. the work of the Council provide library facilities. V. library assets and financial resources 12. Library with its existing national in possession of property and possessions, which the library acquired its activities, in accordance with the laws and the management contract. Management contract is concluded between the Minister of education and science and the Library Director. 13. the financial resources of the library: 13.1. State budget grant from the general revenue;
13.2. revenue for the library fees and other revenue;
13.3. donations donations;
13.4. foreign financial help. 14. the law on the budget of the library and financial management in the order with the permission of the Minister of Finance has the right to take loans and to assume the guarantees. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance to the transactions that the documentation prepared by the library with the Ministry of education and science. Vi. activities of the rule of Law Library and the annual reporting 15. Library regulations established shall prepare an annual report on its activities and the use of financial resources. 16. the library of the actual action of the administrative procedure, in the cases stipulated by law, as well as administrative acts may be challenged by submitting the submissions to the Director of the library. Library Director's decision can be appealed in court. 17. The Library Director's actual action in the Act on administrative procedures the cases, as well as administrative acts may be challenged in the Ministry of education and science, by submitting the submissions to the Director of the library. The Ministry of education and science of the decision may be appealed in court. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Rivž of B.