Library Accreditation Rules

Original Language Title: Bibliotēku akreditācijas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 709 Riga, 29 august 2006 (pr. No 44 22) library accreditation rules Issued in accordance with article 9 of the Law Library, the first and third subparagraphs 1. determines the State and local governments founded the library, as well as their private library accreditation procedures and deadlines that you choose to take the accreditation.
2. national or local library for a library application to be submitted not later than five years after the registration of the library.
3. Accredited library library issued accreditation certificate (annex 1).
4. the progress of accreditation, on the basis of the Latvian Library Council proposals, organized by the Ministry of culture.
5. The Ministry of culture, based on the Latvian proposal, Council of libraries approved the accreditation of the library schedule.
6. Municipal Library of local library accreditation status is handled in accordance with the region's main library and the library of the Ministry of culture approved the accreditation schedule at the regional (district, city of the Republic), the main library's accreditation.
7. to log on to the library's accreditation, the Library Manager (the Director) shall submit an application in the Ministry of culture (annex 2).
8. The application Library Manager (Director): 8.1 the library name, Library Manager (the Director), the registration number of the library, the library and the library's founding;
8.2. the library's address and contact information;
8.3. the library's founding date;
8.4. library regulations (rule, statute) as well as of the date of adoption of the regulations (rule, statute);
8.5. the status of the library wants to get the accreditation.
9. the application shall be accompanied by the following information and documents: 9.1. copy of the document establishing the library;
9.2. library regulations (rule, statute);
9.3. the library a copy of the terms of use;
9.4. the library: 9.4.1. operation strategy of the library;
9.4.2. the library management and facilities;
9.4.3. the library staff and its qualifications;
9.4.4. library activities;
new item 9.4.5. information technology library;
9.4.6. library services;
9.4.7. the library item;
9.4.8. compliance with the statutory provisions, the status which the library wants to get the accreditation.
10. If the library puts the region's main library, in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 9 of document submissions to: added 10.1. the District Council a copy of the decision, if the library puts the region main library the status of district;
10.2. the Republic's City Council a copy of the decision, if the library puts the region main library the status of the city concerned;
10.3. in areas where there are no libraries that correspond to the region's main library, the District Council a copy of the decision and a copy of the contract of the District Council and the Town Council of the Republic agreement on the question of the city library, the main library of the region will carry out the functions of the district.
11. Library accreditation is handled by the application and these rules 9 and 10 of the document referred to in paragraph 1.
12. examination of application for accreditation term determined by the administrative regulations governing the process.
13. If the documents submitted are insufficient, the Ministry of culture sends a notification to the applicant, which request the necessary information.
14. If within 14 days of the rules referred to in paragraph 13 of the receipt of a notification, the applicant has not provided the necessary information, the application will not be considered and shall be returned to the applicant.
15. Once all the required documents for accreditation of the Ministry of culture received the Latvian library for the Council, examining the documents submitted with the real conditions in the library, as well as drawing up an opinion on the conformity of the respective library accreditation conditions.
16. Minister of culture, under the Latvian Library Council opinion on compliance with the relevant library accreditation conditions, shall take a decision on the accreditation of the library.
17. If the operation of the approved library does not meet the statutory conditions for accreditation, the Minister of culture shall withdraw the accreditation of the library.
18. The Ministry of culture shall withdraw the accreditation status granted to the library if the library is eliminated.
19. The costs associated with accreditation processes organisational issues and library design, accreditation certificate from the Ministry of Culture shall be borne by the State budget.
20. Library accreditation certificate issued before the date of entry into force of the provisions, in force until the end of the period of accreditation.
21. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 February 1999, Regulation No 37 "library accreditation rules" (Latvian journal, 1999, 49./
Prime Minister a. Halloween Culture Minister h. demakova Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by September 2, 2006.

1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 29 august 2006 Regulation No. 709 of annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 august 2006, the Regulation No. 709