Credit The Company's Transition To The Proposal For The Examination Of The Legislative Provisions

Original Language Title: Kredītiestādes uzņēmuma pārejas priekšlikuma izskatīšanas normatīvie noteikumi

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Financial and capital market Commission, the provisions of regulations No 129 in Riga august 12, 2015 (financial and capital market Commission Council meeting Protocol No 28 3. p.) Credit the company's proposal for the transition of the examination regulations Issued in accordance with the provisions of the credit institutions act 50. the second paragraph of article i. General questions 1. "credit enterprise of the transitional proposal examination regulations" (hereinafter the rules) is bound by the credit institution under article 59.2 of the law of credit institutions in order to receive more financial and capital market Commission (hereinafter the Commission) of the Organization of the credit institution's authorisation for the transition. 2. the rules shall lay down the procedure by which the Commission submitted the credit company or part of a credit institution, including branches, separate property, assets or liabilities or with credit institutions clients magnitudes contract concluded as a whole (hereinafter referred to as a credit company) the transitional proposal and accompanying documents. II. the proposal for the establishment of a transitional Credit review 3. credit institutions corporate transition proposal shall include at least the following documents: 3.1 application for a credit company's transition; 3.2. between a credit institution's corporate credit and credit institutions of the transferor company acquiring company signed agreement on the transition of the company; 3.3. If the credit company's transition will be made based on the Governor's proposal, the credit company assets and liabilities contained in the assessment, prepared in accordance with the prudential supervision of credit institutions and investment firms restoration and management requirements of the law on the preparation of the assessment; 3.4. credit institutions undertaking the transfer of the assets and liabilities values; 3.5. the credit company's transition plan; 3.6. If the credit institution and the acquiring company's traitor is subject to the supervision of the Commission, the person to be monitored (traitor and benefit) balance sheet, prepared in the light of the outcome of the transition, and the financial forecast for the following two years from the date of transition. 4. A credit institution's credit company submitted a proposal and the documents attached to it, the Commission shall consider and adopt a decision on the authorisation of the credit institution's business transition or refusal within one month from the date of receipt of all required documents. 5. by credit institutions, credit institutions provided the company's transition and of the documents accompanying the proposal, the Commission is entitled to take a decision on the credit company's transition, where the Commission, according to the financial and capital market Commission of the law set forth in article 5, the Commission notes that the purpose of the credit company's transition would negatively affect the investors and the protection of the collective interests of depositors and the financial and capital market development and stability. 6. If credit institutions as a result of the transition of the company the new company is the beneficiary of the credit institution established in another credit institution, the Commission submitted to the credit institution's credit business transition proposal, consult with the relevant supervisory bodies of the credit institution. 7. A credit institution which has received the Commission's authorisation of credit institutions to the transition, the company is obliged to make the transition of the company the company's transition plan established and timeless. If a credit institution does not comply or cannot comply with the company's proposal for the transition arrangements and terms, the credit institution shall forthwith inform the Commission thereof. In this case, the Commission examined the question of the establishment of the transitional credit extension. III. final question 8. entry into force these rules shall lapse Commission 25 February 2011 legislative provisions no 29 "credit Enterprise transition of regulatory requirements regulatory arrangements". Financial and capital market Commission President k. Zakuli States