The Order In Which Associations, Trade Unions And Religious Organizations Receiving License Local Single Organizing Lotteries

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā biedrības, arodbiedrības un reliģiskās organizācijas saņem licenci vietēja mēroga vienreizējo izložu organizēšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 741 in 2006 (September 5. 17. § 45) order in which associations, trade unions and religious organizations receiving license local single organizing lotteries Issued in accordance with the law of gambling and Lotteries article 63 of the third paragraph of rule 1 shall determine the order in which associations, trade unions and religious organizations (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) will receive a license to local individual lotteries. 2. The decision on the grant of a licence shall adopt Lotteries and gambling supervisory inspection (inspection). 3. to receive a one-time lottery organization license, an organization not later than 40 days before Lottery submission submitted to inspection: 3.1;
3.2. notarized copy of the Charter or the Statute, by presenting a copy of the original;
3.3. the competent authority of the register the organization concerned a copy of the registration certificate;
3.4. the organization approved by the head of news for reaping the responsible per sons – name, surname, personal code (persons to whom the personal code is given,-the identity document issue date, number and name of the authority which issued the document);
3.5. the draw rules;
3.6. If the organization carries out an economic activity, a copy of the last annual report;
3.7. If the organization does not carry out an economic activity, the bank paid for the size of the share capital;
3.8. If economic activity contracted credit default contracts, a statement of the amount and the payment deadlines laid down. 4. The rules referred to in point 3.5 of the Lotteries regulations shall include the following information: 4.1 the name and type of the drawing of lots;
4.2. Lottery locations and time;
4.3. Drawing of lots of the organisation;
4.4. lottery ticket or coupon issuance and collection procedures;
4.5. procedure for logging in to the winning and receiving it;
4.6 a return list;
4.7. expected Lottery (ticket number, price and sales volume);
4.8. the estimated amount of expenditure by drawing lots;
4.9. the expected profit margin and the drawing of lots. 5. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 1995, the provisions of no. 50 "rules for public and religious organizations act of organizing lotteries" (Latvian journal, 1995, no. 41; 1997, no. 132; 2005, nr. 100). Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš